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Citizen Report

Steamrolling Socialism!

"If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side."

-- Orson Scott Card

(1951- ) Novelist

any halloween stories ? were there many trick or treaters out? houses decorated ?

It amazes me , even in this economy, folk like this day alot. They go all out for the kids .
The Arlington neighborhood had many houses decorated up , with many kids out door to door . A couple house were very scary, fog machine on, life like costumes as I walked with g'daughter . Post report from your neighborhood.

An Alternative to the UN

An Alternative to the UN

The hypocritical UN, that diseased body of the dysfunctional family of nations, is worthless except as a polluted podium for the sworn enemies of freedom, righteousness and democracy.

Poverty in America

I sent the following E-mail to Fred at WSPD.
"Magna Toledo expansion: The jobs will pay an average of $13.46 an hour for assembly workers and $19.46 an hour for skilled-trades workers, city officials said.
WOW! How many families will be able to support their families on that wage? Those jobs will pay no taxes to support your Toledo government."

The Plain Truth

David Ben-Ariel dares to share the plain truth of the Bible, as taught by Herbert W. Armstrong, as well as addressing current events like how president usurper Obama has failed to prove he is a natural born citizen!

No jobs= No recovery

Get a bat and turn the music up. Then cut up your credit cards and send them back from where they came with a big GFY message....and pull your money out of the big boys and put it in the local community bank...if you can find one. I love this guy. Lots of F-bombs so be forewarned.

Blacks choose abortion

Toledo: 3rd Muslim Terrorist Sentenced

Thankfully another terrorist plot by American Muslims, was stopped and the so called men convicted. Unfortunately though, as Muslim immigration increases we will be seeing more and more of these plots. Is this something that we want for our country? Of course not, please sign the end Muslim immigration petition. The future of our country is a stake.

 Toledo: 3rd Muslim Terrorist Sentenced


Hate crimes

Ohioans against nomination of Craig Becker!

“[Secret ballot] elections are profoundly undemocratic.”

Those are the words of Big Labor lawyer Craig Becker, Barack Obama’s latest nominee to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). . .

. . . and the man your U.S. Senators could be asked to confirm any day now.

That’s why it’s vital you call your U.S. Senators TODAY and demand that they vote against the nomination of Craig Becker to the NLRB.

Here are your Senators' numbers:

Senator Sherrod Brown: 202-224-2315
Senator George Voinovich: 202-224-3353

Obama is not a proud American

The president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, is certainly proud but not a proper "proud American" or he wouldn't have sat and received indoctrination in racist Jeremiah Wright's haven of hatred against the United States and people of white color (

Who lost the West?

Re: Israel is protecting the West ‘In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: who lost Europe?’


Education Series: The Constitution"

When was the last time you read the Constitution? Do you know what powers the President really holds? Here's your chance to learn more. Dr. Lee Stang will take us on a journey through the Constitution and you don't want to miss it.

movie - Not Evil , just wrong

Announcing a new Meetup for The Children of Liberty!

What: Movie Premiere: Not Evil Just Wrong The Movie that Al Gore and Hollywood Don’

When: October 18, 2009 8:00 PM

Maumee 18 Cinema Deluxe
1360 Conant St.
Maumee, OH 43537

Global warming alarmists want Americans to believe that humans are killing the
Planet. But Not Evil Just Wrong, a new documentary by Phelim McAleer and Ann

Orly Taitz: the Alexander Solzhenitsyn in this Constitutional crisis!

I will respond to Judge Land’s outrageous attack and threat of sanctions. This is very similar to what I have seen in the communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union.
- Notice. Important
September 20th, 2009

Kumbaya And The Burbs

Well, the Toledo primary elections have come and gone. We all know now who the two candidates are for the mayoral selection. Im asking myself this question. A year from now am I going to be driving a U-Haul headed toward the burbs holding hands and singing kumbuya or is Toledo going to be headed for economic recovery? I'll tell you who I'm going to vote for.

Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle

Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle
Wednesday 02 September 2009
by: Henry A. Giroux, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

large neigborhood group at YMCA, 8/26

A big crowd came together at the South Y today at 5 30. There was no shortage of politicos , including Teresa Fedor , a mayoral candidate , a council candidate.
Anita Lopez brought forth her two boys, one son spoke with passion ' the Y is everything to me ' . His comment drew big applause.
My neighborhood leader Cooper Suter announced that an email had come an hour before the meeting. The Y brass had agreed
to have a meeting with everyone to try to reach an agreement about the Y's future.

Racist Sotomayor confirmed by treacherous cowards

The perverse acceptance of the sexist Latina racist, Sonia Sotomayor, is further proof we're in the perilous times of the Gentiles and that America has gone mad.

GOP Senator: White House Encroaching on First Amendment

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