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Citizen Report

While Richie Iott plays Nazi re-enactor the former FoodTown workers lose their jobs and homes.
Richie Iott dressed as a Nazi

Paul and Karen, Sylvania OH Former FoodTown Employees

Conersation With a White Lady.

Interesting conversation with a white lady:
The scenario: A casual friend, Ms. W. Lady who has rental property in my neighborhood but lives in Ottawa Hills, drives a real spiffy vehicle and we usually speak and exchange pleasantries. We have a few things in common such as we both homeschool our children, she her grandchild and we are both about the same age (I think) and both have grey hair.

Wolfman attends Kaptur Iott Debate

Monday Sept. 27 2010
Wolfman embraced by WSPD staff. Left to right Katie, Wolfman, and Debbie of WSPD 1370 AM Toledo.

Obama's aunt still sponging off the system!

Iott a Job Destroyer?

Fred Lefebvre

Fred Lefebvre WSPD Toledo radio host

Clueless Toledo City Council?

When will "We The People" stand up and condemn "Dr." Martin Luther King and reject his name on our streets, bridges, plazas, etc.? Folks need be educated about the fraud - and help educate others about the myths of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King - that the truth may set us free at last.

Corporate America watch out!

Does It Really Matter Who is the TPS Superintendent?

It really does not matter who is the superintendent of the Toledo Public School System as long as none is willing to stand up against the TFT and the Lawrences. None of the entities that could make a difference in the school system is willing to engage the TFT in a battle to make any changes benefiting students or even their own rank and file.

They would rather lay off fellow union brother's and sister's than take a larger paycut that would not impact them any more than people working in the private sector have been impacted.

Obama's driven to destroy America

Shut Down Lincoln Academy for Boys


Toledo Public Schools is going down a path of destruction that will destroy and continue the “Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys.” This is being accomplished by turning a neighborhood school (Martin Luther King Elementary) into an all boys academy and incorporating it into Lincoln Academy for Boys.

Do we as citizens have the Constitutional right to bear arms.

86% (83 votes)
14% (13 votes)
Total votes: 96

WSPD blows Saturday weather warning

WSPD gave no real warning to Saturday's bad weather that I know of. While they (WSPD) were enjoying the weekend off the other news outlets were working overtime. K100 and WTVG Toledo News13 & WTOL TV Toledo News11 gave us the best coverage probably I've ever seen. Blizzard Bill Spencer was outstanding in his coverage and probably saved lives. WSPD's 5000 watts of wasted lack of coverage again shows that "The News Station" is anything but!

Front Lines: Knee Deep and Helpless

Do not thank me. Do not say ‘nice work’. All I was able to accomplish today was to sift aimlessly through a despicable slurry of mud and twisted shards of timber, ladies’ drawers and tomato soup cans in a futile effort to find the wind-scattered bits of someone else’s life.

My few hours versus their lifetime. Fail.

Should Fred Lefebver of WSPD radio take over Brian Wilson's job?

Beware the browning of America

TPS Board Members lack of public communication

Just got off the phone with TPS board member Bob Vasquez. We (family, friends, block) have been trying to have communication with the TPS board since November 2009 having sent some 153 e-mail messages and well over 30 phone calls. After some 6 months and after the levy failed then they want to finally meet with us. Can you belive that? We begged for communication and a meeting long before the levy vote and they wait until after the levy fails to see that we did have power and now they want to meet with us.

Beware the incompetent AT&T Midwest!

Over two years ago I unfortunately dealt with AT&T Midwest. Originally I foolishly gave them permission to automatically withdraw from my bank account. Then I decided against it and both informed them by their computer form/website to stop such withdrawals and that I would send them a check, as well as talking to too many of their AT&T Midwest people on the phone.

Elizabeth Warren: Time To 'Sober Up' On Mortgage Foreclosures

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