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Merit Pay For Teachers Is Impossible To Determine

Its amusing how those who oppose unions automatically assume business owners and administrators are so honest and fair. Let's get real. I personally know of teachers in North Carolina (right to work state) who were all fired by the new principal who then proceeded to hire two of his relatives and and several close friends to fill the vacancies. This is why you need a union. Local example...Brian Wilson comes in and fires Tom Watkins and hires his wife. These decisions are not based on merit rather they are based on nepotism.

Ohio Senator Mark Wagoner (R., Ottawa Hills) VOTES Yes! On Senate Bill 5

Ohio Senator Mark Wagoner (R., Ottawa Hills)

Wolfman review: “Kids Aren’t Cars,” sponsored by WSPD dismal failure

Empty Theater Pictures, Images and Photos
“Kids Aren’t Cars,” documentary sponsored by WSPD radio and highlighted in the Toledo Free Press was a roaring failure. Empty seats adorn the Maumee Indoor Theatre last night. A virtual no show by Toledo. Just goes to show WSPD is entertainment only. No one takes the station seriously. Wolfman gives it (1) star.

Brian Wilson/WSPD, Sandy Wiley-Steward/TPS/TPS PARENT CONGRESS and what do they have in common?

A few weeks ago Brian Wilson made some comments concerning public school children and either referred to them as monkeys or didn't refer to them as monkeys. Whatever the case may be, Toledo Public School's superintendent and Board president Bob Vasquez threw a hissy fit, held a press conference and denounced Wilson. One of the main denouncers (is there such a word?) was a parent named Sandy Wiley-Steward. Ms. Wiley-Steward was in the front row of the Press Conference along with her son holding a sign that said, "I am not a monkey."

WSPD's Obsession with TPS

"Monkey Business"

It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and resolve all doubt.
~Abraham Lincoln~
Brian Wilson’s monkey business
By Chief Mike Navarre
Toledo Police Department

Blade reporter responds

Paul (Wolfie) Wohlfarth continues his obsession with WSPD RADIO HOSTS...

Paul Wohlfarth aka Wolfie libels himself again, he has ZERO credibility and continues his obsession with WSPD posting lies....instead of facts. He seems to have fallen deeper into the emptiness of his liberal mindset. Keith Ablow is available for appointments......

China has government healthcare. See what America can look forward to.

You'd think that ONE doctor who looked at this man in four years would have asked for an x-ray after the man was stabbed in the head.
But at least China saved a couple bucks before shelling out big dollars for surgery 4 years later.

Sliding off the seat

Did Ohio's own Boehner, a well known frequenter of D.C. bars, show up drunk for the State of the Union address? Noticed how he slouched in the leather chair, could not sit up, and tried to clap whether it be Dems or Repubs leading the applause? I watched the speech, waiting for Sloop John B. try hard not to fall to the floor. Thankfully, the Speaker made it through the speech. When he wakes up, the lobbyists will be there to make coffee and stuff more cash into his pockets. Damn, I'm so happy the Republicans have control of the House again.


Is it a coincidence that Dan Burns, former TPS business manager, while working under Dr. Eugene Sanders who stole money from TPS pleaded guilty today at the same time Dr. Eugene Sanders was resigning from the Cleveland School system with 4 years left on his contract?

Dr. Sanders resigned because he wants to spend more time with his family???!!!


It looks like a done deal, so before the crybaby liar Liberal Democrats start trying to spin it, let me remind you of SOME FACTS.

1) The 111th Congress, controlled by Democrats, is in session until January 3rd, 2011.

2) The 111th Congress, controlled by Democrats, is the same group of elected officials who had no problem passing the socialist ObamaCare Healthcare takeover.

For the mirthless here. Fave song

Free Trade: After years of imbalances, a painful reckoning

After years of imbalances, a painful reckoning
By Steven Pearlstein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 11, 2010; 10:29 PM
It's been quite a week for business and economics news:

l The big Group of 20 meeting in South Korea that took some tentative steps toward correcting large and persistent global imbalances in trade and investment flows.

At least America is spared looking at Nancy Pelosis ugly mug

Every time I have to look at this typically ugly Liberal monstrosity it turns my stomach.

Why did Kaptur say no to WSPD?

Why did Kaptur say no to WSPD?
Toledo Blade letter-to-the-editor
Sunday October 24th
Quote from letter written by Laurie A Bahnsen:
"It makes sense to have WSPD-AM, 1370, sponsor an Iott/Kaptur debate before the Nov. 2 election. But I was told by Brian Wilson, a host on WSPD, that Miss Kaptur refused. If Mr. Iott has no problem participating in debates sponsored by The Blade and the Toledo Free Press, why did she refuse a WSPD-sponsored debate?"


Funny as hell. Dan Quyales son calls Obama "Worst President in History". HAHAHAHAHA!

How worthless, stupid and pathetic does the megalomaniac President have to be for Dan Quyales son to know that the empty suit, commander in cheat little boy moron is the worst president in history?

sMarmy Kaptur's PMA Group owners listed.

Derosa, Rebecca Gaithersburg, MD
20882 PMA Group/Accountant $1,000 P 03/21/2007

Lynch, John Woodbridge, VA
22192 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 P 03/21/2007

Magliocchetti, Paul Arlington, VA
22202 PMA Group/Chairman $1,000 P 03/21/2007

Koloszar, Melissa Arlington, VA
22204 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 P 03/29/2007

Kaelin, Richard Gaithersburg, MD
20878 PMA Group/Legislative Counsel $1,000 P 04/19/2007

Giardina, Julie Arlington, VA
22201 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 G 03/01/2008

sMarmy Kaptur shakes hands with Castro during Cuba paid trip.

Seriously, Rich Iott, grow a pair and let her have it.

This is why Republicans have a hard time winning elections in Toledo.

They still play by the rules.

Rich Iott, get rid of the sense of chivalry that all Republicans have. This is WAR and your opponent will do everything she can to keep power over the masses.

Take off the gloves. Put out a press release asking for pictures of Marcy and Charlie Rangle shaking hands with Fidel Castro during their pilgrimage to Cuba to kiss the ring of Fidel Castro.

Ask the slimebag witch to explain why Americas Founding Fathers are like Osama Bin Ladin.

Marcy Kaptur visits Castro in Cuba with criminal Charles Rangel

"WASHINGTON - Rep. Charles Rangel, a frequent critic of the U.S. embargo against Cuba, met with Fidel Castro on a trip to the island in 2002, but only acknowledged that the Cuban government picked up part of the tab when a watchdog group began making recent inquiries...."

"Rep. Marcy Kaptur, an Ohio Democrat who was also on the trip, said at the time that she and Rangel met with Castro and discussed the case of an American who fought in the Cuban Revolution but was later executed.

Marcy Kaptur KEEPING CRIMINAL MONEY. Dems silent.

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