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THIS is why we need a REAL "Fairness Doctrine"

NOT the watered down version that Democrats want that only includes talk-radio, but one that includes ALL forms of media, including all of the media outlets owned by George Soros,, The Huffington Post, PBS, Time, The Blade, Newsweek, etc etc.


NH Primary Dead Heat: Vermin Supreme with 1% Democratic vote - Rick Perry 1% of Republican vote


The Homosexual Agenda will soon victimize the next generation of LA school children.

Outrageous, but it's true.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to impose a curriculum of pro-homosexual indoctrination.

This Homosexual Education will remake every classroom to be more "tolerant and open."

Students will be brainwashed into believing homosexual lifestyles are moral and correct.

History courses will be rewritten to force in Homosexual and even transgender "role models."

Toledo Blade & Toledo Free Press Polluting Bedford

Litter! Noise Pollution! Major Toledo News Papers have no respect for Michigan residents.

Toledo Blade consistently hires deliver drivers who do not have mufflers on their cars and deliver papers at 4 a.m. through neighborhods waking up residents with their noisy cars. Also, Toledo Blade Advertising and Toledo Free Press are in violation of Michigan Penal Code for littering by dropping their papers in the middle of streets and yards.

How did the "Real 99%" behave themselves on Black Friday?

Not so well. In one day there was an unofficial total of 27 injuries, 6 arrests, and 8 suspects currently at large.

The highlight of the crazed shopping frenzies was a pepper spray attack on fellow customers waiting in line to buy an Xbox for $100 off. Yes, she was so concerned that she might have to pay an extra $100 that she decided to pepper spray the people around her. Video below the fold. Viva Occupy Walmart!

Hate Radio Lies


See the lies, compare the videos.

Right-to-work will not save Manufacturing Jobs

This post is in response to the woman who responded to my call on WSPD a week ago. She stated that I had it all wrong, the jobs were leaving to the southern right-to-work states not to other countries. Fred and the misinformed WSPD ditto heads take note!

Arkansas town braces as Whirlpool shuts big plant
By Suzi Parker
FORT SMITH, Ark | Mon Oct 31, 2011
Quote from article:

Cut and Paste

30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died

By Michael Moore

Racism at its Ugliest......

But with the strong hints and now the public finger point by a parent of one of the victims that the victims were in her words “ Blacks about 10-12 and had a tall slim muscular build.” The Second Mile Foundation’s founder and accused Jerry Sandusky openly bragged that it was in the business of helping “underprivileged” youth, always the polite code word for poor, at risk, young blacks and Hispani...cs, it’s hardly a stretch to connect the dots to race.

The REAL 99% have a protest scheduled for NOVEMBER 25, 2011

The REAL 99% have scheduled a protest for November 25th, 2011 and we invite other like-minded individuals to attend..

On Black Friday, watch for real Americans to be camped outside of retail outlets for the

Occupy Wal-Mart protest.

When those Americans who produce, who work for a living, who cannot take time off of work to spend unwashed weeks in a public park sucking of the teat of Mommy Gubberment, will gather together in order to throw their money at huge corporations just to buy a big-screen TV, Nintendo, I-pod, etc for themselves and their loved-ones.

Approved Lucas County Foster and adoptive mother is a known alcoholic and promiscuous

I was visiting a new boyfriend in Toledo. We stopped by his friends home so he could illegally give to her his prescription antibiotics and vicodin. Strike 1.The boyfriend had a cookout and campfire and the female friend, Candy, attended. With her five natural and adopted children, whom she promptly forgot about once she started drinking her Michelob around the campfire. Then she drove home, drunk, with her children in the car. Strike 2. I called childrens services immediately, but they did not care.

The Answer my Friend is Blowin in the Wind

As usual, under Democrat rule the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, AGAIN.

How's that hopey changey thing working out for all of you bleeding-hearts? Apparently not so good.
According to the front page of todays Toledo Blade, with Democraps in charge, THE RICH ARE GETTING RICHER AND THE POOR ARE GETTING POORER again.

Wealth gaps by race widen
WASHINGTON -- The wealth gaps between whites and minorities have grown to their widest levels in a quarter-century.

What a beautiful day! I loved today!

Rupert going down big time, the President tells the GOP to go to hell!


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(EXPOSEDIT) On Sunday, December 6th 2009 Shermaine L. Hutchins aka “Hutch Daddy Dolla” of The Core DJ’s and teamed up with his southern friends and family out of Mississippi to pull the biggest scam in the Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan area. The concert took place at The Zodiac located at 135 S. Byrne in Toledo, Ohio.

Remember When...?

Remember When...

...Polish town in Toledo actually had polish people living in it?
...You could go to a mailbox in Toledo that didn't have gang grafitti on it?
...You could safely walk on Sylvania Avenue without fear of walking on gang territory?
...Old West end homes were the best of the best
...Toledo wasn't a gang filled piece of crap city.

Please feel free to add to the list

The REAL Effects Of Anti-Union

Here is a real life situation that will affect the working class. The State of Michigan is cutting pay and benefits yet again for its teachers. My wife will be making $18,000 less starting next year then she made two years ago. The State agreed to a CONTRACT for pay raises if teachers get their Masters degree at their own expense. Yet. the State and Republicans BROKE LEGAL CONTRACTS and gave teachers (who are now thousands in debt for schooling) pay decreases.

More Swill From The WSPD Anti-Teacher Movement

I haven't listened to WSPD in a few weeks and figured surely by now they would be talking about something else other than their usual anti-teacher agenda. However, when I turned them on this morning its as if I didn't miss a beat...It was like I joined in right where I left off three weeks ago with these guys. The Ocean Toad Brian Wilson and his robotic minions continue to promote all things un-American. Why is WSPD so against working families? Why does WSPD and its mindless followers assume only private employees pay taxes?

John Kasich Logic

John Kasich was elected and immediately gave his staff pay increases...claiming that you have to pay high salaries to attract talented people. The public says nothing. So, using his own logic...we can assume we have to give teachers a decent salary to attract talented teachers. Oh wait a minute...he wants to decrease their pay...which will result in schools filled with inexperienced untalented teachers. I guess the republicans and John Kasich only use their logic when it benefits them. What a hypocrite.

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