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Satire - FASCIST argues that alcohol should be banned (more true than not)

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The Terrapin TimesCurrent Issue: November 21, 2005Home > Humor /
Students Take Aim at Bar-Related Health Risks
Success of PG County smoking ban encourages students to crusade
against 'dangerous' alcohol
Issue date: 11/21/05 Section: Humor / Satire

Congrats to the Toledo Young Republican Club

Read the emails and make your own mind up - what really happened in the Harner negotiaions!

April 27, 2007 - Here is the correspondence received with regard to our open records request. The information is not in chronological order, but in the order received by us. Apparently this is a compilation from several sources. It would appear that Board Members Sykes, Barnett and Torres did not have any email correspondence to contribute.

Amish accused of running dog mills

Amish accused of running dog mills
Animal-rights activists protest auction in Holmes County
Sunday, April 22, 2007 4:09 AM
By Holly Zachariah


Lawsuits filed to overturn smoking ban - 90K signatures thrown out

I have permission to post this person's comment - In, Deborah Kistner
smokerchic06@...> wrote:

Good on the Franklin County one that was filed yesterday. OLBA is
suing the D o H. Judge assigned is David Cain, which is good, he
ruled against Tracy Sabetta on signature collection during the

TPS Board agrees to enter into contract with Harner

Originally posted 2/20 - The board voted 5-0 to enter into contract negotiations with Bill Harner. While there was not much public school board meeting tonight, it went long behind closed doors. Audio and video will be posted soon. I missed the first part of the meeting, but you will be able to see the video.

While Harner was selected, the process is not over yet. If you remember when Sanders came in, in Toledo and in Cleveland it was after the search process. Hopefully things will go well and they will hire him, but it won't surprise me if things get messed up.

Nannys, Nannys, Everywhere: The Sniff Patrol

an odor ordinance just around the corner and comming to a city or state near you

boy I can see the ban-lovers hitting the pavement on this one in leaps and bounds

Dealing with Used Car Dealers!!!

I need some opinions, please.

I have a friend who purchased a used car at Grogan's Towne on Telegraph on FEBRUARY 17, 2007. The price of the car was $8,770, they gave her (on paper) $1,000 for her trade, and she put $150 cash on the table. They ran her credit, told her all was well and sent her on her way with temp tags and the car.

Julia Bates: What About Danny Brown?

April 9 will mark the sixth anniversary of Danny Brown's freedom after serving 19 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Prosecutor Julia Bates, however, stubbornly refuses to give this man his day in court, and he continues to live in legal limbo.

TPS School Board Citizens Report

Tonight's meeting was not that exciting. Yes there was the normal fighting but no real issues came to the front. Yes there were the normal faces that can be expected at the board, but overall the board was not that bad, comparitively speaking. Some of the UT students there for credit for the classes were blown away by certain board member's behavior, I guess this shows how jaded I have become.

Lucas County ESC

I understand that there will be a special meeting of the Lucas County Educational Service Center Governing Board on March 30, 2007, Friday, at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of evaluating the superintendent. Sandra Frisch.
It is also my understanding that this special meeting has been scheduled Karen Krause, president of the LCESC Governing Board.

Achievement Gap Task Force Community Forum Report

There were around 21 people at the achievement gap taskforce meeting at the Kent branch library. Cheryl Catlin presented the stats on school performance, focusing on the needs of the schools that have challenges. Cheryl Catlin, who does this on her own time, went into detail on different school by also breaking the scores into race and schools.

Westhaven Disposition Order is Final/Hearing Notes

Judge Zmuda received this case when Judge Osowik moved to a different position. This was the first hearing this Judge held.

There were 30 names on the sign in sheet - some were investors, the balance attorneys. One defendant attorney identified herself.

2/27/07 TPS Board Report

Tonight's board meeting was uneventful. It took until 9:20 PM to finish, almost 4 hrs. They were in executive session for 1.75 hrs.

There was the normal dissention and personal attacks from the normal characters and a lot of information.

Things discussed:
-The board approved a cell phone policy.
-The district talked about bids on updating their Web site. They got 9 back.

TPS Board struggles with confidentiality and Web sites at retreat

First I want to preface my report with I did not record the event. It was impossible to because the room was big, the air conditioning was turned up (loud) and there was no real good place to record. Also, below are summaries of what was said. I did not get all of the conversations and I could not hear every board member talk. I ended up getting there at 9:11.

1st Annual Community Education Forum Report

Today I attended the 1st Annual Community Education Forum at Mt. Pilgrim Church on Hoag off of Dorr St. A big congratulation goes out the Ajibola Green who put the whole event together and paid to get the word out. The turnout was phenomenal. There were around 150-200 people in the audience to hear Jawanza Kunjufu (keynote speaker) and others.

Judge denies motion to dismiss

We thought we should bring you up to date on the Sunshine Complaint against the 3 for Children Coalition (Barnett, Steel & Sykes) by Steven Flagg on behalf of the Urban Coalition. On February 1, 2007 Judge James Jensen DENIED defendants' motion to dismiss the complaint filed June 28, 2006.

How are the sidewalks?

The Blade reported this today; Snow hinders pedestrians Sidewalk owners ignoring 24-hour clearing rule.

And what the article fails to address and report is this;

"719.08. Location and maintenance of benches; specifications.

PFW attacks military vehicle

The group People for a Free World (PFW) released the following statement yesterday:

2/15/05 Superintendent Candidates Public Meeting

You can hear the super candidates and what they said at:

You can get a copy of their resume at:

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