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An Open Letter to American Politicians: On "Right-Wing Extremists"

Car falls off parking garage downtown

Julia Bates: What About Danny Brown?

I have written about my friend Danny Brown many times in print, in journals, and on this blog. He is a man wrongly incarcerated for a 1981 rape-murder, and who DNA evidence helped free in 2001.

No personal car, no hot water. Is Toledo headed this way?

The contrast between the haves and have nots is big around the world. I just spent a week in Manila , then a week in rural Philippines. There are a couple of huge 5 story malls there in the city, then outside there are dirty children begging- there is no welfare system. It wasn't as bad as the slumdog movie , but the contrast is big. The prices are close to ours, food is cheaper, goods are higher. The wages are very low, a store clerk makes around 300-350 $ U.S. equivalent per month.

Rant and Rave

I just watched Rant and Rave on Fox Toledo News at Four and was quite surprised to see Opal Covey. This is the type of coverage I like to see, where everyone is given a chance to have their say when running for any office.

Hats off to Fox Toledo News at Four. I don't think she has a chance on becoming Mayor, because of the "good old boy" system in Toledo but the fact that she has the fortitude to keep trying says a lot to me about her value system.

How Do We Protest Against Carty?

Is is legal to carry a sandwich board with “Carty Should Resign” around downtown, or does that require some kind of permission from the city’s administration? Is it legal to walk around with a t-shirt printed “Carty Should Resign”, and stop to chat with people of a like persuasion? What about a t-shirt printed “Carty Should Resign” and “..the Toledo City Council, Too!!”. Are these forms of protest that will allow the protester to be left alone, or should s/he be prepared to be hastled by the legal authorities.

Would Popular Protest Get Carty to Resign?

If we really believe that Carty is the problem with Toledo, then why have there been no mass protests? Eastern European nations faced the guns of their police and armed forces to protest their governments, and get them removed. Perhaps it is time that thousands of Toledoans took to the streets, and protested the lethargic response to governing from the 22nd floor of Government Center. Will we wait while TBT glacially moves to solve this problem, or gather to protest the governance of this city?

My report from Manila , live and in person!

Wow , Chris , Asia does give a different perspective. You have been here too.
The filipina people are America in the 1960's and before. They still neighbor easily, have community -sharing meals house to house , old values ( the ones we used to like to have in America) . The many store clerks greet with a respecful ' Hello sir, hello mom' (Ma'am). The stores have many more clerks than in America. It is a service oriented society. It is holy week , businesses closing, people taking time for God.

Was it a UFO?

I was outside around 9:00 p.m. tonight star gazing when I observed a very bright light crossing the sky from west to east. I thought maybe it was a satellite but it appeared brighter and larger then satellite sightings I have observed in the past. There were no blinking lights an airplane would display and the orbit was much too high.


Windows Vista is slow ! Page downloads are slow,

Any ideas on how to speed it up?
Sometimes pages don;t open at all.

Barack Obama is no Eli Cohen

I've emailed and written Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich, Representative Marcy Kaptur and others concerning apparent president usurper Obama, and only Senator Brown was professional enough to respond (albeit with an email that exposes ignorance of what it means to be a natural born citizen versus an American citizen).

Today Southland Kroger Was The Site of Mayor Recall Petition Drive

Today petitioners were out trying to get signatures to get a recall petition on the ballot. I ran into about three of them at the entrance to the Kroger's at Southland. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Sears talks about the budget process

As the 128th General Assembly begins the task of improving Ohio's
suffering economy, the state operation budget is the focus of
deliberation here at the state capitol. As a member of the House
Finance and Appropriations Committee and the Human Services
Subcommittee, I am working to pass a budget that will create jobs for
Northwest Ohio, better fund our schools, protect our communities and
serve our citizens effectively.

The state budget is the basis for government operation for the next two
years. It is the foundation and the controlling document for the Alveda KIng, MLK neice at Lourdes college- a report

Alveda King was animated, funny, informative, uncompromising in her message.
Abortion has so many consequences , from deep pain and buried hurt. High Breast cancer stats of post-abortive women are buried by the media. She calls it child sacrifice, sacrifice to the idol Molech from ancient times. It does bear shocking similarities- the youngest and most innocent are swept away.

Marcy Kaptur home this weekend, should she be?

Stopped at Sofo Foods on Monroe St. this evening, and as we got to the register, the wife says to me "I think that was Marcy Kaptur two people in front of us". Lucky for Marcy, I wasn't paying attention, but sure enough, I see a Ford Five Hundred sedan with the plate MCK 9 backing out of a parking space.

I wish I'd realized it was her. I doubt she gets to talk very often with an actual constituent who hadn't been cleared by her staff. I would have loved to share my opinion on the "Porkulus" bill, though I doubt it would change her mind.

Should The City Have Entered Negotiations With the Police Unions Last March?

Michael Collins is upset that the city has taken so long to begin negotiations with the police unions, If you look at Maggie Thurber’s blog,, there is a link to the 2009 budget which also shows information for 2008. From this I gathered that there were 482.75 officers, and 94.5 sargeants (who may be covered by TPPA), and 331 firefighter/paramedic positions.

Do You Support the Toledo Police and Firefighters In Their Demand For a Double-Digit Raise Over the Next Three Years?

Privatization vs. Automation of Trash Pickup

This link,, to a report in the Toledo Blade mentions two possible options. Privatization which would save $3.6 million, and “a second option, which would save nearly $3 million a year, is to spend $12.2 million to buy 40 new automated refuse trucks and continue with city workers collecting trash and recyclables “. I prefer the first option, but I wonder if we should keep the trucks, and lease them to the private sector (in case we find out that it is not working).

Obama's African Coup in America

How will the president usurper act when they come to take him away? When the Constitution is again upheld and the laws of this land he has shown contempt for enforced? The fraud and foreigner, the African Obama, aided and abetted by treacherous politicians, justices, and conservative cowards, has led a coup against the Constitution of the United States.

America's Greatest Threat

The single most threat to the security of America today is Rush Limbaugh. The statements that I heard him make on Thursday and Friday are statements meant to inflame and incite. He called President Obama, “Saddam Hussein Obama.” This was a very irresponsible statement and could have far reaching consequences. What is the purpose of this rhetoric, if not to bring the country to it’s knees out of spite?

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