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Bush names Wolfowitz new head of Al Qaeda

George W. Bush today named former deputy defense secretary and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to be the new president of Al Qaeda. President Bush indicated that Wolfowitz

New Directions and long overdue Change


NEW TOLEDO BLOG.... Quigley For Change, links on Glass City Jungle and other places. Hot, Fresh Ideas and Reality based thoughts!

Come and be a part of things to come...Join in for a positive change for a change:)


This coming Thursday, May 24, 2007, at 7 pm at the West Toledo Public Library on 1320 Sylvania Ave. We just want to organize the troops and get ready for this effort which is happening sooner than you think.

Tom Morrissey
Recall Carty

FOOD: Beef products recalled (Includes Ohio)


Michigan business briefs

May 18, 2007

FOOD: Beef products recalled

A meat company is recalling 129,000 pounds of beef products in 15 states because of possible E. coli contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.

Read the story here:

Toledo Young Republican Club Meeting

Toledo & Area Young Republican Club Meeting THURSDAY.
Info Below:

Where: Wesley's Bar & Grill
When: Thursday, May 17th, 2007
Time: Changed to 6:30pm***

Some of the things we will be talking about:

State: More Than 15,000 Smoking Complaints So Far

State: More Than 15,000 Smoking Complaints So Far

POSTED: 10:45 am EDT April 12, 2007

CINCINNATI -- When Ohio's smoking ban rules go into effect later this
month or early next month, the state expects its enforcement arm to
be busy on the first day.

News 5's John London said that since December, the state has received

Layout Updates


OK, I fixed some outstanding layout issues. The right column was too horsey, so I made it a little more subtle. This gives the added benefit of more room for the center column content. For you 16% who still have the screen resolution at 800x600 you will probably not see any large benefit, but larger screens should get a better layout. Overall, I think it is better.

Block wants to air Al-Jezeera English Channel

Well, guess that explains their ranting editorials.

Comments on this, folks?

Mandatory Breathalyzers In Vehicles??

Yep-being discussed by powers that be as you read this.

Hmmm....might be some money to be made by non-drinkers-just hang out around bars and get somebodie's car started for them at a nominal fee. Crackheads would love it. Law of unintended consequences and all that.

POSSESSION of Tobacco Illegal in Karloffornia Town

If you ever had a doubt, if you ever thought for a second that maybe we were all exaggerating with all our talk of health hypocrisy, junk science, neo-communism, and the true motives of these people, this one takes the cake.

Let it be known that the mere POSSESSION of TOBACCO, A PERFECTLY LEGAL PRODUCT FOR ADULTS, is subject to fine in Santa Cruz, CA.

Lucas County bloggin

Welcome to the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog

View thoughts posted directly by your officials, respond to comments and read profiles of the members of Lucas County government.

Please keep an eye out for orange cat


Please keep an eye out for a missing orange tabby cat - About 6 days ago, our 13 year old male, orange tabby cat disappeared without a trace. He is very healthy, feisty, playful, and a creature of habit - never wandered far from home; came home every night/day. We live in the Point/Shoreland area, between Suder & Shoreland (we live on Tulane).

2007 Candidates


Dear 2007 candidates. It is time for you to be heard. Feel free to post your press releases and opinions of the issues that matter to you here. Any and all candidates in Northwest Ohio are welcome to participate. National candidates are welcome too, but we just may be a blip on their radar. Create an account and you are ready to post your items.

State Bigwigs Eat Well Off Our Tax Money


I'm beginning to like our new Governor. This would NEVER have happened under Taft's administration.

City Public Pools are CLOSING

In today's issue of the Blade, the article titled "City lays off 23 workers to cut costs", halfway down is this statement: "Also receiving a layoff notice in the recreation division was Stephen White, who supervised the city

Change in Education Funding Initiative Launch--Bi Partisan Effort for Constitutional Amendment

I saw the article in the courier today. The launch has begun to try and make a significant impact on changing the State Funding Structure for Education. 400,000 signatures by August is the next goal. Check out the site. Doing my duty! Initial Reactions?

ps--how do you insert hyperlinks into the title? not sure...

Reminder: Chat Date - Wednesday 9 PM

Just a reminder we will be holding a chat date, Wednesday 2/21 at 9-10? PM. Remember the Chat Room is beta, so you don't know what you are going to get. Regarless it will be a fun time! See you tomorrow.

Nanny State, Part #66-You'll love this one

You'll notice that part that says, "Emboldened by other Bans". It's really beginning to get sickening, folks. And Texas is rapidly becoming the #1 Nanny state of the south.

Put down that Ipod-Nanny State, Part #65

Just when you feel there's nothing else the nazi busybodies can try to outlaw, they surprise you.

Another ban proposal:

Report: New York State Senator Wants to Ban iPods From Crosswalks
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Egregious Governmental Abuse in Sylvania

Attention, all residents of Sylvania Township that do not live in the city of Sylvania. You are about to be shafted by the Sylvania City Government and the Sylvania Township Trustees.

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