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Marge Brown comes in a distant 2nd. lol

Well it looks like the Mayor of Oregon Marge Brown is on her way out. Good. Her showing in yesterdays election shows that she just may be out of here. She came in a very distant 2nd. to Mike Seferian. Go Mike.

November 3rd. Vote for Mike Seferian.

Sorry Marge. Boo Whooo !!! Don't go away mad. Just go away.

Where is the money Mr. Mayor

Its well over the 72 hours you said that this would be resolved, Show us the money or get off the pot. How about the three new Detroiters interested in the Marina what their status? Even more important why don't you identify them. There is no Detroit developers
is there? They only exist from the voices telling you what to do in your mind. The jig is up
You need to have another press conference today the primary election is over
so we can be amused and awed in what you say.

Vote Today. DON'T Vote for Marge Brown ! Boo Boo boo boo Marge

Vote TODAY in Oregon Sept. 15, 2009.

DON'T Vote for Marge Brown. She has to go. Time for a Mayor that will work for and with the people of Oregon.

Marge Brown Mayor Of Oregon Does Not Own a Home In Oregon ?? !!!

I hear that Mayor Marge Brown does not even own a home anymore in Oregon.


Tomarrow. Don't Vote for Marge Brown.

Tomarrow. Don't Vote for Marge Brown. She is just bad news for Oregon. It is time for a change.

Please go Vote. But we have 2 other better persons to vote for.
Vote for Marvin Dabish or Mike Seferian.

I am voting for Marvin Dabish.

Marge Brown .com ? Mike ??

Mareg Brown . com and Mike Seferian .com

Both running for Oregon Mayor. Both have websites with interesting news. and

I think ill vote for Marvin. The third choice.

Patriot Day

[DOCID: f:publ089.107]

[[Page 115 STAT. 876]]

Public Law 107-89
107th Congress

Joint Resolution

Amending title 36, United States Code, to designate September 11 as
Patriot Day. <>

Whereas on September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four civilian
aircraft, crashing two of them into the towers of the World Trade
Center in New York City, and a third into the Pentagon outside
Washington, D.C.;

Whereas the fourth hijacked aircraft crashed in southwestern

DC Tea Party to be shown live at Maumee Indoor Theater
Can’t go to the March

on Washington?

Join us at the Maumee Indoor Theatre, 601 Conant Street, Maumee on Saturday September 12 to watch Fox News coverage of the march and speakers from 1-3pm.

Doors open at 12:30pm; donations will be accepted at the door to defray the cost of the theatre.

Concessions available for purchase.

Come and join us to watch America

speak out in Washington DC!

For more information or if you would like to volunteer to help with this event, contact Linda Bowyer at

Friday Sept 11th is now "green the block day" not a day to remember 9/11, that was sept 4th through 6th.

That's right all you neo-con loosers...the left is sick and tired of having to put up with your mock sympathy for little eichmans , so your memorials have been displaced by a hip-hop celebration of eco-nuttiness by presidential decree.

Racist extremist Jones is history!


'Green Jobs Czar' Van Jones resigns

WND's 5-month series of exposés
 lead to White House's first casualty


Toledo City Council elected not to increase the fee Toledoans pay for refuse collection by a vote of 6-5. Councilmen Joe McNamara, Wilma Brown, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel voted to increase the fee. Councilmen Tom Waniewski, Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Michael Ashford, Michael Craig, and Betty Shultz voted against the increase. Councilman Frank Solloszi was absent.

"Forgotten Felines" - Cat with mangled foot needs your help,

"Forgotten Felines" - Cat with mangled foot needs your help,

Please remember us when adopting a new cat. All of our cats are friendly, healthy, and socialized.

Michael Ashford makes how much as urban director for the YMCA?

and he gets credit card access . - How much is the unknown.
His salary is 85 K

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Site issues

I apologize for the site problems recently. I am working hard to get everything running smooth. It will be rough over the next couple of days. Please have patience. This should be the last rough spot. Where I will be moving it should allow for unlimited growth.

Oregon School Board Meeting TONIGHT ! Be There !!!

The Oregon School Board is having a special meting Tonight. To vote on Another School Levy.

They just don't get it. That No Means NO!

Meeting is at 6pm at Clay High School. Please be there. And Voice you NO!

Oregon School Board Meeting this Wednesday. Be there !

The Oregon School Board is having a special meeting this Wednesday.
Come voice your NO. Lets have a real town hall with these stupid people!

Be there. Tomorrow, Wed. Aug. 19th at 6pm. Clay High School.

No Means NO.

Oregon School Board says yes, You Tell Them NO !

The Oregon School Board is at it AGAIN. They just don't get it. That No means NO!

So lets start by calling ALL of them, right now ! And have your family and friends call also. Voice your NO.

And lets go to the meeting this week and have our own Town Hall !

Here is a list of the Board members and their home phone numbers and address.

This is just crazy. Call them all. And lets start getting ready to spread the word to go vote NO Again in November.

Call these stupid people:

Jeff Ziviski
President, Board of Education
Oregon City Schools
1152 Heritage Lane

Ben Konop Dropping Out Of Mayoral Race?

I just seen on 13ABC News tonight that Ben Konop will be having a press conference tomorrow morning at 11 AM at Government Center, to announce a major campaign announcement.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

Is Ben Konop dropping out of the race?

Parallels could be drawn of 1930 German Propagandists and 2009 American Radio and Cable Hosts

Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) Master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of its cultural life for twelve years, Joseph Goebbels was born into a strict Catholic, working-class family from Rheydt, in the Rhineland, on 29 October 1897.

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