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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to delist from NYSE

NEW YORK ( -- Mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were ordered by their federal regulator to no longer trade their shares on the New York Stock Exchange, the agency announced Wednesday. Both stocks plummeted on the news.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and its predecessor agency have overseen the operation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac since September 2008, when they were both placed under conservatorship, a form of control similar to what is found in a bankruptcy process.

Do you agree with the new law that says police don't need radar to justify you were speeding.

10% (10 votes)
90% (88 votes)
Total votes: 98

Head's Up!

There will be a meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the McMaster Center at the Main Library downtown concerning the new form of county government being proposed by Ben Konop. I encourage everyone to attend and ask Konop a few questions about his proposal.

I blogged about it here, and for more information check Maggie Thurber's blog: Konop Forces Failed Ideas Into His County Charter Proposal

Swampbubbles redemtion


Where do you go to redeem your bubbles that you earned? Is there a catalog or something?

Toledo mail carriers awarded 380 K by arbitrator


This is part of the ongoing effort by Postal management to eliminate jobs . The union ultimately wins many of these battles, they tell management they are not following the contract. But upper management bulls ahead , there is no cooperation. Then they lose in arbitration.

STEM Education: Critical Partnerships for the 21st Century

Our region's next generation needs to be prepared to live and work in a world where an understanding of science and technology can make the difference between success and failure. A local commitment to increase the focus on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) will make today's students more globally competitive as working adults, and Northwest Ohio will thrive. WGTE Public media, WBGU TV27, UT3, Ohio STEM Learning Network and the National Governors Association, present a special televised Town Hall on Thursday, May 13 at 8:00 p.m.

Encounter with City of Toledo Tax Investigator Mr. Flesh.

Yesterday I came home to find a letter from the City's department of taxation requesting either a call from me regarding my 2007 W2s, or copies of all W2's from 2004-2009.

I called without hesitating and asked Mr. Alex Flesh Jr. why. (An appropriate last name for a tax investigator)

He informed me the reason for the letter was in 2007 I worked at a plant that I did not pay city taxes for. he knew the place of employment, so he could have googled it and found I used to work in Holland, Ohio.

I informed him of the location, and he wanted to know if I paid Holland taxes.

News Alert:The Keith Sadler 12:30PM eviction ongoing!

The Keith Sadler eviction is underway. Electrical service has been cut from the house. Repeat service has been cut in an attempt to quiet the ever growing media frenzy associated with this. The Wood county Sheriff of Nottingham has not, I repeat, has not attempted entry of the long time home owner. The Sheriff has stated a May 28th deadline for eviction and disavows any knowledge of criminal vandalism to the Sadler meter box. Further updates will be provided. Live from beautiful downtown Stony Ridge Ohio.

Issue 5 , city funding issue, or Issue 3, school tax- any thoughts?

My comment-The city sould make the cuts it needs to , not take it from road repairs

Vote Tomorrow, VOTE NO

Vote no in issue 3. Vote No on ALL !

Or it Will cost you $$$. And our strees will have even more pot-holes !

Planet aid clothing boxes - who gets the money ?

Planet aid clothing boxes - who gets the money ?

The yellow planet aid clothing boxes are all over Toledo . They are all over the country . Maybe it's better to give clothing to local stores . Alot of money is flowing to a few people it seems .

VOTE, Please Vote, and VOTE NO !

The streets are bad enuff. If we vote for moving funds from the capital improvments fund to the general fund, the streets will be Even Worse ! VOTE NO !


And Vote no on the school levy too! Way to many taxes, and there all to darn high already!

SETT Event

A friend passed this on to me and I plan on attending. It is good to see young people doing positive things in the community!

Politcal terror in the heartland!

An undercover look inside the tea party radicals.

Next Up-Amnesty!


IMO, next up in the hopes of riding on perceived momentum, will be total amnesty for any and all illegal aliens. The democrat party is bleeding votes, and here is a new source to be mined by desperate, soon to be gone socialists. Watch for amnesty to be "fast tracked" ASAFP.

The Battle for Health Care Might be Over, Now The Battle For The Country Is Beginning.


As we watched the extent socialists went to, to continue taking a large part of the country over last night, there's no more guessing as to what to expect in November. The average person now knows what he/she's dealing with as the progressive/communist aparatchiks continue trying to herd us into some sort of peoples' republik. Independents, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and such need to know how serious this socialist consortium is, and how they will resort to absolutely anything in November to try to strengthen their position.

ABC News says Kaptur one of undecideds

So I'm watching ABC news and see a picture of Mousy Kaptur and the president. He's got his arm around her, and ABC News is calling her one of the undecideds. Her position on abortion is the sticking point for her and a number of democrats. She's used her membership in my parish for years as a reason to vote for her. The final version of the house bill has been posted. The abortion funding is still there. It's time for Marcy to do the right thing. Have you called her office? I have. You can join me or try to offset me, I don't care.

NO New Taxes or Fees !

Hay, Toledo. Call your City Conunsel Members and Tell Them NO more Taxes or fees ! If they do, Don't re-Elect them !!! Better call all of them and the Mayor too. Or we will get taxed and fee'ed to death. Make cuts.

Drive foreign while married to Senate Majority Leader

The wife and daughter of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) were involved in a serious accident today in Virginia. Apparently Mrs. Reid has both broken neck and back, while his daughter has lesser injuries. I wish both a speedy and full recovery.

However, I must point out the irony to those here on Swampbubbles who whine about autos from foreign makers, even if they are built here in the states.

The Reids were driving a Honda Odyssey minivan.

Teachers' salaries online . Look up your school district


You may be surprised .
OhioCASB is proud to sponsor the April 15th Project, viewable at

OpenOhio pledges to publish, by April 15, budgets, checkbooks and salaries for all of the 3,000 primary local governments (or taxing jurisdictions) in the state of Ohio.

Minimal financial transparency requires full internet access, using interactive databases, for budgets and expenditures. The Ohio Citizens Accounting Standards Board sponsors “” to make budgets,
payroll and checkbooks for all school districts, townships and cities and

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