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New Lame Duck Threat to Bailout Union Pensions

Got a 401K? Ya might want to cash it in soon, the nanny state is coming for it.
Click below:
Human Events website

Over A Million Jobs Lost In Districts Where Pro-Outsourcing Chamber Advertises

Over A Million Jobs Lost In Districts Where Pro-Outsourcing Chamber Advertises

The unit Iott re-enacted: Former SS Man Charged in 1945 Massacre

Did Richie Rich re-enact this?
“On March 29, 1945, the accused and his accomplices brought at least 57 Jewish forced laborers in several groups to a nearby forest area, where they had to give up their valuables and kneel by a grave,” the court said in a statement. “The accused and other SS members then cruelly shot the Jewish forced-laborers from behind.”

The picture the paper won't publish I think

The picture the paper  won't publish I think

This issue is so hypocritical for those trying to gain traction. Let's see if the Dems run with this . It will backfire .

Which Issue Is More Disturbing?


While West Toledo is suffering with a Rat influx Sylvania Township is suffering from another form of RAT, Kaptur sign thieves

Yes, its true! A new form of unethical RAT has invaded Sylvania Township streets. The RATS are of one partisan group who refuse to respect those of a differing point of view. Today October 7th whole streets in Sylvania were stripped of Marcy Kaptur signs leaving only Richie Rich Iotts to radiate his poison. Is this the type of unethical criminals we want to run our country?

List Of Businesses That Went Under, Or Have Severely Shorter Payrolls


I'll start, with GM Powertrain on Alexis road. In the late 70s' and early 80s', the plant population was around 3800-4000 workers. Now? A little over a thousand. And the democrats held both houses, all but a few years. List as many as you all can find!

Values voters summit live online all day today

lots of speakers from that dreaded right side

Toledo City Schools

About 7:30 a.m. today I was driving to work on Old State Line when a Toledo City Schools bus pulled out in front of the car in front of me causing breaking on a 50 mph road. Too close and zero traffic behind the two of us. This is not the first time I've seen Toledo City Schools bus drivers do this. Its happened to me on Angola, west of Chrissy as well. Perhaps the same driver? I believe the bus number was 819 this time. This driver stopped to pick up more kids just after cutting us off.

Iott to release new political ad featuring Shari Nimigean, a 19- year employee of Food Town

The Iott campaign is releasing a new television ad to counter the Kaptur commercial. The ad features Shari Nimigean, a 19- year employee of the now defunct Food Town, dispelling Marcy Kaptur's "Sorry we're closed" how Rich Iott closed down FoodTown and five thousand working families. The ad will begin airing immediately.

Live Stream - Candidate for 9th District U.S. Congress Rich Iott | September 10, 2010

Good Government Pre-Election Speaker Series

Friday, September 10, 2010 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Featured Speaker: Candidate for 9th District U.S. Congress Rich Iott (R)

Watch Online @

This is your opportunity to engage with Candidate for 9th District U.S. Congress Rich Iott (R) , to learn what he thinks is most important to the business community. Citizens may submit questions and comments below.

The Good Government Pre-Election Speaker Series is presented by the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce and EPIC Toledo.

What have we as Americans become?

What dark road are we going down as Americans? reports, "A Christian minister vowed Tuesday to go ahead with plans to burn copies of the Quran to protest the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks despite warnings from the White House and the top U.S. general in Afghanistan that doing so would endanger American troops overseas."

Can someone please get a handle on these Americans supposedly exercizing their First Amendment rights? Maybe there needs to be an exorcism to get rid of the demons in these people.

Live Stream: Toledo Rotary Club - House of Representatives Debate | August 30, 2010


August 30 at noon, Toledo Rotary Club has secured a debate among Marcy Kaptur, Rich Iott and Joseph Jaffe. WGTE Public Media will stream the debate live on the Knowledge Stream Website (

Citizens may attend the meeting virtually and provide feedback by posting comments live during the event.

What: Live, online streaming of House of Representatives Debate

When: Monday, August 30, 2010, at noon.


Wolfman Gets the Axe

Michael Miller seemed to hit the nail on the head with this one. "Brian Wilson's War", Toledo Free Press, August 20, 2010:

"Wolfman often spars on SwampBubbles with WSPD morning host Fred LeFebvre and, as is his right, is unrelentingly critical of Toledo Free Press, WSPD and most local media; he has stated his rather paranoid belief that “The extreme right has control or indirect control of most of Toledo media.”......

News Corp Donates $1 MILLION To Republican Governors Association

News Corp Donates $1 MILLION To Republican Governors Association
Huffington Post | Danny Shea First Posted: 08-17-10

Fox News and Wall Street Journal parent company News Corp donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association in June, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported.

The media conglomerate, controlled by Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, took advantage of the unlimited donations corporations can give to governors' associations (from Bloomberg BusinessWeek):

South side mail carrier assaulted today - quote from victim FB


Ok so 2day a man is walkn down the street with his penis out jackn I pass him without payn his sick ass any attention he grabd me from behind and tryd to touch me....I hope the cops find him...what is wrong with people....stay safe out here u guys....there r some sickos out here...this has been one hell of a week 4me....smhhh

There is a police report , I haven't seen it on the news yet ....

Vote NO this November !

Here we go Again ! Oregon, The Oregon School Board has put on yet another Property Tax Levy! So has Toledo!

NO More. These were voted down. Now there back on AGAIN !

VOTE on Tuesday, November 1st. And VOTE NO !

Enough of this BS! We already pay HIGH Taxes! Get this off the Property Owners !

If you Rent, you can bet your rent will go up. If the land lord has to pay the higher taxes, this will get passed along to you!

We need to send a message to these school boards. And not only vote this down, But also Vote Down the next several renewals that get put on also!

today's the day - Obama vs Arizona

PHOENIX (Reuters) – President Barack Obama's administration heads to court on Thursday in a showdown over whether Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants encroaches on federal authority over immigration policy and enforcement.

District Judge Susan Bolton will hear arguments in a federal lawsuit seeking to block Arizona's tough new immigration law that is scheduled to take effect on July 29

Any predictions?

Religious freedom at risk - check out Hilary speech

Freedom of religion is very different from freedom of worship. Communist countries have freedom of worship, as long as they are silent in the public square. Are we headed there too?

Updated.. New Black Panthers Turn on Obama in an N-Word, Uncle Tom Tirade..

"We can no longer depend on Barack Obama, he is with the white man. He is an Uncle Tom. With the rise of the Tea Party, the white-right and other racist forces and with gun sales nationwide at an all time high amongst whites, with a mood that is more anti-Black than anytime recent, it is imperative that we organize our forces, pool our resources and prepare for war!” The white man's time is up".says Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, and Farrakhan.

Wow! Looks like they will have to fight with China and the other Muslims for control of America...

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