Recent Site Changes

I recently made 3 changes:
1. I created some local groups based upon location, which will allow you to talk about area specific news and events.
2. "Recent Comments" on steroids.
I buffed up the recent comments which will show a status (which ones are new or updated) and they should not show group content you are not subscribed to. You will have to be logged in to see your group content and the status alerts.
Not enough for you? Press the more button and get all of the comments.
3. CAPTCHAs - I have implemented captchas on the contact form as well as the request account form. If you are logged in you won't see them, but since the CNN/China posting made CNN's Sphere content for 12 hrs, apparently some people wanted to use my contact form to spam me. Sad, but anyway I just need to deal with it.

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i think you added all these new groups to move my stories down. :) my stinking bubble points i've been saving up aren't worth anything, i demand a refund. :)

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