Bizjournals rates Toledo as one of the worst in income growth

BizJournals puts Toledo 4 from the bottom in income growth. They note that only Provo, Utah, and Detroit have posted five-year growth rates slower than Toledo’s 13.7 percent. For more information, methodology and other city rankings, visit:


a. Rank = 96
b. Metropolitan area = Toledo, Ohio
c. Income growth index = -33.52
d. Per capita income (2008) = $33,856
e. 25-year income growth rate (1983-2008) = 168.0%
f. 20-year income growth rate (1988-2008) = 98.6%
g. 15-year income growth rate (1993-2008) = 59.3%

Kevin Haddad talks about himself and his run for Sylvania Township Trustee

I was born in Toledo in 1955, lived here all my life and moved to Sylvania Township in 1984. I went to Woodward High and attended UT. I received my Cosmetology license in 1978 and bought my own salon in 1980. My wife, Kathy and I have been married 21 years and have 3 daughters. My oldest goes to BG and our younger 2 attend Southview. I have been in business for 29 going on 30 years. We also own a travel agency call Encore Travel and some condos in Sylvania.

Only 4 red states left

Political Party Affiliation: 30 States Blue, 4 Red in '09 So Far

"only four states can be considered solidly Republican -- Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska, with Alabama falling into the leaning Republican category."

Toledo 30th best place for cookouts

According to Blue Rhino, Toledo is #30 in the country for cookouts. Leads all other Ohio cities. This may not be of much consolation to those who don't have a job.
Los Angeles Tops the Charts as the Country’s #1 ‘Cookout Capital’

Blue Rhino Announces Annual List of Ideal Grilling Cities

Travel & Leisure II, Summer Outdoors
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blue Rhino, the leading brand of propane tank exchange, announces the ideal cities to grill in with the top 100 Cookout Capitals for 2009. This year, the nation's top Cookout Capital is Los Angeles.

Has College Football violated Anti-trust laws?


The Utah State Attorney General is investigating whether College football is violating anti-trust laws with the Bowl Championship Series.

Personally I believe it has. Utah, the only perfect team this year, wasn't even given a serious look. The "mid-major" conferences have to be perfect to get in while the BCS conferences get in automatically despite inferrior records.

Is concealed carry allowed on College Campuses?

After seeing shootings at VA Tech and at N. Illinois, one wonders if concealed carry is permitted on any college campus - particularly UT. The campus is rather spread out and it would be hard for campus security to respond in a timely manner if some nut job walked in some classroom, ready to take some lives.

Finally, local gov't realizes the importance of UT


Ben Konop is looking at the idea of a Door St. corridor that will spurn new businesses in the immediate vicinity of UT.

This appears to be a join venture with the university.

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