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McNamara & taxes

Whenever I see a photo of Joe McNamara in the Blade I know it's because he's trying to raise my taxes in some form or another. Can anyone list a single instance where this guy has ever come out against taxes, fees, or surcharges?

Toledo City Schools

About 7:30 a.m. today I was driving to work on Old State Line when a Toledo City Schools bus pulled out in front of the car in front of me causing breaking on a 50 mph road. Too close and zero traffic behind the two of us. This is not the first time I've seen Toledo City Schools bus drivers do this. Its happened to me on Angola, west of Chrissy as well. Perhaps the same driver? I believe the bus number was 819 this time. This driver stopped to pick up more kids just after cutting us off.

Beware the incompetent AT&T Midwest!

Over two years ago I unfortunately dealt with AT&T Midwest. Originally I foolishly gave them permission to automatically withdraw from my bank account. Then I decided against it and both informed them by their computer form/website to stop such withdrawals and that I would send them a check, as well as talking to too many of their AT&T Midwest people on the phone.

The Tea Partiers Are Wrong

The Tea Party is bent on less or no government. Ok. Consider the implications of no government for awhile: No social security. No Medicare. No immigration service. No interstate highway system. No pure food and drug laws. No clean air and water laws. No regulatory structure to oversee business, banking or stock trading. And on and on. What will the elderly do without social security? The elderly get sick what happens with no Medicare? Like illegal immigrants? Care to take a trip out of state without an interstate highway?

Teen who killed Toledo cop moved to Toledo prison

The teenager who shot and killed a Toledo Police detective Keith Dressel in 2007 has been moved from a juvenile facility in Columbus to the Toledo Correctional Institution, where he will serve the remainder of his sentence.

With houses underwater... has anyone else had a hard time switching house ins. companies?

Our house insurance went up again.. and this is before I add on the lovely flood insurance I have to carry. So I started calling around to get rates but the three companies I put our info online said that they would not write a policy due to replacement costs being so much higher than the homes value. So very frustrated right now.

Tell me agin why I live in Toledo......

Barak Houssain Obama shows he has his priorities straight. Today on Yahoo....

On Yahoo today. The "Top Stories" show what Barry Obamas priorities really are. While the unemployment rate in America approaches 10%, all Barak Sotero worries about is if Chicago gets to host the Olympic Games. What a pathetic excuse for a "president".

Toledo Doesn't Make Top Ten - No longer An All American City

The world outside Toledo has made a definitive statement. Carty Finkbeiner and his crew of distorted propagandist could not fool the judges at the All American City Competitions like they did at the Most Livable City Competitions. Toledo did not make the top ten despite Carty's effort once again to present to the world his halloutionated view of the city he says he loves so much. Instead of focusing on real issues, here he goes again trying to pad his legacy with accomplishments that don't fit reality. It appears he considers the citizens of Toledo a joke.


I arrived at my polling place bright and early this morning, checked in at the table to locate my precinct and was directed to 11N. My name was apparently in that book, but it was not in the voter registration book at table 11N. Never mind that I voted in the primary in March. Suddenly, I'm no longer registered to vote.

Whitmer teachers suspended

Teachers Shook and Brueggmann have been suspended. For having a legal relationship with girls who were their former students. Whats the problem here ? They waited, the girls were 18yrs old. It didn't happen on school property. So why is this an issue ? Sure it looks bad to some. But I have no problem with it. Once the investigation is over I suspect these men will resign.

Don't give the money to "BIG BANKING". Give it to the homeowners. i.e. The AMOUNT involved.

The reality of the numbers involved.

The proposed bailout for the fat cat banks on Wall St. was $700,000,000,000 (i.e. $700 Billion)

The number of owner occupied houses in America (according to the latest Census info) is 75,086,485

Troy Neff responds to Fred LeFebvre

Troy responds to Fred Lefebre’s personal attacks on swampbubbles.

To: Fred


Check out more interviews @:

Julia Bates: How Long Will You Deny Danny Brown His Day in Court?

Another year has passed, and still Julia Bates refuses to make a decision on Danny Brown, the Toledo man who was wrongly convicted in 1982 of a rape-murder.

Hillary's Plan to Pay for Health Care - 10% - 15% of YOUR INCOME

Hillary's Plan to Pay for Health Care - 10% - 15% of YOUR INCOME

Glenn Beck: 19 ought 7 (online transcript)
Audio Available:

March 31, 2008 - 12:32 ET

Bans are bought thru grants by big business with an agenda

I found this, not my words - but it sounded interesting.

Doesn't it seem a bit odd that the economy dived with smoking bans and tax hikes as they spread. The mortgage crunch (loan problem) is actually at 30% of the mortgage problems (per a news report here).

10 things we hate about laptops

Click Here for full story..

1.Battery life still bombs.

Things that scare hell out of me about Hillary & Obama (sorry it's long).

You MUST see this stuff!
… See the RWJF in these. Hopefully everyone knows how Hillary ties to the RWJF and their wanted National Health Care Plan (profits J&J thru dictated / mandated prescriptions and their access to medical records = national data bank) as they've already tied to Medicare.

(#1) This is Obama on youtube.

When The War Hits Home In the eventuality of nationwide martial law

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dell Laptop

OK...I am about to TRASH this laptop. For a duo core processor this PC is as slow as the coming of a Carty apology. I cannot get a streaming video sound to work even though I have updated all the Microsoft patches for Windows and the Media player. The computer freezes up and only a forced reboot will clear it.

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