Carty, "forget" about this too?

from Saturday's Pages of Opinion from the Blade:

"Disabled spots are for those who need them

I want grant money for a 'study', and I want it now

Why People Have Sex: It Feels Good

Wednesday, 1-Aug-2007 7:50AM EDT Story from AP / SETH BORENSTEIN
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)


Associated Press/AP Online

Congress Rules against tobacco flavorings/additives - links tobacco to terrorist activity (???) - Rules on matchbooks (???)

Congress Rules for tobacco flavorings, (even matchbooks!) - Claims of terrorism connection (Unbelievable at the levels they stoop to). The actual link info is very long, detailed - I was amazed at how many rules they came up with.

The section on flavors:


`(a) In General-

Second-hand smoke is Second-Hand Science:

Second-hand smoke is Second-Hand Science: http://www.davehitt.com/facts/index.html

(This is a reprint from a 2005 Toledotalk post by foolkiller.)

I-75 High Speed Pursuit ...where was TPD?

This high speed chase began in Michigan and ended up in P'burg Township. The chase took the MSP through the city limits from the Ohio/Michigan line to Rossford and ended near Roachton Road with the assistance of the OHP.

Interesting news footage

There's a dust storm heading into Phoenix...the link below has terrific video of this fast-moving storm taking over the city...


US mortgage fears spark sell-off

Well, here we go.

"Fears of further problems in the US mortgage industry and the broader economy flared on Tuesday, triggering a sell-off in credit markets as investors sought safe havens."


Factoids from http://smokevote.com in Hawaii - AMAZING - TOO much to list, Site is worth the browse

From http://smokevote.com in Hawaii

smokechoke.com - multiple reported violations on the same day, time ????????

I was browsing smokechoke.com,and noticed, that (In a Toledo search) - there are a few reported (anomoymous, but with user names) violations, made to about 3 different bars/coffee shops, reporting violations on the same day, same time. This is an observation made in almost all the towns listed on smokechoke - some have violations reported by the same USER, day, time, etc.

Here's A Hot One...

Subject: Media Advisory from the City of Toledo

June 26, 2007

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner to Participate in A Student Occupational Therapy Leadership Seminar

Where: University of Toledo Health Science Campus

When: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
7:15 PM

Privatize the tow lot - it should have been left alone in the first place !

I heard it reported on the radio, but I didn't believe it. Later, I heard a clip of someone who sounded like our mayor saying he "wanted a guarantee of a million dollars per year to the city". I guess it's true.


American Liberty: Smoking Bans are Killing People


American Liberty: Smoking Bans are Killing People


(NOTE - Before I get blasted for 'another smoking thread', stop & count how many TPS & city council posts there are.

Smoking Bans Are Killing People
Colin Grainger
23rd June 2007.

Walking the Dog while wagging the Dog...

It appears that walking the mayoral pooch is a part of the job description for execs in the Mayor's charge. A couple of weeks back I left 1 Gov. after a Council meeting to see a key staffer for the mayor walking the pooch for a potty break. He seemd a bit humbled when I enquired about it.

Further down the slippery slope-your mutt not allowed in Karloffornia

This is what happens when you open pandora

New schools are too small


The new schools are too small. Isn't that just freaking brilliant?
Oh.. by 2012 they should be ok but until then they may have to keep the old buildings operating because there isn't enough room in the new ones.

Auto parts yard proposed

Auto parts yard proposed on Trail concerns Toledo neighbors, city

As a resident of the South End this proposal of a Junk Yard off Spencer Street concerns me greatly. No matter how you look at it Pull-A-Part is still a junk yard.



Secret smoking police in workplace
By George Jones, Political Editor
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 13/06/2007

Smoke-free England
Employers will be encouraged to spy on staff to enforce the ban on smoking in public places in England under Government regulations made public yesterday.

Ben-Gay Alert

From Fox News:

A budding teenage athlete has died after 'overdosing' on a common topical muscle cream.

The medical examiner announced on Thursday that the 17-year-old track star, Arielle Newman of Castleton Corners, N.Y., died from a toxic dose of sports cream, the Staten Island Advance reported.

My Lungs Look LIke This - Smoking Students required to wear badges in Belgium

Hatred - How far will it go? - Smokers Required to wear special wristbands in Wales

Hatred: how far will YOU allow it to go?

June 6 [03:00 GMT]

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