Too high

Too high

Gang Members Mug Old Jewish Man During Hurricane Sandy

Donald Trump's Response To President Obama Not Accepting The $5Million Offer

Mitt Romney Leaks Barack Obama's Leaked Birth Video

Occupy Toledo

Attended the opening assembly for Occupy Toledo this afternoon along with around 60-70 friends who feel the same way I do about the Federal Reserve, small government, and the two party system.
Here are a few pics from the event. Should be a fairly quiet event unlike the NYC protest.

What is sexist/bigoted?

In an effort to get some type of discussion, I would love to hear a definition of sexist.

Why - Mostly because this site has slowed down, and I normally wouldn't post something like this, but found the subject semi-intriguing.

A column I wrote that is on the Toledo Free Press's website this weekend contained one simple line that clearly offended somebody.

"When it comes to the torturous tax season, my dependence on Turbo Tax is stronger than a woman’s need for chocolate."

The offended's comment:

Alt Energy Contractors Don't Get It Yet: WE'RE NOT MADE OF MONEY!

Green incentives fuel interest in solar power in Toledo area

These guys are hawking solar-hot-water systems for a "usual $8,000 to $9,000 cost"? And then have the nerve to claim that with subsidy and a tax break, that the buyer can knock that "in half"? Ooh, gee, what a deal it becomes then! {sarcasm} A 10-yr payback? Absurd. IT'S JUST THE SUN HEATING A LIQUID. And I bet that there's a maintenance cost in those 10 years that will push out the period.

Obama's Middle-Class Task Force Has No Middle Class

all this talk of helping and knowing the middle class struggles, I am not convinced at all
Every member of the President's task force - from Biden ($227,000) to Council of Economic Advisors chair Christina Romer ($172,000) to energy secretary Steven Chu ($191,000) - makes well over $150,000, putting them in the top 5% of wage earners. (See pictures of crime in Middle America.)

Senate bailout bill keeps growing, pork-filled, over 450 pages so far

  I'm writing Voinovich and Brown -  vote no !



Child sings Lord's prayer

 Child singing the  Lords prayer !      must see  

  hope this link works

From My Seat In The Grandstand.............

After reading the entire business plan and attending the council meeting Tuesday, I am more convinced than ever that the ESM is not a viable business. The plan as written by a recent grad of UT contains no real specifics on how the plan will be implemented but rather is a rehash of ideas tried within the last dozen years.

New Erie Street Market Twist Explained On The #1 Morning Talk Show On 1370 WSPD Wednesday

NBC 24 reporter Aaron Brilbeck has new details on the Erie Street Market "sale" that's not a sale at all. Aaron will be on with Fred LeFebvre Wednesday morning. Looks like we will still be on the hook for the utilities for some time unless council grows a pair.

Electric rates are in flux; First Energy is challenging Ohio Supremes on fuel costs

Article published Wednesday, September 5, 2007
FirstEnergy to contest ruling on fuel charges
Electricity bills could rise if decision stands


The number of police that is adequate to maintain security

From an outside in perspective, the Toledo police seem to be above legitimate criticism because of the nature of their job (and the union). No layoffs can ever happen and their employee numbers are never high enough by their standards even though the police waste tax money and resources just like every other bloated gov service does.

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