Something is not right

Something is not right


YES,absolutely. He would never walk away from a fight.
18% (18 votes)
NO way. He will fade away with his tail between his legs.
29% (29 votes)
I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT. This guy makes me sick.
26% (26 votes)
I HOPE SO. Maybe THEN he will get the message that his services are no longer needed.
19% (19 votes)
IF HE DOES, I'm going to Canada for the rest of the year.
7% (7 votes)
Total votes: 99

MI Sex Offender

Why can I not find George Kennedy in either the Ohio or the Michigan sex offender sites? I'm just curious if this man is a child pedifiler or did something stupid in his younger years and has that label for life because of it.
Was he from another state?

Or maybe I just need to learn to use the sites more efficiently.

This could only happen in Toledo

The SwampBubble Swamp/Neighborhood

Because a neighbor does not like/respect another neighbor is it necessary to form a gang to handle the problem that the neighbor is supposedly creating? Can you really oust a neighbor by going by their house and calling them and their family names? The SwampBubble neighbors have a habit of hijacking a thread and attacking, whenever there is not an agreement. The neighbor who does not cut the grass or is different is usually the neighbor who is attacked.

Breaking News, Downtown Shooting

Breaking News:

Today, sometime around 12:30 pm, a homeless man was shot approximately three times out-sideof the Greyhound Bus Station located in downtown Toledo. One witness was able to get a license number from the vehicle. The man was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent Hospital.
According to reports the Toledo Police are looking for a maroon SUV and a black Dodge Durango, however this information is not confirmed by the dispatchers citing department policy that went into effect sometime last week.

Story at

The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky

Democrats are finally owning up to being Alinski followers...

Just who is this Alinksi ?

First off...if you dont simply arent paying enough attention...

Toledo Blade Proudly Proclaims it is Ranked #1 in Ohio and #8 in the Nation ! ! !

I read The Blade every morning. Their news-atorials, abuse of public trust and editorial positions get my blood circulating.

Even though it was in the comic section, todays Blade had a full page boasting the following:

Ranked #1 in Ohio and #8 in the Nation

The Columbus Dispatch?
The Cleveland Plain Dealer?
The Cincinnati Enquirer?

Nope. The Blade.

Later down the page, (below the fold) the ranking is revealed as a ranking in market leadership, according to the 2008 Media Audit Survey.

Why didn't Chrysler push the best-looking car in America?

I just don't get it. Chrysler Corporation comes out with the best styled car since...well, the 70s-namely the new Dodge Challenger, because it looks ..well,just like a 70s Dodge Challenger. I've said many times, if anyone were to come out with a car that looked on the outside exactly like a 1967 GTO, for example, that they'd sell every one they could make. Ford jumped on this somewhat finally by making a Mustang that came close to the 67-70 Stang, but the Challenger beat it out by being nearly a carbon copy of its former self, even down to the crooked 'shotgun' floor shift.

OctoMom-The Musical (now casting)

It ain't over until it's over. And it apparently ain't over yet.

Obama's REAL first 100 days.

Obama and his good friend Hugo Chavez

Police vs Trash Cans

First of all, it was adding a shower to the Mayor's office, bad idea. Then it was going behind city council's back and purchasing Erie Street Market ; followed by visions of all the money that would roll in once the Civic Center was completed. Again, another bad idea which failed. Next, it was forcing a recycling plan on the genral public by adding yet another fee for trash pickup'; with those who did not recycle paying the most. This too failed, and the recycling cost the city money.

Lucas County Democratic Party Out Of Touch With The Will Of The People

The Lucas County Democratic Party is out of touch with the will of the people. The recent endorsement of the three candidates for the Toledo Board of Education included the snubbing of Darlene Fisher the incumbent and previously endorsed candidate.

Week long lay off & trash pickup

A friend of mine works for the city and we were talking the other day about the upcoming week long layoff coming in February -- and possibly several other times this year-- and she mentioned that she'd heard* something about the refuse workers getting their layoff slips.

Which led me to wonder, if they in fact will be off for a week, how exactally is that possible? Or perhaps it is better asked, How can that be right?

The lay off is to save the city money supposedly. I get that but in this case I don't see how it is fair to Toledo.

Israeli assault on Gaza

With a little more than three weeks left in the Bush Administration, this presents Obama with another critical situation to deal with. Interesting timing by the Israelis?

Time for a Discussion about Sock Puppets

If Swampbubles has had previous problems with the Net phenomenon known as sock puppetry, I am unfamiliar with its history. However, recently I began to suspect that a new site visitor is engaging in this idiotic behavior.

What's your impression of the snow removal efforts on the City of Toledo streets for the latest storm?

The U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011

Is this about to become a common image on the streets of America?

The U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials.

Swampbubbles the billboard. An open letter to Chris.

Am I the only one who sees Swampbubbles more and more as becoming a post-it board for local media?

For a long time we had local media personalities come into a board and link if something they talked about was relevant to the topic but too often their shows and stories are becoming the topic. If this were a once in a while thing I'd have no problem with it but it's becoming an every day event.

How do you feel the Pitbull shooting at 1840 Talbot is being handled? Let us know what to tell Officer Tony at Blockwatch.

"Blue never rats on blue" -- it'll be a total cover up!
23% (9 votes)
There's more potholes in the cops allibi than in Toledo streets!
18% (7 votes)
I'm not a dog person or have not yet seen the video at
10% (4 votes)
They had to do what they thought was best at the time.
43% (17 votes)
The police are always right -- that's why they're the law.
8% (3 votes)
Total votes: 40

TJ from Toledo makes international headlines for getting a Blackberry tattoo: He officially becomes a geek

TJ if you are reading this, you are a geek man :) I would take these headlines over the ones showing our mayor kicking the Marines out of the City. Our own from Toledo was one of the 3000 who entered and was the one that won. TJ made international headlines doing it and maybe we will see signs up at the city entrances announcing this award. But, let's be honest, what else do you have to do?

COSI to be renamed...

A recent story indicated that COSI would be up and running NEXT YEAR in the FALL.
Kind of hard to believe that it would take that much time to put the place back together.
As an added attraction, the public will be solicited for help in suggesting a new name for COSI. If it takes them that long to reinvent the place, maybe they need some help early on with name suggestions. Have any in mind ?

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