Something is not right

Something is not right

Only Way GOP Knows To Try To Get Rid Of Marcy-Gerrymandering!

The GOP has been unable to run a credible person against Marcy Kaptur in all the years she has served in Congress. They are using a desperate and despicable trick to try to oust her. Here is what Teresa Fedor has to say in her own words: Floor Speech about Gerrymandered Redistricting Proposal (9.15.2011)

Obama on vacation. "Dow has its best gain in 2 weeks"

No surprise here. Odumbo the Socialist Empty Suit Golfer In Chief goes on vacation and the Stock Market gains ground. PROOF that the quickest way to end this recession is to impeach the commie for Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The Socialist promised to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Aug 23, 6:27 PM EDT
Stocks jump; Dow has its best gain in 2 weeks
AP Business Writer

"The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 322 points, its best day since Aug. 11, when it gained 423."

Canton PD screws up CCW notification

And now the truth Wolfboy hopes you ignore. Top 4 richest people in America ARE DEMOCRATS.

While bitchboy screeches about the Koch brothers, he ignores the truth and hopes repeating his damn lies enough times will make you ignore the facts.
My "cut-n-paste" article in response to bitchboy's never-ending lies spoon fed to him by his owners at the Huffington Post and his puppet masters in the Union..

$4/gal gasoline. Obama's payoff for his Big Oil Buddies and Big Oil Doners

As Democrats in Congress pretend to be concerned with "average Americans", the truth is that $4/gal gasoline is Barry Obama's gift to his Big Oil Doners.

Everyone who reads anything knows that BP is one of the Socialist In Chief's biggest owners, I mean doners.
Obama biggest recipient of BP cash
Obama still gets oil money
"He took in $46,000 in donations from executives and workers last month. In a TV ad, he said he took no cash from companies.

Libtard hate on Parade....How long till they RIOT as they have before?

Americans dying in Afganistan, Japan in flames, Libya being bombed by US, unemployment high etc. etc.

While American troops die in Afganistan, while American pilots bomb Lybia under United Nations orders, with unemployment hovering around 10%, while Japan burns and those people suffer, while the price of gas approaches $4/gal, while people loose their unemployment after 99 weeks run out ....

The empty suit bastard child-in-charge plays soccer in Rio.

Brian Wilson/WSPD, Sandy Wiley-Steward/TPS/TPS PARENT CONGRESS and what do they have in common?

A few weeks ago Brian Wilson made some comments concerning public school children and either referred to them as monkeys or didn't refer to them as monkeys. Whatever the case may be, Toledo Public School's superintendent and Board president Bob Vasquez threw a hissy fit, held a press conference and denounced Wilson. One of the main denouncers (is there such a word?) was a parent named Sandy Wiley-Steward. Ms. Wiley-Steward was in the front row of the Press Conference along with her son holding a sign that said, "I am not a monkey."

Paul (Wolfie) Wohlfarth continues his obsession with WSPD RADIO HOSTS...

Paul Wohlfarth aka Wolfie libels himself again, he has ZERO credibility and continues his obsession with WSPD posting lies....instead of facts. He seems to have fallen deeper into the emptiness of his liberal mindset. Keith Ablow is available for appointments......


Why to date are their 825 (up from 700 when this was initially posted) companies waivered out of Obama's healthcare provisions..
And it hasn’t even taken effect yet.. Do any of you have an explanation for this? Can't wait to hear from you...


Wow! 4-5,000 red wing tip black birds with their organs liquefied with no physical outward trauma. This techology is scary as hell if you can pinpoint it like that. The government will have us believe that lighting, or hail, caused this, this is how dumb they think we all are....

Here's another blow to our Internet freedoms as well as our personal liberties...

Counterfeiting Trade Act (ACTA), which may pose a serious threat to civil liberties. Weinstein explained that ACTA originated as a plan to develop a unified method of dealing with counterfeiting amongst numerous countries. However, over time, the emphasis of the act began to focus more on intellectual property issues, notably Internet piracy, rather than physical counterfeiting.


Is it a coincidence that Dan Burns, former TPS business manager, while working under Dr. Eugene Sanders who stole money from TPS pleaded guilty today at the same time Dr. Eugene Sanders was resigning from the Cleveland School system with 4 years left on his contract?

Dr. Sanders resigned because he wants to spend more time with his family???!!!

Best car name of all time

16,000 unemployed workers in metro Toledo losing unemployment after 99 weeks.

I'm feeling confused.

According to a Toledo Blade article dated November 30 of this year
"More than 16,000 unemployed workers in metro Toledo are in danger of losing their weekly unemployment compensation starting next month if Congress fails to extend those benefits during its lame-duck session."
Also in the article, "...up to this point, they've been able to collect up to 99 weeks of benefits"

Now my dilemma. Barry Housain Barak Sotero Obama has been President for longer than 99 weeks.

Negro at OSU QB!

This just in! Sources confirm there is a young African American playing quarterback for Ohio State. Oh my, he's gonna get shaked, rattled and rolled when mighty Michigan pays a visit on Saturday. Two TD victory. Count on it. Lock City. They can be good athletes, but you know how Negroes lose their composure and start tripping over their feet when things are on the line.Negroes get all crazy and do nutty stuff. So much for the Scarlet, Gray and Black. Go Blue!

For the mirthless here. Fave song

Here we go again, just when you think we have someone thats turned away from the progressive model...

Mayor Bell wants to raise water rates, next will be taxes and whatever else he can do to balance the budget. Bell is a one term Mayor, he will do whatever it takes to balance the budget regardless of what the people have to say. Same with Collins, just when you think he is on the right track and makes sense, he proposes a 30,000 donation to the symphony, Progressivism runs this city......Don't be fooled by that Independent affiliation, that (I) behind their names, especially when making suggestions like raising water bills and giving away 30,000 dollars of our money....

The Blade Had Better Get Their Facts Straight

On December 1, 1974 Toledo was clobbered by a snowstorm that dumped about a foot of snow. During that storm some electric wires fell that caused the Kent Branch library to burn down. In last week's Toledo Blade it was reported that the Kent Branch was closing for about 20 months for renovations. The article went on to state the library was built in 1952 and was showing its age and was in bad need of repairs. The Blade reports many "facts" that are simply not true. The Kent Branch was rebuilt after the fire and reopened in 1975. Come on, let's get the facts right Toledo Blade.

Koch Industries Is The Power Behind The Tea Party

The ones who are bankrolling the Tea Party and trying to disrupt American politics and political thinking are two incredibly wealthy men: Charles G, Koch and David H. Koch. Together they control Koch Industries. The company was founded in 1927 as primarilly an oil exploration and refining concern. These two individuals are trying to take over America and hijack the American Dream. In other words they make Halliburton seem like amateurs. They control Sarah Palin and others Tea Party operatives. Is this who we want to rule the country?

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