Something is not right

Something is not right

Part 2 - Things That Make Me Wonder (Bible) -Ignore If You Want

Part 2 - Things That Make Me Wonder (Bible) - This is a copy & not my words, but it does include many things I've questioned about the Bible in my life (which contributed to my lack of faith). Before you sigh, and say "Oh, geez, not again......." , understand 'freedom to choose' to ignore this thread. Or, feel free to add your imput & insight to it.

Resume padding

We all know how it's done. Take some accomplishment you've had and embellish it so that it becomes a lot bigger than it really was. People do it to their resumes all the time. Well, Hillary has been caught doing that when she told CNN, "I helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland," and "I negotiated open borders to let fleeing refugees into safety from Kosovo."

Chris... time lag

There is a significant time lag between the time you post something and the time it shows up on the SB main screen. I always go to the "Recent Posts" screen to see who has posted because it seems to be much more up-to-date.

INVASION OF AMERICA: OPERATION URBAN WARROR - Maybe more to Marine 'training' than meets the eye?

Research & think hard, before leaping to conclusions about Marine training in this country. Under the training exercises such as "urban-patrol", "bomb disposal", "toxic waste disposal", several counties across the country have been infiltrated by military, often times working hand in hand w/police.

Free ride at Owens - limited to Woodward - WHY????

Why do Woodward students get a free ride at Owens & other school's students do not?

Free ride at Owens offered to some teens
Program is limited at first to Woodward

College debt is no longer as big a worry for some Woodward High School students. Paying back loans isn’t a factor when you can get a degree for free.

Well, Officer, he was wearing a garter belt and boots....

Friday, 8-Feb-2008 4:57PM EST Story from AP
Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)


Associated Press/AP Online

Big Vote Disecrepancy on Issue 5 - I demand a re-vote - Looks like the people have NOT spoken

I demand a re-vote on Issue 5 - Discrepancy in Votes. I'm not surprised at all by what this person found. She's waiting for a reply from her letter asking for an explanation. She has only searched two counties in Ohio so far - but if the results are even remotely similar to these countys, then it remains to be seen whether the "voters have spoken' about the state wide smoking ban in Ohio.

Food establishments to prohibit from serving food to any person who is obese.

338 Columbia - Up In Flames

Shortly after waking up this morning, we looked from our 2nd floor windows and we could see flmaes shooting 20-30 feet in the air. It was the apartment building on the next block.

query to maggie & Brian Wilson

Is there an email address for maggie & (or) Brian Wilson? I have a tip on a bit of news that I think the media is going to be having a field day with, but cannot disclose my name (there are good reasons).

City took credit for entire region's success, new ideas, review finds

"A fact-checking effort by The Blade found that
the community described by Mr. Finkbeiner and his staff in its
hour-long presentation in London was indeed the greater Toledo area -
or maybe an idealized version of it.

Katerina Bekyarska, a spokesman for the mayor who helped assemble the presentation, said they did not mislead the judges."

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