Something is not right

Something is not right

Texas Police Double as Islamic Terrorist Militia

PJ Media reported
"Federal Bureau of Investigations documents detailing a 22-site network of terrorist training villages sprawled across the United States. According to the documents, the FBI has been concerned about these facilities for about 12 years, but cannot act against them because the U.S. State Department has not yet declared that their umbrella group, MOA [Muslims of the Americas]/Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization."

"We must have PORTSIDE!"

Over at that other site a certain someone who shall remain unnamed has made no fewer than three comments calling for the return of Portside (and one calling the Imagination Station crooks that have "stolen infrastructure from COSI").


Some thoughts about those electric car rechargers downtown

Prompted by a friend, I went online and also downtown to investigate these things. There are 3 stations installed on N Superior St across from First Merit Bank.

The article claims charge cost is included in the parking fee. (Each station also has a parking meter.) But the parking fee advertised at the meter is the same as every other meter: $1/hr.

So does this mean people are recharging their cars there for free? Parking cost is a constant.

Flash on Gaxay Note 10.1 tablet

I just bought this tablet but unfourtunatly it will not support Flash Player. For the SB techies, do you know of a workable solution?

Race-The Power of an Illusion

"But it was another racialized New Deal program, the Federal Housing Administration, that helped generate much of the wealth that so many white families enjoy today. These revolutionary programs made it possible for millions of average white Americans - but not others - to own a home for the first time. The government set up a national neighborhood appraisal system, explicitly tying mortgage eligibility to race.

This one is for you FRED!

This one is for you Fredtheentertainer. Wow! Young white people rioting? Who ever heard of that? Like Chicken Little said, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!


This is too funny. The IRS Employee UNION (those people who wanted Obamacare) that represents the IRS (those people who collect the Obamacare tax) WANTS OUT OF OBAMACARE.

From the Forbes Magazine website:

IRS Employees Union Is 'Very Concerned' About Being Required To Enroll In Obamacare's Health Insurance Exchanges
by Avik Roy, Contributor

President to make speech on economy.

Obama says he gives good speeches, and he is about to make another good one according to him. How IRONIC is that, talking about improving the economy but you punish businesses with Obama Care. Obama Care says if you keep your employment below 50 and 30 hours I will reward you, if not I will punish you. What a GENIUS...

Unions Turning Against ObamaCare.

"Perhaps the unions should learn the old, old adage, “be careful what you wish for, you may get it.”
"Unions were among the strongest supporters of ObamaCare, but it looks like buyer’s regret is setting in.

"When President Barack Obama pushed his health care overhaul plan through Congress, he counted labor unions among his strongest supporters".

"But some unions leaders have grown frustrated and angry about what they say are unexpected consequences of the new law — problems that they say could jeopardize the health benefits offered to millions of their members.

Michael Bloomberg gun control group site registered to NYC..

'The name “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” is well known as Mike Bloomberg’s gun-control arm, which he spends his personal fortune through on ads. Yet the group’s website is registered to, and handled by, official city government servers and staffers.
'Domain names for MAIG were registered in 2006 by the New York City Department of Information and Technology, and have remained on official city web servers ever since.

Paula Deen cooks up a great pie!

Who would ever have thought it? Paula Deen, racist or just a good decide..

If You Think Congress Is Resisting Executive Usurpation, Think Again: Indefinite Detention Re-Affirmed

"We have seen some in a few places where we would expect it: Boehner and McCain have practically campaigned for the President on the issue of domestic spying. Dick Cheney and Barack Obama sounded the same and most of the Republicans were in favor of “empowering” President Barack Obama with the authority to throw Americans into prison without trial. Republican's as well as Democrats are holding all Constitutional limitations in contempt as nothing but a weakness that supports terrorism.

Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146%

"Last week, the state of California claimed that its version of Obamacare’s health insurance exchange would actually reduce premiums. “These rates are way below the worst-case gloom-and-doom scenarios we have heard,” boasted Peter Lee, executive director of the California exchange".

Compare and contrast these Congressional Hearings

I'm curious at the treatment received by different people when ordered to testify at a Congressional hearing.

For instance, an IRS official who was in charge of the department that denied tax exempt status to groups with 'Patriot' or 'TEA party' in their name gets to yap about her side of the story, then tells Congress to stick it and walks out...

Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products...

"If the amendment goes through, that would mean anytime you see the word “milk” on the label, it could include aspartame, sucralose, or any other dangerous artificial sweetener, but you could never be quite sure, since there will be no mention of it , not by listing the artificial sweetener used, nor with a no- or low-calorie type label, which is a tip-off that the product might contain a non-nutritive sweetener" This applies to all products that contain milk.


Dish Network filed a complaint objecting to a pending merger between Sprint and SoftBank, citing a Justice Department plea deal that linked the Japanese conglomerate to bribes given to Chinese telecom officials.

In a complaint filed Monday with the Federal Communications Commission, Dish Network cited a plea agreement between the Justice Department and a SoftBank official who gave $7 million in bribes to Chinese officials for telecommunications contracts.

Old News, New Again..

"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration."
-- Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood


"The White House has given final approval for dramatically raising permissible radioactive levels in drinking water and soil following “radiological incidents,” such as nuclear power-plant accidents and dirty bombs. The final version, slated for Federal Register publication as soon as today, is a win for the nuclear industry which seeks what its proponents call a “new normal” for radiation exposure among the U.S population, according Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)".

President won't say boston bombing was a terroist attack when it happened...

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 2:48pm
I get disgusted when I hear remarks from the left and the right about who did this act and how.

The simple fact is that we have a southern and northern border that is so porous that John Mc Cain watched as illegals crossed over when McCain visited the southern border last week. Doesn’t that make all the discussion about placing blame for terror laughable? The place McCain chose to visit had no fence; but, it did have a set of concrete steps with an OSHA-type set of painted handrails!
I mean, really?!?!

Activist Actually Gets People to Sign Fake Petition Calling for Full Repeal of Second Amendment and Door-to-Door Gun Confiscation..

Have you ever wondered how many average Americans would actually sign a petition calling for a full repeal of the Second Amendment and door-to-door gun confiscation?
Well, you’re in luck. Mark Dice, a political activist, recently took to the streets to see how many people he could get to sign such a petition. Surprisingly, more than a few provided their signature to the cause.

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