Bishop's Lies Bought by Toledo Blade

After reading The Blade's recent article on Jim Bishop, I am dumbfounded that a man running for judge could be so arrogant to simultaneously act as a defense attorney for his wife Maureen Bishop, in the same court that he was appointed prosecuter. I would call that a major conflict of interest when your fellow co-workers are prosecuting a case against you.


A couple weeks ago the new album was #1 on the Billboard album chart. Kid Rock's new album knocked it down a peg and this week, Springsteen disposed on Kid Rock and is back at #1. The album is already gold and headed right towards platinum and he's got a great shot to win a Grammy for Best Album of the Year.

White House leaked classified info to FOX News, tipped off al Qaeda to secret surveillance, destroyed year-long spy effort

From Joe over at AMERICAblog...

Can't the Whitehouse ever do anything right? Why must it politicize everything? First they out an undercover CIA agent and now they blowing the fact that we have the inside intel on a terrorist web site.

Thieves take pedal-boat business' gear

Less than a month after the grand opening, business at a new pedal-boat rental in International Park on the city's east side was stalled yesterday after thieves made off with life preservers, seat cushions, and navigation lights.

Toledo school board candidate indicted on 6 counts involving kids

Toledo school board candidate indicted on 6 counts involving kids
Richard Brown, 33, a candidate for the Toledo Board of Education, was indicted today on six counts that involve child endangerment and disseminating harmful materials to juveniles.

Another Sick Bastard with Pit Bulls

Police Say Man Fed Cats to His Pit Bulls
Thursday, 20-Sep-2007 4:50PM EDT Story from AP
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)

Associated Press/AP Online
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - A man captured neighborhood cats and kittens and fed them live to his pit bulls, authorities said Thursday. Tye Hilmo, 21, was charged Thursday with aggravated cruelty to animals.

700,000 more Mattel, Chinese toys are recalled - looks like I'll be checking the kids' Barbies, now

AP NEW YORK - The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Mattel Inc., announced late Tuesday that it is recalling more than 700,000 Chinese-made toys that have excessive amounts of lead paint.

We're The Cattle - Zeitgeist The Movie - Quality Film & Will Open Eyes - Education - 9/11 - NWO - Health


This (these) video (s) are a must see. You'll need a chunk of time to watch them - start with zeitgeitthemovie. It's divided into 3 parts: beginning with a facinating look at religion (then it becomes frightening & disturbing); then 9/11; then A New World Order.

Why We Still RANT -...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation -

Shane - This one's for you. THIS is why we are STILL ranting about the smoking ban. It is an infringement of the U.S. Constitution. Our forefathers were specific & careful about how it was worded, to prevent infringements like this.

Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Property Rights

Carty Left His Dog in a Hot Car AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I heard on WSPD today that Carty left his dog in a car AGAIN, while Carty attended a press conference or something - you can hear the dog barking on the tape. Pretty freaking hot out today to leave a dog in a car. Why isn't the Humane Society on this??

Wales: Man beaten for smoking

Deaf man attacked for smoking at bus stationJul 21 2007

by Anna Hammond, South Wales Echo

A DEAF man was beaten up at Cardiff central bus station for smoking a cigarette.

Police have praised a member of the public who realised he was on the same bus as the man suspected of attacking the 56-year-old and called 999 from his mobile phone.

Why do baseball players spit, pat butts & wear big, chunky, gold chains????

I'm not into sports, but my husband is, and I have noticed that baseball players have disqusting habits that other athletes don't seem to share. Baseball players always spit (not always because they're chewing tobacco - I watch them pre spit), pat each other on the butt, and wear big, clunky, gold chains.

That fur trim on your jacket that you think is fake? Tell it to Fido.

That fur trim on your jacket that you think is fake? Tell it to Fido.

An animal advocacy group says its investigation has turned up coats — some with designer labels, some at higher-end retailers — with fur from man’s best friend. Some retailers were set scrambling to pull the coats from shelves, take them off Web sites and even offer refunds to consumers.

National Machinery castoffs turned to Gillmor

Group had 'no luck' enlisting congressman in WARN Act reform efforts, ex-worker says


TIFFIN, Ohio - As employees of the old National Machinery Co. learned that the WARN Act would be of little help to them, they went to lawmakers with a simple request: Amend the law to help workers who are laid off without notice in the future.

Hard to believe there are places/people like this...

Who had the Best Fireworks Display?

30% (14 votes)
21% (10 votes)
15% (7 votes)
Bowling Green
4% (2 votes)
9% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
21% (10 votes)
Total votes: 47

Indentity theft risk: BGSU notifies past, current students about loss of personal information

Bowling Green State University is notifying about 1,800 current and former students of accounting professor W. David Albrecht that his computer flash drive containing important student information has been lost.


For the last hour and a half I have had to endure a constant barrage of fireworks from both east, west, and south. Nothing to the north. Anyone else hearing this?

Does the Military Have Your Child's Information?


Check this story out from McClatchy, about a little-known provision in the NCLB Act.

The idea came to Welch last summer when a contract Army recruiter wrote and offered her $100 if she'd enlist. She wondered how he'd obtained her name, address and telephone number.

Gerken and Mayor Want In

One, Pete Gerken, is looking for his next rung up the political ladder and the other, Mayor Finkbeiner, is -well, you decide. These guys are a day late and a dollar short. They want in on the gravy train that is the upcoming coke plant.

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