Pledge to America

This has got to be a joke. Repeal and "replace" Obamacare? With what, Boehnercare? Gonna take out the personal mandate? Gonna "allow" us to purchase insurance across state lines? Gee thanks Decepticons. The rest of the nightmare Obamacare will of course remain intact. Take spending back to 2008 levels? Nancy Pelosi 2008 levels? WOW, that'll help!! I've said it before, and it bears repeating, The Republicrats will peel this crap back "just enough" to shut all of us dummies up, and run it their way until they lose power again.

NOT AGAIN, First It Was We Found A Million (Carty) , Then It Was We Found 874,000, (TPS) Now Its We Found 873,000 Lucas Co Dog W

WoW! We either have a bunch of crooks running this city or a bunch of incompetent crooks running this city. This is ridiculous; it’s time to stop giving our money to these people, i.e. Levies. Start calling council members, and commissioners, and start voicing your concerns. This is bulls#it, you just don’t find a million dollars or 874’000 dollars, or 873’000 dollars. This is why we are called brain dead morons in Toledo.

Why we Burn Korans..... for the finger waging morons....


The question should be.....why arent YOU burning one?


Obama Lied To Your Momma!

Barak Obama says Allah is right with him. Supports NY mosque. Is there really anyone who still believes he is a Christian like he says? Muslims are using our own freedoms to destroy us..with the help of our own president.

Sharia in New Jersey: Muslim husband rapes wife, judge sees no sexual assault

"And now a New Jersey judge sees no evidence that a Muslim committed sexual assault of his wife -- not because he didn't do it, but because he was acting on his Islamic beliefs: "This court does not feel that, under the circumstances, that this defendant had a criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault or to sexually contact the plaintiff when he did.

Just When You Think Collins Had Sense And Was Different....

Just as I settled in on the fact that Collins was a straight shooter and sensible person who did his homework on topics and issues concerning Toledo, he crashes and burns. Unbelievable, I would have never thought that he would stoop that low to pander for the Latino vote. I have come to the conclusion that politics simply corrupts the mind sooner or later.

Larry Kaczala, Dead at 53

The Blade is reporting that Larry Kaczala died after jumping from a Toledo Hospital parking garage.

Who is to blame for the oil spill?

BP, and Mineral Management
59% (16 votes)
The Government, and Inspectors
41% (11 votes)
Total votes: 27

TPS Board Members lack of public communication

Just got off the phone with TPS board member Bob Vasquez. We (family, friends, block) have been trying to have communication with the TPS board since November 2009 having sent some 153 e-mail messages and well over 30 phone calls. After some 6 months and after the levy failed then they want to finally meet with us. Can you belive that? We begged for communication and a meeting long before the levy vote and they wait until after the levy fails to see that we did have power and now they want to meet with us.

Ernie Harwell dies at 92

Ernie Harwell, the acclaimed Tigers broadcaster whose eloquence and kindness made him a beloved Michigan institution, died tonight after a nearly yearlong bout with cancer. He was 92.

A great lady dies.


It would be nice if the national news media would cover stories like this, but they're too busy reporting bs.

R.I.P. Mrs Murphy.

TPS Budget Cuts

Toledo school board told plan shuts Libbey even if levy wins
Vote on cuts delayed as more details sought

A resolution presented to the Toledo school board last night calls for South Toledo's Libbey High School to be shuttered — whether or not voters approve a 0.75 percent tax on earned income on the May 4 ballot.

Capitalism's woes cheered at World Social Forum

Capitalism's woes cheered at World Social Forum
By ALAN CLENDENNING, Associated Press Writer Alan Clendenning, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jan 26, 1:28 am ET

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Leftists are pouring into town to rail against freewheeling capitalism during the World Social Forum, gleefully cheering the humbling of bankers and business titans by the global economic meltdown.

I drove by Scott High School today and it felt like the lights went out.

Two days after the election, I drove by Scott high school, which I do a few times a day, but this time it was different. It felt like the lights had gone out. With the election of Bob Vasquez, Virginia Hill and Larry Sykes, to the school board, who will advocate for the neighborhood's high school, Jack Ford, Lisa Sobecki?

Hitler finds out Chicago didnt get the olympics.

"Forgotten Felines" - Cat with mangled foot needs your help,

"Forgotten Felines" - Cat with mangled foot needs your help,

Please remember us when adopting a new cat. All of our cats are friendly, healthy, and socialized.

One Dead in Rollover Crash


One person is dead, another is recovering in the hospital after an accident.

The crash happened on I-475, just south of Central Avenue in Springfield Township, just after 10pm Friday night.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says 22 year old Jason Krotz was trying to pass a semi when he lost control. He hit the back of the semi, went off the road and rolled over several times before finally coming to a stop.

Steve McNair killed in apparent double homicide

Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was killed in a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, authorities said Saturday. Steve McNair, 36, spent 13 seasons in the NFL, the majority with the Tennessee Titans. Police said they found McNair and a woman shot to death in a Nashville residence after receiving a phone call about an injured person.

loving michael jackson

RIP for Michael Jackson i truely love him my son just recently song who's loving you at the apollo that song has won my son 3 apollo amateur nites and he will be back at the apollo on oct. 7,2009 for his final amateur nite performance he was also at the apollo's 75th anniversary gala honoring Patti Labelle, Quincy Jones, and Bill and Camille Cosby singing that song so our family truely will miss this legend his music has inspired my 14 year old son and is winning him lot's of recognition. Thanks Mike Zan and Zac from Toledo, ohio love you

Farrah Fawcett, 'Charlie's Angels' actress, dies

Farrah Fawcett, the blond-maned actress whose best-selling poster and "Charlie's Angels" stardom made her one of the most famous faces in the world, has died. She was 62.

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