Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Out Loud

Young Ben enjoys free publicity of ABC13's "Toledo beer summit"

lol? Good work wasting three minutes of my life ABC 13.

Konop Heckler Viedo Makes front page of

A friend just emailed me that the Konop heckler video has made it's way to the front page of MSN. It's on the left hand side as the featured video highlight as of 2 minutes ago.

It Is...REAL

Go away now, 'birthers'. Just go far, far away and/or look for some other inane 'issue' to direct your stupidity towards.

Carty not to run "only ever planed one term"

According to the Blah and 'SPD, The Fink has informed friends and supporters by snail mail that he will not be running for re-election....

According to the article, when he decided to run 4 years ago, it was always just for one term....


Fox News: always 'fair and balanced' (not to mention accurate):

Ha, Ha...WAY too funny:

Seriously, enough people these days have been dumbed down enough to believe these 'unintentional' errors. Roger Ailes knows what he's doing...

Mike Bell Embaces Water Resources Management And Development?

Recently, one of the weekly tabloids ran an article about Mike Bell sponsoring a new idea to take a regional approach to water resource management and devleopment in the Region. Great idea, Mike, except it's been around and working for over a decade. It's called the "Great Lakes Initiative." I'm sure the US EPA will be thrilled that another politician is embacing their program as a platform for a mayoral race. Again, I plead with you, Mike, please give us voters something new that's going to help the City of Toledo get out of this mess.

A Whole Lot Of Yiffing Going On In The Office Of Pennsylvania GOP Senate Whip

Too funny not to post!

It was like a cross between an episode on MSNBC's Dateline: To Catch A Predator With Chris Hansen and a re-enactment of those heady days in 2006 when Republican Congressman Mark Foley was exposed as a child molester. Jane Orie is a far right extremist, an anti-choice fanatic and the Republican majority whip of the Pennsylvania state Senate. She represents a backward district north of Pittsburgh. And if you'd guess that she's obsessed with sex and is a virulent and hysterical homophobe you'd be correct.

Friday she fired one of her top aides, Alan David Berlin. The report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is almost funny if it weren't so tragically Republican. It starts off like typical GOP fare-- another Republican closet case solicits sex from a young boy (15 years old) online. But then it gets really strange.

Whaaaat? Plumber Joe leaving GOP?

How'd we miss this? No plug on Swampbubbles about 'ol Joe 'keepin' it fresh', no hourly update on the happenings of our local hero ? The straight-shootin', down-to-earth, regular-guy-face of the GOP?? No Palin/Plumber ticket in '12? LOL, wow, must be a hoax.

Two previous Universal Government plans in trouble. Why will Universal Healthcare work?

I read in the daily local today that Social Security will be bankrupt by 2037 and Medicare will be bankrupt by 2017.

Both "Universal" programs created by the Government. Both unwieldy and expensive. And now, both will be insolvent soon without major changes.

Does Toledo need more gardens, bike paths and signage?

Yes - like our mayor and congressperson says it makes the city nice
38% (25 votes)
No -Politicians wake up we need JOBS, Police, Fire, Garbage pickup
62% (41 votes)
Total votes: 66

Mayor and several constructions companies being sued for work done on Erie Street Mkt

A trade union filed a lawsuit against Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and several local construction companies claiming that workers employed on the city’s Erie Street Market project were not making prevailing wages as required by law.

Looks like the taxpayers will be paying twice for the work.

Way to go Carty

El Rushbo 'under the gun' from his own side

Stick to your 'guns', El Rushbo. All the 'pinko libs' are with ya on this one.

This may make you laugh, or scratch your head.

I read a post on another BBS earlier today that I got a chuckle over. Then it made me think about it for a while.

The poster claimed, "there are about 40 million people in the U.S. workforce over age 50".
(actually, from what I found it's more like 69 million)

The government gives each of them one million dollars in return for them retiring.
40, (or 69) million jobs now open, unemployment problem fixed.

Each of the new retiree millionaires buys a new car, auto crisis fixed.

Each of them buys a house, or pays off their mortgage, housing crisis fixed.

Carty to "Lay-off" 75 Cops

Carty smells money. Part of the free Obama money is for Police. So, if a city rehires laid off Po-Po or has new Police hires for the city, the government will pay for it for so many years. Example, say Toledo has 635 police, the city then lays off 75. The city asks Obama for a grant to rehire those Police and then asks to hire 25 more new Police. The government says OK. Then the city gets the salary for 100 police officers paid for by the United States taxpayers not just by Toledo workers.

Red-state horndogs and their porn...

I dunno, I'm thinking maybe a connection to this and the whole Sarah craze...fantasies working overtime among the faithful?

Obit for the GOP

Just a little something for my conservative friends to enjoy while kicking off their week:

All in Fun!

A friend forwarded this to me today. The note says it is an authentic e-mail sent to Sen. Tom Harkin. I'm not so sure. Thought I'd share--

The Honorable Tom Harkin
731 Hart Senate Office Building
Phone (202) 224 3254
Washington DC, 20510

Dear Senator Harkin,

As a native Iowan and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you.

I got a phone call this morning

my sister tells me it's SNOWING!


It's going to be a looooooooooooong week, huh?

Well, right now it's 70 and clear as a bell and we're off for a round of golf on the Municipal Course, then to the beach for a lovely Saturday afternoon of watching porpoise in the intracoastal. Going to be the same for Sunday as well!

Hope that visual warms ya up, cuz it looks like an awful lot of snow.

I don't miss that at all!

Bristol gets PAID for those baby pics

Hilarious. The same Palin family that screamed 'invasion of personal privacy' when the pregnancy was disclosed and discussed during the campaign will now TAKE MONEY from the same media for the baby shots?

I Told You So

It wasn't and isn't just "subprime". It wasn't and isn't just a minor blip affecting a few million people.

It is a general Credit Crisis that affects all of the nation. The vast troubles we've created (or allowed to be created, by indulging in the utter madness of FREE-MARKET FUNDAMENTALISM) have put us into a Great Depression. We're in a Great Depression NOW.

Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Rise to Record (Update3)

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