Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Out Loud

And now for something completely different! This made me laugh.

Completely out of left field, but this made me laugh.

Wolfman Gets the Axe

Michael Miller seemed to hit the nail on the head with this one. "Brian Wilson's War", Toledo Free Press, August 20, 2010:

"Wolfman often spars on SwampBubbles with WSPD morning host Fred LeFebvre and, as is his right, is unrelentingly critical of Toledo Free Press, WSPD and most local media; he has stated his rather paranoid belief that “The extreme right has control or indirect control of most of Toledo media.”......

Back to Barry Sotero and family. NEW LOW POLL NUMBERS. Time to attack talk show hosts!

Quick Libtards! Barak Sotero the Socialist is UNDER ATTACK again! The majority of Americans are finding out that the Bastard Child in Chief is an empty suit!

Obama at new low for handling economy
AP National Political Writer

Race card maxed out

I'mnot really a big John Stewart fan, but this made me laugh.

Proposed 9/11 memorial

This made me laugh. I guess they would have a good view of it from there new supermosque.

Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action

Can you believe this!!! Hahaha, where is Mike Bell's head?

Da Blade says: "In other business, council Tuesday night:
•Confirmed several of Mayor Bell's directors and commissioners. Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action. Voting against were Mr. Waniewski, Mr. Collins, and Mr. McNamara."

Who is Benny

Benny the new Jet
44% (4 votes)
Wolfie the old Dogboy
56% (5 votes)
Total votes: 9

U.S. Discovers $1T in Afghan Mineral Deposits

This has been relative secret development, but in my opinion is one of the reasons Obama is still in Afghanistan, contrary to campaign promises. Don't be surprised if Obama's buddy, Jeffery Immelt, CEO of GE is a big winner here. This is a great opportunity for obama to reward his cronies.

Even Liberals/Democrats are on to Obama.

May 14, 2010 4:27 pm US/Eastern

'It is......SATAN?????'

Hmmm.....some interesting comments by readers following main story. What's Bobby Jindal doing this holiday weekend?

Less than a month in office and Mike Bell wants a tax hike

I'm sorry Toledo, but Mike Bell made his bones as a democrat. I don't know why he didn't choose to run as a democrat, but I never believed that he wouldn't govern as one. Today he asked those of you left in the city who actually pay income taxes to pay more. From 2.25% to 2.5%. But it's only "temporary".

Mike "The Rocketman" Bell

Well we are finally free of Carty Finkbeiner. In The Blade I read that our newly inaugurated Mayor announced that the new Welcome To Toledo signs would not bear his name. No ego-massaging signs for Mr. Bell as we had for Finkbeiner. Instead of the new mayor's name being displayed on the signs we will see an image of a rocket! How great! The Blade's cartoonist Kirk stuck Finkbeiner with the title Hizzoner. A great suggestion for all the pundits out there: let's call our new mayor Mike "The Rocketman" Bell!

Another "Climate Change" faux pax

Here ya go Zeitgeist...The meathead scientists at U of East Anglia now admit that they dumped the raw temperature data that they fed into their models for "global warming"...They cannot now correlate at lot of what they have been spewing out...I guess this goes along with what was found in the email traffic...The article that I found is from the "Times Online"...Follow this link (Since it takes a month for the Times to approve a news/blog site)...

Global Warming FRAUD..."hide the decline"

This is a test (webcam experiment by David Ben-Ariel)

This is a test that David Ben-Ariel ran in an attempt to learn how to use his webcam for videos rather than his digital camera that all his other youtube videos were created on.

Kanye dissing websites now

and you thought he only did video music awards. HUH... think again.

Low voter turnout due to ACORN problems?

HMMM, just have to wonder if the low turnout for the primaries today might be due to the fact that ACORN is "retrenching", or, hiding (and threatening to sue)...thanks to the series of videos over the past week that has been exposing this organization for what it truely is...You won't find this in the MSM...(Charlie Gibson did not have a clue!). (You Tube,) Beck, Hannity have been on this. Gotta love it! And "God Bless" the intrepid "20 somethings" that thought this up and carried it out. There is hope, my friends!

Say It Ain't So...Another Phoney 'Family Values' Politician Revealed

Too funny:
Well, there goes the 'perfect score' with the conservative family values folks. The reporter chasing him around adds to the yucks.

Enough political bickering

Time for a good laugh on SB and time for all husbands with marital strife out there to seek counciling before resorting to this:

The seven dirty words - Warning, Contains Harsh Language.

The seven dirty words are seven English-language words that comedian George Carlin first listed in 1972 in his monologue "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television". Below is a list of the words and alternate to help avoid the profanity filter!

The words are:             Alternates:

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