I love it

I love it

Ben Konop: "That's never been the strong suit of that person who chooses to remain nameless."

"That's never been the strong suit of that person who chooses to remain nameless."
That’s what Ben said after Troy asked him about the PWCTRN (person who chooses to remain nameless) research.

Troy Neff Show: Oregon mayor Marge Brown and Commissioners Tina Skeldon Wozniak, Pete Gerken and Ben Konop discuss the LCIC.

Kuhlman vs. Collins and Congratulations to Fred LeFebvre!!

Kuhlman vs. Collins and Congratulations to Fred LeFebvre!!

Congratulations to Fred for booking one interview on his radio show!! Troy talked to both newsmakers before Fred got his one.

Get caught up with the [blade]

Way to go Pickette!!!!


Please read ....................How awesome and shame on you Mrs. Page for causing havic!

Making Mediocrity Succeed

I have seen the complaints that TPS doesn't measure up to the other schools in Northwest Ohio. Hopefully something wil be done about that soon.

Local high schools face off in tractor contest

Area high school students will put their knowledge of tractors to the test as they compete in the 15th annual FFA District I Tractor Troubleshooting Contest 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Thursday in Owens College's Transportation Technologies Center on the Toledo-area Campus in Perrysburg Township.

local talk show on wposfm 102.3 - hard hitting and imformative

This radio program is called public impact . It is hosted by Mark Siffer , a local host. It is on daily from 1 to 2 pm. The topics and guests vary , but you won't hear this stuff on mainstream media .
Mark's blog is http://www.publicimpactlive.com/

Toledo Zoo Ranks in Top Ten for Children

The 10 Best Zoos for Kids by Child Magazine - Link

Toledo Technology Academy gearing up for national competition

Toledo Technology Academy is gearing up for a national competition. The students built a robot that will be unveiled at 6:00. Students will enter the robot in the 2008 first robotic competition. It's been built by students with help from mentors from the Dana Corporation.

Take that skinny people!

I found this last night and thought it was interesting considering the discussions we've had here about health care and issues involving weight and smoking.

Fat people are cheaper to treat...
A snip from the middle of the article

Your Commander-In-Chief speaks out on global warming

This is a hilarious video of a kid spoofing GWB talking about global warming. Very funny!

Check the bridges you cross

Here is a useful tool to check the condition of bridges you use to go to work or you take on that next trip. Shows when it was last inspected and what the current status and condition that the bridge is in. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21840954

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish all of you a merry Christmas. Over the past year, I have met many wonderful people (some who read this site) and for that I am grateful. For all of you I have met, unknowingly met, and have not met, I wish you a Merry Christmas and that all of your wishes come true :).

Who will win Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game?

69% (36 votes)
31% (16 votes)
Total votes: 52

What do we do with Portside now that COSI will close?

Ok now that one of the worst ideas to ever come from Toledo's Hegemony at the loss of valuable real estate for 12+ years has come to an end I would like to know what should we do with this great waterfront property which will now be open?

Congratulations to Mayor Derek Merrin

I see Derek Merrin beat incumbant Chuck Peyton in the race for Waterville Mayor. Particularly impressive since Derek is 21 years old! What a race.

TPS School Board

Any discussion on the election of School Board results thus far? Who do the "swampers" believe is going to win and why?

Graduation rate for TPS tops urban average rate

Graduation rate for TPS tops urban average rate


Toledo Public Schools' graduation rates exceeded the state urban average, an alliance of Ohio's big school systems said.

This, In From the Tom Joyner Morning Show:

Family! "We got Mychal Bell out, now let's get Barack Obama in!!

Big Mac turns 40! Has its own museum, and other essential news facts about the Big Mac

Don't say that I've never contributed important information to this community. Well, yes, it IS an AP story, but still!
CHICAGO - Normally, a 40-year-old sandwich would be something to be avoided.

Levis Commons get an 'A' for Investors

Fitch assigns an 'A' rating to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, Ohio's approximately $14,165,000 special assessment revenue bonds, series 2007 (Town Square at Levis Commons Special Assessment Project). The Rating Outlook is Stable. The bonds are scheduled to price as soon as Aug. 14, through Robert W. Baird & Co.

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