I love it

I love it

In Case You Missed It On Fox Sports-Stainbrook On 1370 WSPD With Fred

Jon Stainbrook, head of the Lucas County GOP, talks about the last 30 days of the campaign and tonight's debate. He doesn't always agree with the candidate's strategy but it's something you won't hear anywhere else. Podcast available here http://www.wspd.com/pages/fredstop10.html Enjoy!

We interrupt your regularly schedule political arguing...

In an effort to spread a little love amongst all the hostility lately, I wanted to share something that took place earlier today that warmed my cold, nearly dead soul.


The story:

Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge James Bates has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the UAW, ruling that county Juvenile Court Judge Denise Cubbon was within her power when she threw a union member out of a meeting with the judge and others in June.

MY enjoyable read:

Troy Neff on MyFox Toledo: Tougher fireworks laws not the answer

Checking Out the Library

A morning errand took me to downtown Toledo today. As my older son had been looking for a book which our local branch library did not have available, I thought I would check out the main library since I was downtown anyway. I want to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Smoking bans have a new powerful foe………labor unions


Clearing The Air: Smoking bans have a new powerful foe………labor unions

This time the special interest funded smoking ban activists (Nicoderm
marketing department) may have met their match.

Smoking Ban at Caterpillar Fires up Unions (story link)

Two unions have filed unfair labor practice charges against

Fallout From Stainbrook Interview On 1370 WSPD With Fred LeFebvre

I received this via e-mail from someone I trust. There are an awful lot of questions that will never be anwered to my satisfaction from both Stainbrook and the former heads of the LCRP.

Brian Schwartz host of WSPD's 'eye on Toledo' show today !

I just caught the end of it , but it was him
! Bryan, good job ! Stick
with it .


Topless Soccer

I’m no soccer fan, but I’d watch this…

VIENNA, June 15 (Reuters) - Whether it has any bearing on Monday's crunch Euro 2008 match between the two countries is debatable but Austria drew first blood on Sunday when their topless women's soccer team beat Germany 10-5.

The traditional swapping of shirts afterwards was not an option as the six-a-side teams wore nothing but thongs, with the national colours painted on to their bare skin.


Intermodal Presentation

You are invited to attend a viewing of Brian McMahon's presentation on Intermodal Possibilities for Northwest Ohio Thursday June 12th at 7pm. Room 100 in the Health Education Building on the University of Toledo Health Science Campus has been reserved. Seating is limited to app. 150 so plan on arriving early. A question and answer session will follow the short presentation.

Obama Makes History

Barack Obama made history Tuesday night when he became the first African-American in U.S. history to clinch a major party's presidential nomination.


Digital Converter boxes

I finally received my $40.00 coupons towards purchase of the digital converter boxes to receive digital signals on my analog tv.

WHAT you say? You mean you do not have cable?

Has she sung yet?

What a dream ticket! Obama and Edwards. This ticket will take care of the "working, hard working" "white" voter, that Obama couldn't attract and capture. :=)

This ticket can't be beat. Anyway you cut it Hillary is toast. I hear the lady singing "Ebony and Ivory" or is it Stevie and Paul?

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony

Intermodal Update And Some Answers

I had the pleasure of speaking this morning with a number of people actively involved in the intermodal project that is a vision for Toledo Express. I went back and pulled some of handbanana's questions because he seemed a little unsure of how all this would work and confused about the process.

Great Minds Think.............................................For Themselves

Sheep follow the leader. People should think for themselves. Take the facts as you know them and make up your own mind. Attend meetings so you can see for yourself what the politicians say and how they behave. For too long citizens have relied on what politicians say in front of a microphone or camera when we all know quite often they are covering something up.

Fred LeFebvre Only Talk Show Host To Attend Council Hearing Today

As the only Talk Show host in attendance this afternoon at the City Council Comittee Of The Whole meeting it's obvious others will be spending time catching up by getting the administration side of the story. That's fine because both sides need to be heard. The side you will hear on my show tomorrow is what I heard and saw , unfiltered through a politicians need to get reelected.

#1 Morning Talk Show On WSPD To Host Brian McMahon

Thursday morning Brian McMahon of Danberry Realty will be my guest to discuss recent developements the WSPD News Department has uncovered regarding property near Toledo Express. For the last two years at least I have suggested as have others that we should look at an intermodal facility at the airport.

#1 Morning Talk Show Gets Results Again


Skeldon, Waniewski on Toledo's Most LIstened To Morning Talk Show

Double shot of Tom today with both Tom Skeldon and Tom Waniewski on the show . Both interviews are podcast and available at www.wspd.com The Warden explains his reasoning for the annual door to door campaign and what his authority will allow him to do and not do when it comes to your dog and property.

Horrid Movie "Expelled"Reviews - People In Movie Refused Entry

Horrid Reviews - People In Movie Refused Entry
(Sorry to repost this - but I doubted anybody'd see it in older post).
Submitted by starling02 on Sat, 2008-04-19 20:59.

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