I love it

I love it

Does anyone believe the city will not bill the home owner for a fire run?

No - Our city councilman Sadsock wouldn't let them
17% (6 votes)
Yes - the language in the ordinance says Shall BILL which means MUST in legal terms
83% (30 votes)
Total votes: 36

Screw this town, I'm going to Cleveland

The Obama Card

Where is Carty?

Where is Carty. No one knows. The laid off police who are waiting at his office for an audience can't find him. His spokes puppet don't know where he is. Just says hes at a retreat. Chief Navarre doesn't know where he is. Makes one wonder if some catastrophe should strike Toledo today, who is in charge?

Police and Carty

I just received an e-mail about this event. Seems like the police that were laid off are taking matters in their own hands, by demanding that our Maor meeting with him.
Story item.

HAPPENING NOW--Laid off TPD officers demand meeting with Finkbeiner
(WTOL) - Several laid off Toledo Police officers are right now at Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's office demanding a meeting with him.

A News 11 crew is on the scene. Stay tuned to News 11 and WTOL.com for updates on this developing story.

Northwest/Delta adding flights/seats at Toledo Express




An increase from 4 daily flights to 6 daily flights, upgrades from turboprop to jet service, and a 48% increase in the number of seats offered daily. Way to go TOL! In today's economy, it's great to see an airline making it easier to get to Toledo. Delta (Northwest) could just as easily end all service here. Lets hope it brings bigger and better things to our airport in the future.

7 National Merit Scholars at one local high school


Seven local students have been named National Merit scholars, and all seven of them attend the same high school.

Full story here:

Congrats to Sylvania Southview Class of 2009! That's quite an accomplishment.

(I was a National Merit Scholar back in the day, though I was the only one from my small high school.)

"I don't hate all black people"

Pizza Papalis / downtown toledo!

have you checked out Pizza Papalis yet?
We swung by this weekend, and had a great time.
The new building is amazing, and the food is top-notch.
Even the service was great!

It's really nice to see some new life in downtown toledo...


Has College Football violated Anti-trust laws?


The Utah State Attorney General is investigating whether College football is violating anti-trust laws with the Bowl Championship Series.

Personally I believe it has. Utah, the only perfect team this year, wasn't even given a serious look. The "mid-major" conferences have to be perfect to get in while the BCS conferences get in automatically despite inferrior records.

There will be no El Mahico for a while

man oh man Gary

hope that doob was worth it.

do I really need to share my feelings?


Saying that Gary Groszewski "simply substituted one substance for another," a Lucas County Common Pleas Court judge yesterday sent the former Toledo city employee and repeat drunken driver to a drug treatment center followed by two years and four months in prison

I Love This Guy

I have been hearing about this for the last couple of days. What a tribute to the capitalist system. This guy found a way to make it work for himself and a few people. Anyone have a 401(k) invested with this guy? http://www.forbes.com/finance/2008/12/12/madoff-ponzi-hedge-pf-ii-in_rl_.... Everyone who knows this guy say he is a very nice, sweetheart of a guy.

Good Newsweek stuff


At very bottom, see Obama's quote on 'changing light bulbs' and 'global warming'.

Sylvania Township Snubs Plan For Merger

Which should have been titled:

Sylvania Takeover Goes Down In Flames
Mayor Craig Stough Hung in Effigy

But is actually: Issue can't return for at least 3 years
By ANGIE SCHMITT (aschmitt@theblade.com) BLADE STAFF WRITER

Here's the link: http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081105/NEWS09/811050523

Obama Wins In A Landslide Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation's first black president Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself. "Change has come," he told a huge throng of cheering supporters.

To you MacMen on myspace

It took some wrangling, but I finally got it done.

I got myspace to add Macomber-Whitney to their "My School Home Page" selection.

Troy Neff Show: Troy and Frank Szollosi duel it out on the air

Frank thinks Troy hates poor people.

On the Troy Neff show, things get ugly when Frank says that the charter school movement was a really bad free market trip back in the late 90's. He then explains that the schools are due just like wall street was due.

EXCLUSIVE Audio Of Barb Sears On 1370 WSPD

Barb Sears interview with me this morning is now podcast and includes her response to the charge that the Darlene Dunn ads are more than negative, they are misleading. Doug Haynam called in following the interview and backed up her response.

In Case You Missed It On Fox Sports-Stainbrook On 1370 WSPD With Fred

Jon Stainbrook, head of the Lucas County GOP, talks about the last 30 days of the campaign and tonight's debate. He doesn't always agree with the candidate's strategy but it's something you won't hear anywhere else. Podcast available here http://www.wspd.com/pages/fredstop10.html Enjoy!

We interrupt your regularly schedule political arguing...

In an effort to spread a little love amongst all the hostility lately, I wanted to share something that took place earlier today that warmed my cold, nearly dead soul.

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