I love it

I love it

Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Woman (Viral Video)


Cleveland Bus Driver Goes Ape On Woman (Viral Video)


Romney to drop out?

After Obama cleaned his clock in the debate last night is it to late for him to drop out and Ronald Paul take his place? Thank You1

Read our half-year Stikii anniversary blog! 6 Months of Stikii!


Wow! Can you believe it? Stikii has been up and running for 6 months on June 1st. Time really does fly when you are having fun! We remember when Stikii was merely an idea, running through Joe Chew’s mind as he took his two small children shoe shopping. From the question “Why can’t shoes be fun?” came a brand of shoes unlike any other!

Raising a Child is Expensive – Stikii Aims to Help!

Raising a Child is Expensive – Stikii Aims to Help!


Grandma Carries Disabled Granddaughter 6 Miles Over Mountains To School Every Day

What Do We Know About Ron Paul's Roots

I wanted to know about Ron Paul's male ancestors. The sentence from Wikipedia "At age 5, Paul worked with his brothers in the basement of the family's home, checking hand-washed milk bottles for spots" got me thinking. So I went on Ancestry.com, and looked for the census records of his father and mother. I estimated his father was born around 1905 since at age 5 (1940) Ron Paul had older siblings. Sure enough the 1930 census had Howard Caspar Paul as being born about 1905.

What Kind of Republican Are You?

Be ware of suspicious spyware programs

Wherever we stare today in the web, we can unearth a link to some spyware. These are the most dangerous thing that’s making the life of the computer users pathetic, they have to format their machine in almost every month with the data loss, and this isn’t good for any professional or even for the machine's hard disk. ......admin edit....forget about spyware, what about spammers? What do you want to do with them?

Instructions for antivirus uninstall on Mac

Anti viruses are blessings in normal computer or Mac book but when they start slowing down the system or consuming huge space many users start thinking of performing uninstalls on Mac. Many times it also happens that antivirus is downloaded in the system and the user downloads it again unaware of its presence and then he wants to uninstall the additional one. Removing antivirus software’s from Mac is simple procedure even though you thought it tough, it is quite easy and simplified.

What a beautiful day! I loved today!

Rupert going down big time, the President tells the GOP to go to hell!


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good grooves

Got Clapton doing the licks to Layla. Superman or Green Lantern ain't got nothin on me. Put your petty politics aside.

Michael Miller: Iott should exit, stage reich

“Did you hear Rich Iott was thrown out of the Valentine Theatre last night? He was at ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and kept yelling, “She’s in the attic!” — Overheard at Oct. 11 debate

Republican Rich Iott should bow out of the race for the District 9 House of Representatives seat.


Who Won Tonight?

Tonights Debate Prediction

I predict Rich Iott will win tonights' debate, handily. He will ask her questions about her Obama/Kaptur consortium voting record, which she will continue to tiptoe around, or just plain refuse to answer.

Awesome video

Found this on powerline, definately worth watching. "The Republican Study Committee made this video, contrasting clips by Ronald Reagan with today's leaders of the Democratic Party"

Sweet New Ad

A local love story that stands the test of time, illness

Great romances are not only in books and movies. NBC24 found one at a local rehabilitation center, and it has all the elements of an extraordinary love story: passion, dedication and a little luck.

A devoted husband of 78-years has this to say about his lady, "There's just something about her."


Best Political Ad ever?

Americans are ready for the third party.

In a recent WSJ/NBC poll (http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2010/05/12/wsjnbc-poll-does-the-two-party-...) Americans are ready for a third party. With both the democrats and republicans taking the country down a spend happy road filled full of massive spending, enormous debt and entitlements for all; they are having a party at the expense of the American citizens and we'll pay the high price for their actions for decades to come.

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