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Why Will We Vote For Whom We Will

Will Chris Myers Be One Of Your Two Choices For Baord of Ed Member

Who Is Your Favorite Candidate (After Chris Myers)?

How Many Watched The Candidates Forum on WGTE-TV?

I watched this program from the beginning pretty much through (although I did do some channel surfing). I missed the initial presentation by Webb, and missed the beginning by Wilma Brown. I am in District 3 so my vote won


Mayor Finkbeiner: Enough is enough
By Bishop Stephen Ward
Special to Toledo Free Press

It is time for us to address the social and civic injustice and discord that permeate from the 22nd floor of One Government Center and embrace unethical values that zero into and destroy the zenith of one's character while plaguing communities and families

Richard Brown, former TPS board candidate, led away in cuffs after court appearance

Former Toledo Public Schools board candidate makes initial court appearance

Will UT have a winning season this year? Simple YES/NO

58% (18 votes)
42% (13 votes)
Total votes: 31

Is this legal?

Stopping into a Downtown carry-out today I was suprised to see the following transaction:

The customer (whose appearence led me to believe he was a street indigent) handed the clerk a $1.00 bill. In return the clerk pulled three individual Newports from an open pack and handed them to the customer. This appeared to be a common transaction and not a 1 time sale.

What Do We Want in the 2008 Toledo Budget?

Anyone hear anything about the planning for next year

Was This Dog a Peace-Keeper?

Our old dog,

Toledo gets it's pitbull ordinance upheld by the Ohio supremes -- big day for NWO in Columbus, eh?

I've never had a pit bull as a pet. However, I can see how people could get very emotional about this issue. What do you do if you have a pit bull?


Would You Vote For Councilmen Who Support Privatizing City Services

Recent History of Toledo Democrats Infighting

I went to the Toledo Blade website, and then to Google to see if I could find out anything about the

Saving Energy

Anyone know anything about this house


Can The Sewer System Near Downtown Toledo Be Modernized At a Reasonable Cost?

Interfering with the administration or voicing an opinion

Dems still squabbling over stripper scandal
Mayoral spokesman, McNamara trade words

"On Friday, Mr. Finkbeiner wrote Mr. McNamara and scolded him for "rude and unprofessional interference" in the meeting.

"If you have an issue with any member of this or any other committee, please take it up with them in the appropriate setting," Mr. Finkbeiner wrote.

Mayor delivers pledged $10M to Marina District project developer

As Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner handed over an oversized check for $10 million to Larry Dillin, developer of the Marina District, you could almost see the weight of responsibility pass.

"The city has performed. Now it's all up to me," Mr. Dillin said. "The mayor has delivered, and I'm not going to let him show me up."

Toledo-Based HCR Manor Care Sold for $6.3 Billion

TOLEDO -- A Toledo-based HCR Manor Care, operator of nursing homes, will be sold to an investment group that will take HCR private. The deal with The Carlyle Group is worth about $6.3 billion dollars.

Read article

Is Toledo on the verge of losing another major employer?

Hate speech or Free speech

Edwards attacks Coulter, defends fundraising off her remarks

Democrat John Edwards said tonight he's proud that his wife, Elizabeth, went toe-to-toe with Ann Coulter after the firebrand author said she wished John Edwards had been killed by terrorists.


University of Toledo Removed Monitor of Athletic Spending

I read this article with some interest.


I am not a sports fan. I ran track and cross-country in high school, but I could care less about football and basketball. I feel college is a place to prepare for your future, and most futures don

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