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Are You Optimistic or Pessimistic About Keeping Your Job or Business For the Next Year?

Would You Vote For Bush Again If It Were Allowed (Repeal 22nd Amendment)

What Combination Would You Want As President-Vice President From Those Running?

Waving Goodbye to Hegemony

Here is a fascinating analysis of where we are going in the new century and our changing relationship with the rest of the world. "So let’s play strategy czar. You are a 21st-century Kissinger. Your task is to guide the next American president (and the one after that) from the demise of American hegemony into a world of much more diffuse governance.

Will Rev. Rose's Call to Vote Down the .75% Income Tax Renewal Help Toledoans?

How Will You Spend Your Tax Rebate

Death of Border agent Bush's fault, says investigative journalist

Chad Groening - 1/24/2008 1:20:00 PM

Author and investigative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi is in agreement with several members of Congress who are demanding the pardon of two former U.S. Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a fleeing drug suspect.

What is a SwAmP bAt?

I am not quite sure if I should be flattered to be an invited member to this private group or if I should run and hide as a Dingbat. LOL

Seriously, what are BATS suppose to discuss?

Toledo/Oregon Border

Since I recently started a new job in Oregon I've seen more of the east side then I had in my entire life.
I'm a bit confused about the Toledo/Oregon border though and I thought that maybe someone here might know the answer.

A Ham in Full ... Too Full

Once again, the holidays have arrived and once again I have yet another gift to get rid of. What is a single guy going to do with 8 pounds of cooked, spiral-cut ham? I got it Friday and all I want to do is get rid of the damned thing. Suggestions?

I also have a bottle of some champagne. Don't people realize that I just don't drink? I need to get rid of that, too.

What to do when you owe the IRS a lot?

My son is self employed, and confided he's stressed about being behind in paying income tax.  I think he had an extention already,and he hasn't told me how much he owes to the IRS.  This news surprised me because it's not like him at all (to owe).  Does anybody here know anything about whether the IRS lets you make payments or works with you on this?  Or have suggestions? 

Have You Ever Gone to the Polls and Not Voted On A Particular Issue or Office?

Do You Want Your 96 Gal Container In The Front Yard or the Alley?

Have You Visited The Eries Street Market In The Last 30 Days?

Should Toledo's Downtown Be Semi-Permanent?

When I used to work at the post office I eventually came up with a concept I liked to call

Would UT Benefit By Taking Over COSI?

Should COSI Become a School for Math and Science?


Jobe's lawyers want judge to move trial out of county

Historian claims many in U.S. military are in rebellion

Gabriel Kolko, a Dutch military historian, says that many U.S. military figures are in rebellion against the administration and that they believe the White House is "out of control".

Recession in Toledo? How're we doing, folks?

I am reading that the overall U.S. economy is doing great. But my perception is that the economy is in the toilet here in Toledo. What's up with this disparity?

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