I don't know

I don't know

Do you believe Video Games like GTA4 effect the social behaivors of our teens in the "real" world outside their PS3's?


NEW YORK (CNN) -- The fourth installment of the controversial video game "Grand Theft Auto" goes on sale worldwide Tuesday with expectations that it will break sales records.

How do I insert a youtube clip into a comment?

Thanks to you fellow Geek Speakers who instructed me on how to insert a picture into a story. Here's another question along the same lines. How do I insert a youtube clip into a story? So that the picture shows as I have seen all you clever guys do before? Thanks a million for the help.

Fitna the movie

Here is the movie that Network Solutions, the domain company, banned from being shown on the Internet. Warning: if you have a weak stomach, don't watch. Propaganda or truth? You decide. It depicts Islam as a murderous religion seeking world domination.

4,000 Americans have now lost their lives in Iraq. Has it been worth it?

McCain Suspends Staffer for Circulating Obama-Pastor Video

A Believer Can Ask For Anything? (Biblical - Choose To Ignore)

Again, not trying to raise tempers or step on sensitive toes - I am not attacking any religion. These are just a few more things that make me wonder. Add your thoughts, or don't - no hot headed comments wanted.

Did Jesus Lie About Prayer & Other Things?

New Muslim prayer Room at UT!!!!

I just got the email from UT announcing what is coming up at UT this month. I never read these emails, but for some reason opened this one and found:

Student Annex * Room 2310

Do we Need NAFTA? Would we be better off without it?

If I understand it correctly, NAFTA is a big reason so many of our jobs went overseas - resulting in the pathetic economic condition our country is is. I don't know much about NAFTA. Can anybody please explain if NAFTA is something we're stuck with forever or can it be 'undone'? Would our economy straighten out & improve if we ended NAFTA?

How Much of Your Tax Dollars Have Been Wasted From the 3/4% Tax?

If Issue 7 Fails When Would You Vote For A Future Issue?

Will You Vote For A 3/4% Renewal or a New Lesser Income Tax If The Renewal Fails In March?

If You Could Chose Where Your Taxes Went Would They Go To a Public or Private School

Was There a Blackout or Did I Miss the News

The Vote No for Change Rally was very well attended. Did I miss it being on any news station or did we receive a total blackout? Did anyone see a news report concerning the Rally?

Are You Uncomfortable Around Guns?

Kosovo independent, but not a precedent

Kosovo, the southern province of Serbia, declared independence today. So what you say? Well, it has potential, world-wide ramifications.

Would You Prefer To Attend A School Where CCW Was Encouraged?

Is it smart for Ron Paul go for the NASCAR vote?

Yes, they're just as important as any group you elitist
100% (2 votes)
No, going for what many consider the lowest common denominator a losing tactic
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2

Should the Marines be allowed to conduct battle training exercises in Toledo?

Absolutely yes
76% (139 votes)
Maybe it's o.k.
8% (14 votes)
2% (3 votes)
I don't like it
9% (17 votes)
Absolutely not
6% (11 votes)
Total votes: 184

Bauer urges conservative unity, calls for Huckabee to exit

I'm not sure how I feel about this one --
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 2/8/2008 2:20:00 PM

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