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Would You Buy An Automobile Assembled in India if It Cost $2,-$3,000 Less?

What Do You Think The Government Should Do About the Auto Industry?

If The Police Force Is Cut How Will You Respond?

Are You Driving 180 Miles To Gamble?

So maybe we'll get a casino in southern Ohio. Does that mean that citizens from the northern part of the state will go there, or is it more likely that Kentuckians from around Louisville will come to Ohio rather than West Virginia? If I want to gamble (which I usually don't) Detroit or Windsor comes to mind, not Cincinnati.

Who won the VP debate?

Well, the first debate is over. So, who do you feel won?

Singapore's Former PM Lew Kuan Yew

I watched an interview by Fareed Zakaria with Lew Kuan Yew, the former PM of Singapore on CNN's GPS program at 1:00 PM today. I have to admit I was impressed with the man. Especially at the end when Zakaria asked him about what he attributed his longevity to. Some people just choose their parents wisely.

Swampbubbles "Node"

Why do I sometimes get this link, http://swampbubbles.com/node, when I use the backward and forward arrow?

This Might Be a Good Time to Privatize Social Security

Just think how you would feel today if your pension dollars were invested in AIG, Lehman Brothers, WaMu, and the many financial and insurance corporations that have made offers that turned out to be false. I don't know a way out of this mess, but privatizing social security seems only a way of showering money on the already rich while the rest of us just get p-ssed on.

Obsession: Radical Islam's war against the West ....

Did anyone else get this dvd in their Sunday Blade? Have you watched it yet? What is it about?

I opened up the paper yesterday morning and this piece of paper with this dvd attaced to it fell out. I have not had time to view it yet because I was at the big home makeover thing most of the day, and of course football, but I just wondered if others got this and had viewed it yet?

Home Schooling: The Answer For Everyone?

This link, http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/sunday/main3445.shtml, looks at the business of home-schooling.

So What Is Todd Palin's Place in the Scheme of Things

How would the city enforce loitering in the middle of a neighborhood?

Today while driving in my neighborhood, I saw a "No Loitering" sign posted on a telephone pole. Is this enforceable and if so how?

How do you know who is loitering and who is just shooting the breeze with their neighbor?

Who Do You Recommend Locally to Buy a Computer with Linux Installed From?

I bought myself a new computer (an H-P Pavilion a6500f) to replace the one I've had since Sep 2004 (an H-P a646c (Athlon 64 3200+, 512MG 2700 DDR SDRAM, and 200GB 7200 RPM EIDE HD). The salesman at BestBuy offered to remove the "trial" software, install their favorite virus software and anti-spyware, and transfer files from my old computer to the new.

Turnpike Signage

My son and I just got back from a day trip to Cleveland to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. I noticed on the way there and back a sign on the turnpike I wasn't familiar with.


It's the letters HC with a red circle around them and the red line across them as in the No smoking signs.


Any ideas as to what HC stands for?

Former University of Toledo Rocket and NFL Lineman Reportedly Worked as Federal Informant After Drug Bust

BOSTON — A starting lineman for the New England Patriots worked as an informant for federal drug agents after he was arrested in New York on a charge of carrying the powerful painkiller oxycodone without a prescription, an attorney said.

Drupal site

I am thinking of reviving my Blogsite and have found a theme on Drupal which I like. I want it to have a newspaper look and feel. I think I can hack the theme to make my pages look like actual newsprint and maybe even create an e-reader version so that it can be read on ebook readers like Filament and Kindle.

Do you feel it's OK for turnpike revenue to be diverted to help pay off $200 million in borrowing plus interest through 2030?

Talking Trash

It's 10 AM, and I'm getting antsy. When my garbage was collected on Wednesdays I would heard the garbage truck wheezing up (hydralics?) between 8:00 and 8:30 AM, and I would get up to make sure the garbage men didn't leave busted bags in their wake (maybe once did I have a complaint). When I saw that we were changing to Monday collection it was just another thing to remember.

Would It Be Cheaper Per Family If We Paid For Our Trash Pickup Through Real Estate Taxes?

The complaints I see about the changes in trash collection seem to be coming from an older generation (which I might consider myself part of) rather than those who actually pay for the "service". If you aren't earning an income you aren't paying for the collection of your trash, except for the "recycling fee".

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