No way ! That guy reminds me of a 'Poindexter' type of person.
0% (0 votes)
Absolutely not ! He is not qualified for ANY position of public trust because he is emotionally unstable and childish.
0% (0 votes)
100% (1 vote)
sure. Myers is a logical choice to serve on Toledo Public School Board. WACK !
0% (0 votes)
Oh, please.... not ANOTHER wannabee politician in Toledo !
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 1

Unions: No tax on 'Cadillac' health plans

Unions: No tax on 'Cadillac' health plans
By Kevin Bogardus - 10/02/09 06:11 AM ET

Organized labor is turning to House Democrats to oppose a tax on high-cost insurance plans that is under consideration to help pay for healthcare reform.

Unions are blasting the idea in the Senate Finance Committee bill, as many union members would be affected because they either have expensive insurance to cover dangerous professions or negotiated for better benefits instead of higher wages.

The Obama lie of the day....fines for not having health care not a tax...

Bill says 'tax' when Obama said 'not'
By: Chris Frates and Mike Allen
September 21, 2009 09:06 AM EST

In the most contentious exchange of President Barack Obama’s marathon of five Sunday shows, he said it is “not true” that a requirement for individuals to get health insurance under a key reform plan now being debated amounts to a tax increase.

But he could look it up — in the bill.

Page 29, sentence one of the bill introduced by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont) says: “The consequence for not maintaining insurance would be an excise tax.”

Isenberg concerned about "greater good?"

On WGTE, Carty and Sandy Isenberg discussed politics and whatnot on "Deadline Now."


It's amazing that this woman has any respect in the community to be asked to appear on the show, and why would Carty agree to appear on a program with this crook?

Ben Konop's aunt and direct connection to the "good ole boys network" then said that back in the day she and others on council used to have a certain "camaraderie" and were in it for the "greater good."

Good Lord! Did the gretaer good include a roof on her house?

Where is the "outrage" over the "deadliest month for U.S. forces in the nearly eight-year war."?

Where is that Liberal screeching about 'bringing the troops home alive' and how all the Libs are "concerned" over Americans being "put in harms way"?

Where is that Indignance you Libs had with the Iraq war? Why aren't you protesting the surge in Afghanistan that is getting Americans KILLED AT A RECORD PACE?

Read it for yourselves,  you warmongers.

Konop's Wikipedia page protected from the truth

Lucas County Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Ben Konop, who by running for mayor is warning us he is a liar, has his Wikipedia page protected from any truth. With his embarrassing video all over the internet, CNN, Comedy Central, and MSNBC, one would hope that a quick visit to Konop's Wiki page would provide some insight. The man has demonstrated a lack of character by breaking pledges. ( http://thetommorrissey.com/toledo-free-press/ben-konop-honor-your-word/ )

However, the Controversies page has been removed more than once by user "BKonop." The man is a LC Commissioner, running for Mayor, and is editing his Wikipedia page - talk about qualified.

Is Ben Konop's Attack Dog Tactics Going To Hurt Him In His Run For Mayor And Future Political Aspirations?

84% (43 votes)
16% (8 votes)
Total votes: 51


Deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted.

Have you ever published or posted something without citing the author? Be Honest.

Ben to renig on his "Ethic's Pledge" with his "mayoral run".

WSPD's Fred Lefebvre hangs up on caller because he does not agree with him.

Not much of a surprise Fred Lefebvre hangs up on a caller because of a difference of opinion on the politics of Toledo. Fred said the audio of the conversation would be posted on the website as the caller of the day.

But yet again he does not follow though and it is nowhere to be found. I wonder if Brian Wilson told him not to post it.

It was great to hear a caller stymie the self proclaimed right winger of Toledo.

Bill Clinton, in an interview, says a Governor has more experience than Obama

From an interview with former President Bill Clinton by Bloomberg, Bubba says that a Governor is far more experienced to be President than Obama is. So, according to Bubba Clinton, the Republican Presidential candidate is more experienced than Barak Obama AND the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate is more experienced than Barak Obama.

Obvious that the VP candidate is a criminal.

From the Washington Times:

Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms
Discloses $2 million in business arrangements
Jim McElhatton (Contact)
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Accepted $126,349 from now bankrupt Fannie Mae

The hypocrisy of the Democraps is laughable.  It looks like Obama had better resign so that the REAL Democratic nominee, Biden, can run his campaign.



Remember how the right-wing couldn’t get enough of John Edwards’ $400 haircuts?

John McCain Uses Idol Makeup Artist


The 72-year-old was recently made TV-ready by makeup artist Tifanie White who’s worked on So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.

McCain paid the 2002 beauty-school grad $5,583.43 for her services, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Biden and Obama's links to CONVICTED FELONS Tony Rezko and Joe Cari

And the best you can find on Palin is a tanning bed scandal?

"DENVER -- No matter what help Barack Obama might get from Sen. Joseph Biden, his newly named vice presidential running mate won't give Obama much cover on the Tony Rezko front.

Sarah Palin: quite the 'maverick'

Sarah Palin's really turning out to be quite the political 'maverick' she's portrayed to be:


When Ohio gambling is legal

It always bugs the hell out of me when I read about some church or charity throwing their annual "gaming" events. The Ohio bluenoses, who rage about slot machines and roulette wheels in bars and other businesses, suddenly go soft and mushy for their local fundraiser, grab their wallets, and go off to spend the evening putting money on a spinning wheel and playing blackjack.

TPS LEVY Renewal ( not a new tax) Issue 7---------VOTE YES!!!

I attended a wonderful Rally this evening for our community to show support of the Levy Renewal for TPS Issue 7. However, I noticed that two Board members , Robert Torres and Darlene Fisher, were not there along with all other Board members to show our community you care. As I remeber correctly, you both voted to place the Levy on the ballot this March. I am curious to find out why?

Money left and right: Ashford gives our money to business without match

Wasting of money is bad when Carty does it, but when Ashford does it, it is "development". Why did they not do a match like the Reynolds road area? This does not pass the stink test if you ask me. We will continue to watch this one. Stay tuned.

The program will allow grants of up to $10,000 per business, with no private match required, Mr. Ashford said.

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