Michigan man accused of rigging Ohio ATMs to steal data from bank cards


Michigan man accused of rigging Ohio ATMs to steal data from bank cards
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:02 AM


No photo of wanted Killer in The Blade???


City job report ignores Ford era

This is one of those columns that makes me go, huh?

"The Finkbeiner administration should fill in a four-year gap in its job creation report that ignores activity during the term of Mayor Jack Ford, Council President Rob Ludeman said yesterday."

City Public Pools are CLOSING

In today's issue of the Blade, the article titled "City lays off 23 workers to cut costs", halfway down is this statement: "Also receiving a layoff notice in the recreation division was Stephen White, who supervised the city

CYO BBall party leads to more than 50 juveniles and adults arrested for drinking

When I won a divisional championship I only got pizza and pop-times have changed. Who is at fault for this?

Toledo Blade: Ohio liquor enforcement agents and Sylvania Township police arrested a total of 52 juveniles and adults early this morning during a raid at a party at 5931 Stewart Rd. off Alexis Road.

Supreme Court "allow's" someone to sue on their own behalf (pro se)???

High court to weigh need for lawyer if family sues school
Monday, February 26, 2007

PARMA, Ohio (AP)

Local Crackheads Not Minding Arctic Freeze So Much

Local crack cocaine afficianado Thomas "Tweaky" Williams, speaking with Toledo Tales reporters, said that the current cold wave is "not a big deal" to he and fellow crack users in the abandoned house they hole up in on Oakwood Avenue.

Read the rest of the story here.

UT MLK Day event honoring or politics?


I am listening to WSPD and I hear Carty talking about the Iraq war at the UT MLK day event. Remember last year Marcy Kaptur was critizing other B-team Democrats at the UT Martin Luther King event? So, are local politicians using this special holiday for their own purposes? Maybe the event is too long or needs to refocus its mission. It just does not seem right. Anyone attend? Your impressions? Oth

RIP: Trevor Whittaker, Little-Known "Eighth Rolling Stone" (1942-2007)

Just in:

(London) British musician and sometime member of the Rolling Stones Trevor Whittaker died today of pneumonia. The unofficial "Eighth Stone" was 64 years of age.

Whittaker was active in the London rhythm and blues music scene that spwaned the Stones and many other sixties rock acts. A multi-instrumentalist, Whittaker occasionally filled in for members on tour, and performed on a number of Stones recordings.

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