when the accuser becomes the accused


The biggest question in the entire Kavanaugh hearing situation is: why did the first woman claiming she was attacked NOT report the alleged assault to authorities? The answer is that women OR MEN who are sexually assaulted and/or raped, seldom report these crimes. Why not? The answer is: for a variety or reasons.

Barb Lang, running for election in the Republican primary for State Rep District 47, is a Friend and Advocate of Tom Noe.

The Blade is going to love this. Ability to resurrect their "glory days." Get to brag about that Pulitzer again.

I mean really...Is this what a Presidential candidate is stooping to? Would Ike do this? Or Ronnie? Or Barry? Or Hillary? Or Bush #41? Or Bush #43?


Here's a link to an article about The Donald criticizing the way Kasich eats. This is not a joke. Read for yourself:

DTOM is SICK in the head

He's been TOLD to stop his obsession with determining my sexual orientation and projecting his desires or whatever sick thoughts are in his sick brain onto me.

Coupled with the "Anal Cavity" remarks elsewhere I can only conclude that DTOM is really sick in the head and projecting his inner desires for a homosexual encounter or something like that, and his willful denial to acknowledge that "no means no" and "leave me the fuck alone" means harassment is happening,

The union hater vs Uncle Fester

There could be some trouble brewing at wspd/bain. Hopefully it don't come down to fistacuffs between the union hater Fredo and Johny uncle fester D. On Johny's show today they were discussing handicap parking. If any of you listen to Fredo in the morning you know that his favorite caller, who fredo has on every morning and thinks is the smartest guy in the world, is some retard named Randy who has a queer voice. (maybe this is why fredo is so fond of him). Anyhow, this jackoff got on the air and made some dumbass statement about handicap people.


It's been a well known fact that the Democrats have supported homosexual marriage for years (I will not say gay) but now so are the Republicans. Both of the major parties have gone crazy as well as (if you believe the polls) a majority of the American people. This is a good reason for Christians to completely become disentangled from politics and focus on the Scripture and the well being of their own soul. We are left with only one option: praying for all of those who are swept up in this crazy movement.

Woman Spits On Romney Supporter At Rally

Sick 33-Year-Old Arizona Man Flies 2,000 Miles To Have Sex With A 14-Year-Old Disabled Girl

17 Year Old Memphis Teen Found Guilty Of Raping His 2-Year-Old Sister While Babysitting

Will Smith Smacks Reporter For Trying To Kiss Him In The Mouth At The MIB 3 Red Carpet

McDonald's Employee Arrested and Facing 20 Years For Spitting In Woman's Drink , South Carolina

A McDonald's employee is facing felony charges after caught spiting in two customers' cups of iced tea after the drinks were returned for not being sweet enough. Authorities in South Carolina say 19-year-old Marvin Washington Jr. was arrested Wednesday and charged with malicious tampering with food. 'They go home, pop the lids off their sweet tea to put some sugar in it and low and behold, to much of their surprise, a very large chunk of bodily fluid and phlegm in the top of their drink,' a health worker told WSPA.

SICK AND TWISTED: Kid Eats Turd For Tweenty Dollars

Obama and Congress To Force Homosexual Teachings In Public and Private Schools


Please sign the petition against Congress and the pro-homosexual agenda of the Obama administration.

Which National Democrat Leader Is More Disgusting?

Encounter with City of Toledo Tax Investigator Mr. Flesh.

Yesterday I came home to find a letter from the City's department of taxation requesting either a call from me regarding my 2007 W2s, or copies of all W2's from 2004-2009.

I called without hesitating and asked Mr. Alex Flesh Jr. why. (An appropriate last name for a tax investigator)

He informed me the reason for the letter was in 2007 I worked at a plant that I did not pay city taxes for. he knew the place of employment, so he could have googled it and found I used to work in Holland, Ohio.

I informed him of the location, and he wanted to know if I paid Holland taxes.

This comment has been removed by author

This comment has been removed by author. God told me to remove this.

Rats invade West Toledo



The rodents surfaced about a month ago near Douglas Rd. and Berdan and seem to be hanging around.

Residents in parts of west Toledo are in an all-out battle with rats. The rodents surfaced about a month ago near Douglas Road and Berdan and they seem to be hanging around.

US export of oil hits all time high!

This is just gross...Republicans keep trying to shove ANWR and offshore drilling down our throats as a way to achieve energy in dependence.

As it turns out, for the first 4 months of 2008, oil exports from the US were at an all time high! The sad part of this is that I had to go to the UK version of the Reuters News Service to read this.

W. House ignored FBI concerns on prisoner abuse

WASHINGTON, May 20 (Reuters) - Top Bush administration security officials ignored FBI concerns over abusive treatment of terrorism suspects, which one agent called "borderline torture," a four-year Justice Department probe found.

Republcians make it harder to vote...again.

First Republicans gave us Ohio, voter ID law. It required a registered voter to produce any one of a number of IDs or utility bills in order to vote.

But that wasn’t good enough for Republicans, it just didn’t make voting hard enough. So in Indiana you must have a registered voter must have a photo ID in order to vote.

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