Stupid republican tricks

States consider drug tests for welfare recipients
By TOM BREEN, Associated Press Writer Tom Breen, Associated Press Writer Thu Mar 26, 9:28 am ET
CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Want government assistance? Just say no to drugs.

Lawmakers in at least eight states want recipients of food stamps, unemployment benefits or welfare to submit to random drug testing.

Mark Sobczak, A Known Carty Cronie, Endorsing Independent Mike Bell

Is Mark Sobczak honestly endorsing Independent Mike Bell on his own, or is there an aroma of Carty in this alliance. We all have to remember that Mike Bell was professional when he didn't rip Carty's arm off when called King Kong.

NBER: US recession started in December 2007

I strikes me a bit, because all I hear the national radio wing nuts talking about is the "Obama Recession"...


I'm not sure how that was ever suppose to work, but maybe this will shut them up for a about 10 seconds...who I'm I kidding, fact never mattered before, why should they now.


Governor Opposes Issue 4

For Immediate Release:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Governor, Lt. Governor Statement on
Paid Sick-Day Ballot Initiative

Saudi Textbooks Still Teaching Hate

 Jews, Christians referred to as apes and swine

Charles Lewis, National Post Published: Thursday, July 17, 2008 

WSJ: The Self-Inflicted Economic Death of Ohio

The Wall Street Journal has taken notice of what a trainwreck this state has become, especially in the past two years:


Stainbrook On With Fred LeFebvre On 1370 WSPD This Morning

This morning Jon Stainbrook will have his first on air interview exclusively with Fred LeFebvre on 1370 WSPD. Join us at 7:30a

Husband and wife are now in a "Civil Partnership, due to husbands sex change.

When Emma Martin and Linda Packer married in a civil partnership, they were taking part in a social revolution that has been enshrined in law since 2005.

But theirs was a particularly modern relationship, as the couple had tied the knot previously as husband and wife.

Why alcohol makes us do stupid things


Why alcohol makes us do stupid things

A few glasses of alcohol - enough to reach the drink-drive limit - are enough to rob drinkers of their fears so they are more likely to take risks, concludes a brain scan study that provides a vivid insight into "Dutch courage."

Examples of the faces participants in the alcohol study were shown

Old people are not that grumpy, study finds

Elderly people do not all suffer from the grumpy old man syndrome, according to research claiming that age brings a sense of peace and calm.

The stereotype of irritated pensioners complaining about today’s youngsters has been challenged by a study published in the Social Science and Medicine Journal.

300-pound inmate complains Ark. jail doesn't feed him well

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) - An inmate awaiting trial on a murder charge is suing the county, complaining he has lost more than 100 pounds because of the jailhouse menu.

Broderick Lloyd Laswell says he isn't happy that he's down to 308 pounds after eight months in the Benton County jail. He has filed a federal lawsuit complaining the jail doesn't provide inmates with enough food.

Iran warns of dangerous Barbie dolls

arbie dolls are having “destructive” social and cultural consequences in Iran, the country’s top prosecutor has warned.

"The irregular importation of such toys, which unfortunately arrive through unofficial sources and smuggling, is destructive culturally and a social danger," Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi wrote in a letter to Parviz Davoudi, Iran’s vice-president.

man accused of switching water bottle's UPC_code with $500 TV

KIRKSVILLE - A Kirksville man faces a felony indictment after trying to purchase a LCD television for less than $3 by allegedly replacing its UPC code with that of a water bottle.

Reginald Newman, 44, was indicted Monday by the Adair County Grand Jury and has been charged with attempted stealing by deceit.

Monroe wife sues husband after alleged carrot attack

A Monroe woman is suing her husband because, she says, he threw a carrot at her during an argument, poking out her left eye.

In the lawsuit, filed in Bridgeport Superior Court on Wednesday, Pamela Vecsey says the injury from by the carrot caused a permanent loss of vision in her eye.

Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD Is Hooked On Posting

Intelligent interview with candidate for mayor of Toledo. Keith Wilkowski says he wants to be mayor of the city of Toledo. Yes it's early at 18 months but don't expect tv spots or constant press conferences just yet. Wilkowski wants to build an organization and funds for the expected run. Listen to the interview on the podcast page at www.wspd.com later today.

Man superglues condom to penis to save on safe sex!

A Romanian man needed some help after his 'great idea' started to feel not so great. He had superglued his condom to his penis.
The 43-year-old father-of-five told doctors he and his wife didn't want any more children. Their obvious solution was to start using condoms, but the condoms Nicolae Popovici's wife bought were a bit 'roomy'.

Teens Who Warmed Up Feces In 7-11 Microwave Captured

SANDY - Three juveniles who were videotaped putting a bag of human feces in a microwave at a Salt Lake area convenience store were arrested on Thursday, police said.

Palm Beach County man robs truck, dies when it runs over his head

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Palm Beach County authorities say a man who jumped out of a stolen U-Haul truck died after it ran over his head.

A sheriff's office report says Willie Lee Thomas III was taken to a hospital early Monday morning where he was pronounced dead.

cop allegedly breaks into car, falls asleep

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - A Malaysian cop was arrested after he allegedly broke into a Mercedes Benz to steal its stereo but then dozed off on its luxurious seat, a news report said Friday.

Women love chocolate more than password security

Women are four times more likely than men to give out "passwords" in exchange for chocolate bars.

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