Cry me a river

Cry me a river

Pastor Creflo Dollar Denies Choking and Punching His Daughter

Occupy Toledo Quits

Is it twew? Is it twew? Occupy Toledo after eating all the snacks in the house and hiding out in Wolfman's Mom's basement has decided to call it a day?

We're all idiots!

What's your favorite part?

Arrested protester outed as a lying liberal from a rich family...

Here below is the heart wrenching story of Robert Stephens ...he's protesting because chase bank forclosed on his parents house....

Call City Council. This is an emergency!!!

Call Jo-Mac, Find Edna Brown, Get Phil Copeland! Tell Mike Craig to stammer something! Fox 36 is not available on Dishnet Satelite Service. People will not be able to watch new episodes of House, Glee or American Idol. Some one please draft a resolution. Pass a law. If it saves just one life it will be worth it. My God what will citizens in the metropolitan area do? Peoples rights are being violated!!!

Someone want to say, "I told you so"?

AARP helped push for the passage of 0bamacare. Guess what? Now they are raising their employees health care costs.

Christina Romer, Top Economic Adviser to Obama, to Step Down

Hahaha, the stupid cow that fed barry the line of cud, "we will never go over 8% unemployment, if the stimulus is passed" has left the white house in disgrace. It seems that barry has finally figured that the stimulus hasn't been as successful as the cow had originally advised.

7.8 MIL School Levy

Are you serious,No way, we have had enough.. the school system's 48mil in the hole for next year already.
63% (60 votes)
We need to bail them out,or our kids will suffer... trust us we will fix it....
37% (35 votes)
Total votes: 95

How Muslim world feels about Obama: disappointed

awwww how could this be not the Great and Mighty One, he is one of them....

Another Socialist Program going down in flames.

Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs

Associated Press Writer

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (AP) -- The retirement nest egg of an entire generation is stashed away in this small town along the Ohio River: $2.5 trillion in IOUs from the federal government, payable to the Social Security Administration.

It's time to start cashing them in.

For more than two decades, Social Security collected more money in payroll taxes than it paid out in benefits - billions more each year.

Road to No Where

I would like to propose we rename the Road To No Where at the Marina District the
Carlton S Finkbeiner Road to No Where in honor of our previous mayor who did so little
with so much.

Will you vote to approve the TPS Levy?

Yes - Its for the Children
29% (38 votes)
No - they don't provide a quality education for the students they get enough money
71% (92 votes)
Total votes: 130

No! No! HELL NO!

No! to TPS

No! to Garbage Fee

HELL NO! to new Tax, the mayor and city council

Forbes Magazine lists Toledo No. 15 as Most Miserable Cities

Another sad accolade for Toledo. Maybe someday things will get better.

Large Marge out of here !!

Marge Brown the mayor of Oregon or should I say soon to be ex-mayor goes down Big in last nights election. Mike Seferian stomps Marge Brown by 61% to 38%.

Marge, see what happens when you lie and screw people over?

You lost because of you. What you did and did not do. It had Nothing to do with your son.


Not ANOTHER TAX LEVY ? YES! Another Tax lavy in Oregon. Make the local Govt. get on the state to fix it as thay promised! Until we make them, they wont. They will always take the easy way out. And add to the property taxs. NO MORE. Levy after Levy. VOTE NO!

Brian Wilson gone from WSPD

I am hearing from some other bloggers that there is going to be big changes at WSPD.
Has anyone else heard anything?

The Trevor Casey Story

Here's the rest of the Trevor Casey story. It seems that I was only partially right - 14 year old Trevor decided to get high on pot and run his smart mouth to the Toledo Police, with predictable results. Here's the link to the story in the Toledo Blade:

You know, I'm not a big fan of the Toledo Police, but so far I can't fault them for this one. Trevor got what he deserved, and the real crime is that the city will have to defend itself against a frivolous lawsuit.
Latest yesterday

Carty kills deal between city and TPPA

TPPA and Carty's administrators has apparently been reject by Hizzoner himself. Guess he really wants all or nothing. Get ready Toledo, your increase in crime starts this weekend....

"Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has rejected a tentative agreement reached between the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association and his own administrators, Chief of Staff Robert Reinbolt said Wednesday night."

Just a little culture

Unfortunately the embedding has been disabled.

Now, time for a little culture!

an incredible moment that changed one life.

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