New Toledo plant will convert methane into energy

New Toledo plant will convert methane into energy
Construction under way on $26M area facility

Somerset Mall...The Way It Should Be

Somerset Mall just north of Detroit, a High End Shopper's paradise. Malls, indoor, outdoor, underground, should all come with this "feel". It was a buffett for the eyes and the senses to walk through this mall yesterday and TOLEDO needs this sort of thing Downtown!

Lou Dobbs for President????

"Lou Dobbs for president? Katie bar the borders

by Mark Silva, and updated

Pat Buchanan did it -- parlaying a high-profile cable television network soapbox into a campaign for president.

Will Lou Dobbs do it?"

Catcher In The Rye and Ron Paul

If you have ever read "Catcher In The Rye" and liked it, you'll go bananas over this piece written in the persona of Holden Caulfield commenting on the presidential candidates past and present. It's great!

"Lots of phonies seeking the top job; makes me wonder if my cabin shouldn't be in Canada or something. Did you hear them arguing about drivers' licenses for illegal aliens? What a joke. We take these people in because we need them to work for us, and then we get all holier-than-though about it at the DMV, of all places."

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Election day poll workers are getting younger - a LOT younger!

Election officials recruit volunteers to help at the polls

In Julie Danko's senior government class at Otsego High School, she teaches her students about the importance of voting and the process of elections.

Pssst! wanna make a quick $100,000 ?

All you gotta do to collect it is prove Al wrong:

Photos of Marina Project

For anyone who hasn't been down to the new marina district lately I've posted a bunch of photos of what it looks like now.


As First Read noted last week, GOP dark horse candidate Ron Paul now has more cash on hand than once-supposed frontrunner John McCain. While the Texas congressman hasn

ACS-The World's wealthiest 'non-profit' institution

I found this posted elsewhere and it's really an eye opener. It's long but is very interesting information to know and keep handy.

Just a few snippets for you:

They evidentally like real estate and vehicles.


And the candidates are at the starting gate

"7 hopefuls join race for council seats

Seven people filed candidacy petitions for Toledo City Council before the deadline yesterday, including a former Lucas County Board of Elections director, a retired city police officer who had led the Toledo Policeman's Patrol Association, and former Mayor John McHugh's daughter."

ORDC wants to build 6,000' of new track around ethanol plant


The Ohio Rail Development Commission wants to build 6,000 feet of track around the new greater Ohio ethanol plant. The plant promises to churn out 54 million gallons of ethanol each year and create 41 news jobs, as well as hundreds of construction jobs. - ABC 13 WTVG

Once a gilded bachelor pad

Toledo's Carlton is to be renovated
Owners plan apartments, grocery, more

"Once a gilded bachelor pad for Toledo's wealthy, single men, the old Carlton Apartment Hotel building in downtown is now slated for extensive renovation into a market-rate apartment complex with a street-level grocery store and a bakery/cafe."

Woman who questioned Toledo sports spending may get job back

The University of Toledo is offering to rehire a staff member who questioned spending within the school's athletic department. The lawyer for the woman says he's been told that university President Lloyd Jacobs wants to reinstate Suzette Fronk as reported by WDTN/AP News.

More city staff to pay share of health coverage

"The requirement affects executive and appointed employees who don't have union representation, ranging from some mayors' assistants who are paid less than $25,000 a year, to directors, who are paid up to $92,500, and Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, who is paid $136,000 a year.

City, UT look to 'green' energy

"Piggybacking on the weekend's Live Earth concerts, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday said his staff and the University of Toledo soon will submit a formal proposal for Toledo as the site for a Center for Alternative Energy.

Sports arena memorabilia

The City of Toledo is selling seats from the Sports Arena before its demolition scheduled for later in July.

If you just want a random seat go to the Sports Arena this Saturday, June 30 between 9:00 am and noon and pay in cash. You can take your seat immediately.

Recyclers will accept electronics

Lucas County residents can recycle electronic waste for free at the Lucas County Recreation Center from 1 to 4 p.m. tomorrow and 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.

Frontline presents: The End Game

"On Dec. 19, 2006, President George W. Bush said for the first time that the United States is not winning the war in Iraq. It was a dramatic admission from a president who had insisted since the war began that things were under control.

The shifting of the I-280 expressway

For more than half a century, Toledo

Developer seeking to buy Toledo landmark

A developer who has gained the reputation as a savior and someone willing to take risks and invest in aging downtown Toledo buildings has set his sights on one of the city's earliest skyscrapers.

David Ball confirmed yesterday that he has entered into negotiations to buy the Fifth Third Center building at Madison Avenue and Huron Street and is close to finalizing the sale.

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