An open letter(video) from Bush girls to Obama girls

This is a neat video with historic pics and good advice. I don't know if it belongs on main page or not

Obama's Secret Weapons: Internet, Databases and Psychology

From Wired Magazine, a look-through of the technology and techniques used to recruit supporters and votes. Pretty interesting...

The Obama campaign has been building, tweaking and tinkering with its technology and organizational infrastructure since it kicked off in February 2007, and today has most sophisticated organizing apparatus of any presidential campaign in history. Previous political campaigns have tapped the internet in innovative ways — Howard Dean's 2004 presidential run, and Ron Paul's bid for this year's Republican nomination, to name two. But Obama is the first to successfully integrate technology with a revamped model of political organization that stresses volunteer participation and feedback on a massive scale, erecting a vast, intricate machine set to fuel an unprecedented get-out-the-vote drive in the final days before Tuesday's election.

First Solar Announces New Research Center, Plant Expansion


In a major boost to northwest Ohio’s position as a budding center of low-cost solar-panel production, First Solar Inc. said yesterday that it will more than double the size of its operations in Perrysburg Township and add 134 jobs.

Doctors may have found a way to destroy HIV!

OMG! This really sounds like a huge step forward to finding the cure for this horrible disease. Awesome!

HOUSTON -- There is real hope that what’s happening in a Houston lab might lead to a cure for HIV.
10:16 AM MST on Wednesday, July 30, 2008
By Lee McGuire / KHOU-TV News

Christian Answers Resources

There are so many wonderful resources available on the internet for people seeking answers to questions about God, Jesus, Creation, Biblical Events, Proof of Biblical events, etc. I'd like to list a few links to some of them that I like (I haven't read everything, but what I have read has been pretty good).

Toledo Banner store donated to Cherry Street ministries

I went to Dan Rodger's seminar on helping the homeless. He
wants to see them get back into the job market and an apt. He has
strict recovery programs for those that want change in their lives.

Toledo Banner store donated to Cherry Street ministries

PESWiki - Awesome website to Explore! Learn about Clean Energy Technologies

This is the best website I've visited in a long time. I have been reading up and discovering so much about Oil Reserves, Oil Alternatives, Hydrogen, Biofuels, Oilgae, and so forth.

Oil 2.0 - Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol

Silicon Valley is experimenting with bacteria that have been genetically altered to provide 'renewable petroleum' 

ACLU Coming To The Midwest


The ACLU is raising record amounts of money to infiltrate the Midwest with their perverse ideology.

See Toledo's Future Thursday

This Thursday at 7pm you will be able to take a look for yourself at what should/could be the future of Toledo and Northwest Ohio. WSPD is holding a free and open to the public showing of Brian McMahon's Intermodal presentation in the Health Education Building on the Health Science Campus of UT, that's the former MCO campus. If you enter on Glendale follow the signs to Lot 3 and park free.

Bob Barr runs for president as Libertarian

The former GOP congressman from Georgia accuses the government of irresponsible spending. He says McCain can't call himself a true conservative. Clinton and Obama campaign in West Virginia.

WASHINGTON -- Bob Barr, a former congressman from Georgia and a former Republican, today announced his candidacy for president as a Libertarian who would rein in federal spending and foreign wars.


hi girls!!!!

Troy Neff Show: Learn more about Troy

On the show today Troy interviews Pat O’Hearn, an aspiring radio talk show host from St. Johns High School. Did you ever wonder about how Troy got the nicknames; The Walking Cure and The B1 Bomber of Morning Radio as well as the reasons behind the vanity plates? This interview tells all!

Troy Neff Show: Oracle of Omaha

Troy talks to Vahan Janjigian the author of "Even Buffett Isn't Perfect: What You Can--and Can't--Learn from the World's Greatest Investor". If your a fan of Warren Edward Buffett you will love this interview.

Vahan Janjigian

Check out more interviews @:

Famed actress investigates 'Green Porno' (it's not what you think!)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- When it comes to sex, Isabella Rossellini is an animal. A spider. An earthworm. A fly.

They're just some of the creatures the actress impersonates in her new project, "Green Porno." The series of short films, commissioned by the Sundance Channel, is a showcase of how small creatures get down to the business of reproducing............................

La. warden says his prison has an unpaid guard: a black bear

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The way the warden sees it, the more than 400-pound black bear living in the middle of the sprawling Louisiana State Penitentiary is an extra layer of security.

Let's have some fun with photoshop.

I saw on that they have Photoshop contest on their site. The contestants download one image and Photoshop it however they want. Some of them turn out pretty funny. Here's mine. I will let you guess who it is.

Here's the original

The fish that plays football and limbo dances

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hey say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but apparently you can teach a two-year-old goldfish to bend it like Beckham.

Comet the goldfish may be the world's most intelligent fish after its owner, Dean Pomerleau, trained it to perform a range of aquatic activities.

Comet can play football, basketball and even limbo dance under a bar.

Trinny and Susannah strip off for 'living art'

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine appear to have new advice on what not to wear - any clothes at all.
# How about that: More weird stories from around the world

The fashion presenters stripped off alongside hundreds of other volunteers to help create a giant "living sculpture" on the side of a hill near Lewes, Sussex.
Trinny and Susannah

Mother's diet can help determine sex of child: study

PARIS (AFP) - Oysters may excite the libido, but there is nothing like a hearty breakfast laced with sugar to boost a woman's chances of conceiving a son, according to a study released Wednesday.

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