Can't wait

Can't wait

Will you be attending the free BASH AT THE BAY '09 at Maumee Bay State Park on 7/23 - 7/26 ????

YES - Of course ! I would not miss this event for the world !!!
10% (5 votes)
NO - No way ! It is too far out for me !
10% (5 votes)
YES - Heck yeah ! I want to meet this Bling Bling Dolla dude !
8% (4 votes)
YES - Tyme Management is involved, so it must be good !
10% (5 votes)
You gotta be kidding me.
63% (33 votes)
Total votes: 52

So-Lousy not running for re-election

Was on the news last night that Frank 'living dead' So-Lousy isn't going to try a lifetime career in lucas county after all. WOO-HOO!! Break out the champagne!! They're dropping like flies!!

Should city council go to the Governer and have him remove Carty from office?

Yes - Toledo can't afford anymore damage from Carty
51% (32 votes)
No - Let the voters decide in November
49% (31 votes)
Total votes: 63

Toledo get your checkbook out - I am coming

Thank God, I can now sue the city for all the back pay they owe me since Carty fired me.
I am going to really enjoy this. Now I can retire.

Tyree Page Responds


I don't get into these online blogging sites to often nor am I an active member on BlackPlanet not to sure what BlackNation is.....I'm sure you mad a mistake....don't we all

Okay. I am a 20 year old young man. I have a lot of powerful role models in my everyday life both male and females, some in higher places then other meaning on a local to a national level.

Why don't I see you guys aren't praising, thanking or commending me for at least taking a stand, for what I think was the right thing to do whether you agree with me or not?

Who will Carty endorse or support for Mayor?

As the petition filing deadline gets closer for the mayoral race we are at a mystery if Carty will run for mayor. I think he will not run again, but he is keeping us all in the dark so he won't be a lame-duck mayor. If he chooses not to run, who will he endorse or support for Toledo's top political office. More importantly, if he does endorse or support one of the candidates, will the candidate accept his support or endorsement.

Memphis Right-Wing Radio Talker Sacked

Memphis Right-Wing Radio Talker Sacked
By Kleinheider
From Mediaverse:

Conservative radio host Mike Fleming was fired today, according to sources.

Fleming, host of “The Mike Fleming Radio Program” on News Radio WREC 600 AM, was fired as part of layoffs that occurred at Clear Channel radio stations in Memphis, according to sources.
Also check out,

Friends of Library April 2009 Book Sale

From Darkseid's workspace

Friends of Library Book Sale, April 2009

Reynolds Corners Shopping Center,
1301 Reynolds Road (southwest corner of Reynolds Road and Dorr Street).

April 23, 24, 25

Thurs. noon-4 p.m. (FOL members only!) 4 p.m. — 7 p.m. (public sale)
Fri. 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. (public sale)
Sat. 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. (public sale)
Hardcover books $1
Paperbacks 50 ¢
Books on tape $1
Children's hardbound 50 ¢
Children's paperbacks 25 ¢
Videos $1
Magazines 25 ¢

Artomatic 419 is back!

Rationality Nears -- GM Bankruptcy Looms

It's about time these MENTAL RETARDS are finally letting the only sensible option to happen.

U.S. Hopes to Ease G.M. to Bankruptcy

Now if only we could get all those golden parachutes canceled along with the stupid labor contracts. I had heard that Wagoner's OBSCENE retirement package of $23M would be greatly whittled down in a bankruptcy. That alone makes me happy.

Why did this Mainstream Media article die already? DON'T FORGET.

Dodd facing fresh political firestorm

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) looks like he may be facing a fresh political firestorm.

Another Financial Planner has his day in court

Ex-radio host facing April 29 jury trial for assault charge

Troy Neff behind bars! Who would have thought...

A trial date has been set for a former radio host who was involved in a December road-rage incident.

Troy Neff, 40, of Curtice is charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, for the fight in which he was stabbed by a Tennessee man.

A jury trial was set for April 29 after a plea agreement could not be reached Thursday between Mr. Neff's attorney, Drew Griffith, and William Connelly, Jr., a Wood County assistant prosecutor.

Super Bowl Predictions - Post 'Em here

I made my case for a Steelers victory over the Cardinals in my annual Super Bowl prediction postbut I always enjoy reading the thoughts of others on this game of games.

Perhaps this will be the one thread where civil discourse will reign, though sports sometimes brings out more heated debate than politics.

BP gas station on Door & Secor going away?

WTVG -- The gas station where a clerk was killed last summer will soon be gone.

The gas station where a clerk was killed last summer will soon be gone. In August, Matthew Dugan was shot at the BP at Dorr and Secor. Today, the University of Toledo says it bought the gas station.

New Bowsher High School

Well it looks as if the new Bowsher is ready to accept students. Does anyone know if there is going to be an open house for area residents and parents of students? It sure would be nice to see what we got for our tax dollar.

Alzheimers Cure?

Please God let it be so! I found a link on Drudge to this article in a British mag online. Why isn't this making the rounds on American TV news and other media? Is it too good to be true? God, I hope not.

WSPD Intermodal Presentation Tomorrow, Last Reminder

WSPD Intermodal Presentation Thursday June 12th 7p
Room 100 Health Ed Building on the Health Science Campus of UT (former MCO)
Enter off Glendale and park in lot 43
Question and answer session to follow as time allows.
Hope to see you all there.

St Jude Dream Home Giveaway tomorrow (Sunday)

Tomorrow is the St Jude Dream Home Giveway. There will be an open house today at the home from 9 am - 9 pm. The drawing will be part of the St Jude television special broadcast tomorrow (Sunday) on NBC24 from 4pm - 6 pm.

Is it over and has the lady sung?

Isn't it time for Hillary Clinton to get her hat out of the ring? George McGovern has abandoned the sinking ship. How many more Hillary Clinton backers do we need to go over to Barack Obama's camp before she gets the message? You done good but now it's over.

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