Can't wait

Can't wait

With Nebraska joining the Big Ten, what will Texas do?

Oh where, Oh where is Brian Wilson

The Blade reported last night that Brian Wilson is no longer in town but in Virginia. His house in Moss Creek is vacant and he and his wife purchased a house in Virginia.
If this is all true where is his integrity? The last 1/2 of his show he closes with Fred LaFebvre telling him he will see him in the morning. Could this also indicate that Fred is also not in Toledo?

Send in the military

They took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Time to Leave Toledo

I decided its time to leave. I work out of town in Detroit because there are no decent paying jobs in Toledo. Mayor Bell is suggesting taxing me for this reason. I can't afford both Detroit and Toledo income tax. Police.Fire protection is going to be reduced and my insurance man said insurance rates in Toledo are going up. Two people over the weekend were shot trying to commit robberies no doubt because they need food and money. This environment is no place trying to raise 2 kids. I already pay for private schools because of the problems with TPS.

Toledo likely will face Financial Emergency


Its sad but the sooner Toledo solves its problems the better it is for the city and its citizens.

City Council afraid of Unions will let the voters decide on levys

This is a good thing. Toledo will go into receivership and we can start over. Its the only way the financial problems will be solved. There are not enough taxpayers in Toledo to support the current infer structure so something has to happen. It will be painful for awhile especially for the city workers but it has to be done. Prolonging the situation will just make matters worse. Hopefully, some of the city elected officials will be replaced with ones that will act for the good of the city and not for their own self interests.

Council looks at assessing churches for festival fees

Thats fine for the church I am associated with. We will just assess politicians a fee for
campaigning on our property.

Council looks at assessing churches for festival fees

Thats fine for the church I am associated with. We will just assess politicians a fee for
campaigning on our property.

Paybacks are a Bitch

The first shot has been fired. Now lets get rid of the rest of this worthless congress and put people in that will obey the constitution and listen to the people they are suppose to work for.
Are you reading this Marcy?

Libbey Humanities "Make it and Take it" event

You’re invited
Libbey Humanities 3rd Annual
Make It and Take It
Who: Future Cowboys & Cowgirls
When: Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009 from 10:00 a.m.-1:00p.m.
Where: Libbey High School Cafeteria
Free Admission & Free Lunch
Arts and Crafts, Dance & Musical Performances, Cookie
Decorating, Homemade Popcorn Balls, Reading room, Science
Experiments and much more!
Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming too!
Bring a canned good donation to receive a holiday surprise from
Humanities (all canned goods will be used to supply holiday
baskets for those in need)
Write a letter to be delivered to Santa!

Regardless of the President's decision

Regardless of whatever the President decides I did get some good news this week. I am going to Afghanistan. I begin predeployment training in about a month.

For those of you not familiar with my situation I have been in the military for almost 8 years now. I have been trying to deploy for almost all of that time but have been in several "non-deployable" statuses.

Mayor of Oregon, Ohio Marge Brown is out of here.

Well it looks like the fat old Bit(H Marge Brown is Out Of Here ! Good!

Oregon will have a new Mayor.

And Marge. You did not get re-elected because of YOU. The things YOU did. And Did not do. It had nothing to do with your son.

To bad. You can leave " move" from Oregon too!


Person who used Government Computer to look up info on Joe The Plumber, Charged with Crime !

The Person who used a Government Computer to look up info on Joe The Plumber, Charged with a Crime. Will Oregon Police Officer Jeff Brown be charged also. Or will the Lucas County Prosecutor and or the State just let this go?

That would be wrong. A Crime is a Crime. Is it not?

The person that looked up info on Joe The Plumber did it one time. And now this person is being charged with a crime.

Officer Jeff Brown of the Oregon, Ohio Police Dept. used the system to look up info on a girl friend 11 times or more. And are not Police Officers to be held to a higher standard?

Toledo News Media needs to keep Toledoans Informed

We need a red alert system or something similar when Carty hits the road. The man is a very aggressive driver to say the least and all citizens on the road when he is are at risk. He speeds and runs red lights because he can. Its a matter of time before he causes an accident and hurts or kills someone. Hopefully, it won't be in a city vehicle resulting in
a lawsuit the city can't afford to pay. I wish Toledo's Television and Radio media would consider doing this. If it just saves one person it is worth it.

Where is the money Mr. Mayor

Its well over the 72 hours you said that this would be resolved, Show us the money or get off the pot. How about the three new Detroiters interested in the Marina what their status? Even more important why don't you identify them. There is no Detroit developers
is there? They only exist from the voices telling you what to do in your mind. The jig is up
You need to have another press conference today the primary election is over
so we can be amused and awed in what you say.

Payback Day Nov 8, 2010

Except if you are a flaming liberal then you vote Nov 9, 2010

Carty where is the Marina Money from the developer?

Its been three more weeks and no money. He defaulted. What are you going to do about it?
Blame it on city council? WSPD? YMCA? United Way?

Comrade Marcy come out whereever you are

Come out and meet with the people who elected you. We have some questions for you that we all want answers to. If you can't face us why don't you do the honorable thing and resign and let someone more capable than you serve us.

Where is Marcy - why won't she meet with her constituents?

I am not paid by any insurance company or part of any right wing group. I am a private citizen
that does not government health care, VA and Medicare is a joke. Almost $.70 cents of every dollar to finance these bureaucracies is spent on administration only $.30 is spent
on actual medical care. Since Marcy Kaptur won't meet with her constituents on this and other issues while she is on her month long vacation we will have a protest at both her houses.

Remember everyone, in 2010 election we can get rid of these tyrants and show them the doore before they do any more harm.

August Friends of Library book sale

Brown Bag Concerts
Authors! Authors!
Summer Reading Club Programs
Local branch activities
Levy Campaigns

2009 Friends of the Library Book Sales

Reynolds Corners Shopping Center,
1301 Reynolds Road (southwest corner of Reynolds Road and Dorr Street).

August 6, 7, 8

Thurs. noon-4 p.m. (FOL members only!) 4 p.m. — 7 p.m. (public sale)
Fri. 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. (public sale)
Sat. 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. (public sale)
Hardcover books $1
Paperbacks 50 ¢
Books on tape $1
Children's hardbound 50 ¢
Children's paperbacks 25 ¢
Videos $1
Magazines 25 ¢

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