Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty

What concessions?

Toledo Police and Fire are voting on temporary cuts that will be repaid next year. Where are the concessions? Do us taxpayers get a temporary increase in taxes on this proposed levy'? Ha! Ha!, No way the new levy will be forever and a day. Toledoan's wake up and smell the coffee vote these levy's DOWN! This town needs to go bankrupt to right itself.

Marcy's for Health Care

We all knew she would. She is a good soldier and will fall on the sword, The woman has no back bone., She even turns her back on her religion regarding the abortion issue.
She needs to be sent to pasture in November. She is a disgrace to NW Ohio and her office. In retirement she could spend time tutoring Baby Ben. He needs a lot of training.

On the bright side of this whole issue will be the states filing suits that will no doubt give rise to increasing state rights over the federal government.

Edna (Perlosi) Brown is busy spending money to decorate her office

She was chided in the council meeting for spending money on decorating her office when Toledo has a 50 million deficit problem. Her response "Its in the budget".

Man shot at market had a criminal record

Keep up the good work shop keepers. Lets get rid of these bums. The courts don't.

Layoffs unnecessary

All that needs to be done is eliminate spending on things that are not in the charter and
have the state audit the books and go after those that plundered funds while in office.
There us no way anyone in the administration has a handle on the finances. If they don't know where the money went in the past how do they possibly know where the money is now?

Vote No on May 4th.

Another TAX. Where does it end? We are not asking them to do with less. Just NO MORE! We already have to many taxes. And there all to darn high. NO MORE.

VOTE NO on May 4th. The Toledo 3/4 % pay check tax !

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !


Where do you redeem your bubble points. Are there some nice prizes?

Group wants to unleash dogs at Ottawa Park

They cut some kind of deal to rent the land for $1.00 / year. City workers are erecting a fence.
With Toledo in such bad financial state why is this going on? In other cities in Ohio dog parks are on privately owned land and people utilizing the facilities pay a membership fee.
Not only this but who is going to be responsible lawsuits. They will happen with dogs interacting with other dogs. This needs to be stopped.

Final TPS Score Administration 10 Students 0

Close Libbey and a couple of other schools. Make children pay more for lunch. Kill off all sport programs and make HS kids walk to school.

Teachers keep same salary, pension, sick/vacation/holiday time off and healthcare benefits.

This is all for the children?


I looked at the cutbacks TPS is proposing to balance the budget and all I see is cuts
to the school children. I see no salary cutbacks, pension cuts, health care reductions, administrative staff reductions etc. All the cuts are directed at the school children. Namely, cut sports, close schools, increase charges for lunches, cut out bus service for HS children.,

Enterprising criminals easily remove car boots for resale

Talking to some people I ran into that live in Detroit. They said Detroit stopped using the boots because they are easily defeated using common household tools. Since they are worth around $400 the criminals resell them on the black market. They further said unless the police actually catch you removing the boot there is little the police can do to prosecute.
So I am wondering how successful this program will be in Toledo since we are so close to Detroit.

Child directs Air Traffic at JFK

Amazing they force infants, elderly people to be screened and this goes on.
I feel safer already NOT!

Reprieve asked for building in downtown Toledo

If I was Joe McNamara I would be more concerned about saving my political Ass.

Rant and Rave

These fools on City Council voted for these union contracts urged on by Carty Finkbender.

Toledo owes Police / Firefighters $2.8 million in comp time

I find it ironic that City Council is upset with the fact the Police and Fire employees are cashing in their comp time. Its in their contract and they are entitled to it. If City Council did not want them to have it why did the council members approve the contract? Who can blame them to take it now with the city heading toward receivership and bankruptcy.

City Unions reject Mayor Bell's Concessions

It looks like receivership is a definite possibility. Raising taxes to the point of covering the deficit without the concessions would be unimaginable.

Franklin Park Mall Security

ts good their is more security at the mall. But this happened before a year ago or so. I would bet in a month or two the extra security will disappear until the next riot takes place.

Heres an idea why don't Toledo provide Tarta buses at the mall and provide free transportation to Levis Square or Fallen Timbers Mall. That should cut down on the violence at Franklin Park, Share the pain.

Fed up and ticked off by government

Sad, but here's a guy who just snapped dealing with the bureaucracy and government. He should have found a better way out, but I sympathize with him.

Franklin Park Riot

I feel too little is being done to prevent what occurred last Saturday night. Fighting is only one part of the problem. The other part is youths harassing customers walking in the mall. The youths will walk right into you to try to scare and make you move out of their way. They run in groups or like packs of animals terrorizing merchants and customers probably to make it easier for them to shop lift. I am a shopper should I have to put up with this conduct? Hell no, if the mall does not establish a curfew on night and weekends they are not going to see anymore of my money.

Wish the citizens of Toledo had Monday off

All they have forward to look to is figuring out when to put their garbage out.

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