Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty

When will it end?

Toledo Public Schools voters to decide on 7.8-mill levy in November. Declining population, declining enrollment, brand new schools paid for by the tobacco industry. Why do they need more money? They should be down sizing and cutting pay/benefits like the private sector does in bad times. I suppose if they could print money like the Federal Government that would solve the problem.

Looking at the Bright Side of the Arson Fires in Toledo

Hopefully, they will catch the person/persons responsible for setting the fires before someone gets hurt. But on the bright side the houses that are burned are vacant and eyesores. They are torn down immediately. The city program to deal with tearing down vagrant houses require lengthly legal actions and sometimes take years.

Why? Why Why

Obama made a number of things during the campaign.

Why are we still in Afghanistan ?

Why is unemployment above 8 %

Why is he proposing taxing whats left of the middle class?

Why is there no health care yet?

Are all these Bush's fault?

$1 for the Blade? Give me a break!

I bought my last Blade. For $1 I can buy either a USA Today, Free Press or Detroit News. Price per pound the Detroit News wins. The Blade comes in dead last. the Blade is not grain fed or Angus cut. Its getting too expensive to cover the bottom of the bird cage. I am going to have to look at the tabloids next to see if they are any cheaper. Anyone have any suggestions?

Injured zookeeper violated protocol

This zoo keeper violated protocol and should be fired. Not only did he put himself at risk but also the animal. Now we have to pay his medical bills for his stupidity.

Curtice Powerball winner loves job, has no plan to quit

How sad and selfish. We have all these poor undocumented immigrants brought here courtesy of the Democratic Party and their own electors won't give up their jobs for them.
I guess that shows you were their heart is right in their back pocket.

BravoBox June 2010

Libation, hydration, self-mutilation... and a little hometown pimping to boot. BravoBox June 2010:The experiment continues... when life gets absurd (or at least absurdly complicated), go minimalist on it. It hates that.

BravoBox June edition has decided to take the days as they come, and we’re laying back a little from our ruminations on pressing issues. The social ills of reality television, the logical fallacy of the three-point line, and animated depictions of religious figures will just have to wait. In this issue: Midwestern beer,water bottle decisions, and downtown Perrysburg.

Are we on the road to Socialism?

Latest effort to stop oil flow in the gulf has failed

Who is to blame? All together now "Its Bush's fault".

If an election ws held today who would you vote for?

18% (20 votes)
7% (8 votes)
13% (14 votes)
63% (70 votes)
Total votes: 112

Profiling in Arizona

I am going to be driving through Arizona on my way to the left coast. I am white and a citizen of the United States will I be profiled?. Also, what papers do I need to take if I am stopped by the authorities?

Vote Tomorrow, VOTE NO

Vote no in issue 3. Vote No on ALL !

Or it Will cost you $$$. And our strees will have even more pot-holes !

VOTE, Please Vote, and VOTE NO !

The streets are bad enuff. If we vote for moving funds from the capital improvments fund to the general fund, the streets will be Even Worse ! VOTE NO !


And Vote no on the school levy too! Way to many taxes, and there all to darn high already!

Outpouring of Support??

So, after watching all of the TPS School Board meetings during the month of March, I have a question/thought. Will all of the people who showed up at the public meetings, meetings which were highlighted in all of the media and “live streamed” so that they could be viewed at home, will all of these people actually turn out to vote and support their cause? Their cause could be either for or against. We see a lot of dissent against various changes, positions, taxes, levy’s, etc. – virtually anything going on, by groups that are against them.

Toledo is a joke get out as soon as you can

These concessions the TPA are taking if you can call them that are a joke. The city employees make twice as much as the citizens in the public sector not including their lavish benefits. There are no concessions just delays in getting their take. If you got a job in the private sector and live in Toledo you are an idiot if you stay.

Government should take over airlines

Back in the day before airline regulation the plane would be on time, the plane was not crowded, meals were served with silverware even in coach and there was no charge for baggage whether carry on or checked. Flight attendants were nice looking females. Now you are faced with numerous fees with making reservations, planes are usually always crowded and late. There are no meals, but you can spring for a outrageous price for a snack. Now they want to charge for carry on luggage. I disagree with this but carry ons abuses have take on a life of their own and should just be banned.

Don't bother replying

Swamp Bubbles used to be a good place to get a feeling for what people think about events in the greater Toledo area, It appears that for the last few months the site has become a place for outright crazies and a__hats to expound their point of view. Too bad, it, was a good site to go to. Ta, Ta, for now. Don't bother replying as I will not be looking at it.

have you completed your Census form and mailed it in?

This is hilarious...and sad at the same time.

Democratic Representative Hank Johnson is afraid the island of Guam may tip over and capsize.

Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim

March 17, 2010 — Columbus Dispatch Outs "The Terrible Teabagger":

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