Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty

Sad for Marcy Kaptur

Congress adjourned early and Marcy has to leave her 1/2 million dollar townhouse in Alexandria and come back to her barely modest digs in Toledo. Not only that she has to campaign to the little ignorant people back in Toledo so she can keep up her appearances.

I am Voting NO , are you ?

I am Voting NO on the School Levy.

We already pay much more then we should.

The Property Taxes are way to high.

Taxes Are Like Drugs, Just Say NO !

I am Voting NO. Are You ?

When asked why she is the longest term woman in congress why doesn't she have a leadership role?

Marcy Kaptur responded that she the first women to sit next to the gravel on the most important appropriation committee.

Shouldn't she be entitled to some sort of award or recognition for this?

What are your thoughts?

Lies, Lies, Lies

28 years in Congress. Toledo has the highest unemployment rate around. Mousy gives $300,000 grants around for libraries, and other facilities which the government under the constitution has no right funding. After given these pittance amounts, votes her donors multi-million dollar contracts. Then she has the gall to lie about her opponents involvement
with Foodtown which took place over 10years ago.

Marcy Kaptur Disorts Facts when discussing Foodtown

The Queen of PAC's is at it again. She won't defend her voting record in congress but will lie about Iott's involvement with Foodtown over 10 years ago. Truth be told she is a liar and is not the goody, goody polish princess she tries to portray. This election is for 9th district representative to congress not anything else.

Also, her PMA donor pleaded guilty and is going to prison and Marcy won't return the campaign donation.

Eight Bell leaders arrested on charges of misappropriating $5.5 million,0,3284777.s...

Guess what? They are all fine, honest Democrats. For the hard working people of Bell California

Consider this tree huggers

The new Government Motors Volt is not so green friendly. Considering over 40% of the electricity generated is from coal fuel, the Volt burns approx. 2 1/2 pounds of coal per mile.
Not so Earth friendly is it?

Iott needs to go after the Queen of PAC's voting record

Forget Foodtown that has nothing to do with whats being done to this country by the Dems.
You addressed the Foodtown issues now go after what our voters are interested in.
Economy, Economy, Economy!. There is plenty out there that Marcy has done to wreck
Toledo. The only one she helps are the unions and her special interests. Call her on the carpet. Don't get side tracked. We need to send her to pasture and save this once great city.

Marcy Kaptur - Queen of the PAC's

Takes after Ludlow,who she replaced. $227,000 PAC money financing her campaign. She don't have to use any of her own money. How sad, hopefully, NW Ohioans will do the right thing and get this biddy a nice rocking chair. If not it will be a matter of time before the bottom falls out of the economy.

New rules for trash removal take effect Tuesday

Drop your unwanted oversize trash at your local city councilman's house. Maybe then they will see the serious of the problem.

Can you find Marcy or Lindsay?


They are hiding from the good citizens of Toledo. Look closely, they are there.

Lindsay Webb - Come out from where ever you are

Don't try to hide like Marcy come out and meet your electors and have a discussion with us on why you like giving raises during these hard economic times. Maybe, if you can't take the heat you should look for a new profession better suited to your talents. The world needs ditch diggers too.

Toledo City Council rejects raises for refuse, sewer workers

All voted against the raises except for one lone ding bat. Hopefully, the voters will wake up and see what she really stands for.

I was alarmed last night at the Mudhens Game

I was walking down the concourse and was surprised to see little kids working many of the concessions stands. I thought this was illegal. This is not China the last time I checked.
Very curious.. I will take pictures today and post them.


Government Motors CEO, Barry Hussein Sotoro, to spend half a billion dollars on Mexican production facility employing MEXICAN LABOR. So how many of you pro-union "buy American" blowhards are gonna line up to buy the all new Chevy Tamale?!?!
When I read this I laughed so hard I nearly fell over.

Chevy Tamale

Pass all the levies

None of us are working so I won't be impacted anyway. I want the finest schools we can buy. Tarta needs more money to provide with a first class transportation system.
All of you all stop being so greedy and selfish. We should become a haven for undocumented citizens. They just want the best for their famiiles like you. Look at all the money Marcy has poured in to NW Ohio you can't say that about any other congress person.
Stand proud an open your wallets.

When will it end?

Toledo Public Schools voters to decide on 7.8-mill levy in November. Declining population, declining enrollment, brand new schools paid for by the tobacco industry. Why do they need more money? They should be down sizing and cutting pay/benefits like the private sector does in bad times. I suppose if they could print money like the Federal Government that would solve the problem.

Looking at the Bright Side of the Arson Fires in Toledo

Hopefully, they will catch the person/persons responsible for setting the fires before someone gets hurt. But on the bright side the houses that are burned are vacant and eyesores. They are torn down immediately. The city program to deal with tearing down vagrant houses require lengthly legal actions and sometimes take years.

Why? Why Why

Obama made a number of things during the campaign.

Why are we still in Afghanistan ?

Why is unemployment above 8 %

Why is he proposing taxing whats left of the middle class?

Why is there no health care yet?

Are all these Bush's fault?

$1 for the Blade? Give me a break!

I bought my last Blade. For $1 I can buy either a USA Today, Free Press or Detroit News. Price per pound the Detroit News wins. The Blade comes in dead last. the Blade is not grain fed or Angus cut. Its getting too expensive to cover the bottom of the bird cage. I am going to have to look at the tabloids next to see if they are any cheaper. Anyone have any suggestions?

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