Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty

Just when you though Bush hatred could get no worse...(Hitler was better)

This is where we have been headed for quite some time.

Illogical and Misleading headlines & expressions

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood tonight. But maybe I'm really tired of headlines and expressions that do not in any way remotely convey the writer's thoughts. It has to be laziness or ignorance on the part of the writer.

Boycott Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, June 24, 2007
Boycott Town Hall Meeting

Some more thoughts on the recall effort

Some more thoughts on the recall effort.

The Carty Recall effort. An open letter to Thomas Morrissey.

A few thoughts about the recall effort for Thomas Morrissey.

Mr. Morrissey,

City of Toledo mayor, River East dispute property

"The old Verd-A-Ray building on Front Street in East Toledo has become the latest bone of contention between the city and River East Economic Revitalization Corp"

"Now River East says it would like to exercise the option its board agreed to in a 1983 lease. That option allows River East to buy the property for whatever the city has spent on it

Toledo Young Republican Club Meeting

Toledo & Area Young Republican Club Meeting THURSDAY.
Info Below:

Where: Wesley's Bar & Grill
When: Thursday, May 17th, 2007
Time: Changed to 6:30pm***

Some of the things we will be talking about:

Here a Nanny, there a Nanny:NYC bans aluminum ball bats

The NY City council has voted and high school baseball teams are now banned from using aluminum bats.
Reasoning: The ball generally travels faster off an aluminum bat (from 0%-10%) and little Bobby or Suzy could get hurt more easily.

Secondhand Bacon

Personally, I'm through listening to any of these so-called 'experts'.

The past repeats itself, over and over and over again

I use a web site to look up items related to Toledo, before I moved here. What I find stunning is the history and antics of our Mayor.

Like an actor with many credits listed in a biography we see the listing of his antics, how ever well intentioned at the time.

And I cannot help but wonder why does is he reelected.

Accomplishments or personality cult.

DUI City vs Police

Interesting court case involving a city employee who was known to have a problem with alcohol but nevertheless was hired to work for the city. This was a political hire as a reward for working on the mayor's election.

POSSESSION of Tobacco Illegal in Karloffornia Town

If you ever had a doubt, if you ever thought for a second that maybe we were all exaggerating with all our talk of health hypocrisy, junk science, neo-communism, and the true motives of these people, this one takes the cake.

Let it be known that the mere POSSESSION of TOBACCO, A PERFECTLY LEGAL PRODUCT FOR ADULTS, is subject to fine in Santa Cruz, CA.

Revenue lost in Toledo, coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Thinking about the stagnation of revenue versus expenses in Toledo and reading this headline, "Rhode Island gambling center expands"

I thought back to the Slots imitative in Toledo and how it was defeated....and thought what if....

"We're not here to showboat, Frank,"

Well, they are at it still....

"Toledo residents blast trash fee, ambulance service plans"

"When Mr. Szollosi tried to talk about a report he had compiled on the growing local tax burden, following the mayor's opening presentation, the mayor refused to give him the floor."

Rough seas for the coming fiscal year and the Captain has few plans

Stagnant revenue puts city budget in choppy waters - Wage, pension givebacks hinted

Slavery Ties Sharpton to Thurmond

This must be the new hot news since the Anna Nichole/Brittany stories have started to fade...

Local family uses Irish setter to paint house

The Hinckley family has developed a novel, labor-saving approach to paiting their house - they use their 4-year-old Irish setter Sheila to do the work.

"Pretty basically, we just pour the paint on her, stick her by the house, and wait for her to fling herself dry," chuckled Gary Hinckley. "It's not the most efficient use of paint, but it's funnier than hell to watch. Plus, Sheila seems to get quite a kick out of it."

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