Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty

Palin 'blessed', 'protected' from witchcraft

Now that we know this, we can rest assured nothing bad should be able to infiltrate Sarah's mind and soul now as she bones up for the upcoming debates (if there are any):

Revenue down says Carty, because of Red Light Cameras. WHAT!

Carty tells us that revenue is down in Toledo. And cutbacks are coming.

One of the revenue items he talked about was the Red Light Cameras!

That the revenue was down from the cameras.

WHAT ! I seem to remember that King Carty said that it was NOT about the money or the revenue from these cameras. He said this in defending them and the additional cameras that were being put in.

Now US Candidates Campaign at Western Wall in Jerusalem? WTH?!

One more ridiculous photo op from Jesus-Moses-Mohammed-Buddha-Vishnu-Shiva-Barack Hussein Obama for his fanatic followers. Next stop? Probably the Vatican and then on to Iran and the Ayatollah.

What are "At Large" councilmen for?

What is the position of At Large councilman for?
What do they do for me as a citizen?
Is it proper that there are an equal number of them as compared to district council?
Do other cities have At Large council?
Would we be better off with only district council?

US State Dept. Promotes "Mosques in America" Calendars

I would have to agree with the commentary below - Where is the ACLU? Our government is sponsoring calendars featuring mosques with Islamic "scriptures". WTH!?

State Dept. promotes 'Mosques in America'
Publishes '09 calendar featuring worship sites for only 1 religion
Posted: July 18, 2008
12:10 am Eastern

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I'm Confused

I drove by the Ottawa Park Ice Rink today to see if it is true that work has started at the ice rink. Sure enough, the demolition is in progress. I became very angry when I saw this. Our streets are in such need of repair I can't imagine how replacing an ice rink deserves priority over street repair.

And So It Begins - Fired & Evicted for Being "Too Religious"

Bible citation costs couple jobs, home
Apartment managers evicted, fired for being 'too religious'
Posted: June 20, 2008
4:57 pm Eastern

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How Liberal Health Care Would Kill Ted Kennedy

Great article by a physician who exposes the problem with universal health care.

Discussions On Race At The University of Toledo - May 22, 2008

I attended the Discussions on Race at The University of Toledo on May 22, 2008. I found the discussions to be juvenile and insignificant. The only thing that got accomplished is that everyone agreed there is racism in America, but no ne had a good definition of what it is. Does anyone know what it is?

Senator Byrd, God, and The Media

Democratic Senator Roberty Byrd spoke publically today about the bad news of Ted Kennedy's brain tumor.

As aired on many live news broadcasts, Byrd actually said ,"My dear, dear friend, dear friend, Ted Kennedy. ... Dear All Powerful and Omnipotent God....Keep Ted here for us and for America. ... Ted, Ted, Ted. My dear friend. I love you and miss you." — Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va

Neighborhood meeting Thursday April 10 , 6:30 pm at Toledo Heights library

I don't know the agenda yet , it is on the 2nd thursday of each month .
Go to back door.

I'm back!

I've been out of town for a while. Has anyone heard anything about a new newspaper coming or something?

Totally kidding...

Fur Starts to Fly in Political Catfight

It's turning into a real catfight among the candidates as the following videos show. I've never seen such below-the-belt punching and dirty insinuations.

WOMAN REFUSES ORAL SEX BECAUSE MAN IS A SMOKER (Doctor agrees, says it could kill her)

It has come to this. I believe it's time to stock up on ammunition, all of manking has gone completely mad.

At least Detroit's City Council has figured out what to do...

Pity we don't emulate Detroit in the manner.......

"Detroit city council calls on mayor to resign"

......Of course, our mayor hasn't been caught in a sex scandal ....yet.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON - audio included

"It's for the kids" is the battle cry of TPS and today that cry was cemented in the nomination and appointment of Bob Vasquez to the TPS board seat vacated by Robert Torres. The seat was handed over to Mr. Vasquez by a three to one vote at the board meeting this morning. Darlene Fisher being the dissenting vote. With the appointment of Mr. Vasquez, there will no longer be any speculation on any votes coming before the board. Darlene once again is the Lone Ranger.

Please listen:

The first two minutes are especially interesting. If this doesn't confirm that the man has a mental problem, I don't know what does:

Mayor Finkbeiner tells the Marines to leave Toledo - Does not want them to learn the skills to save their lives - updated

Finkbeiner, apparently only speaking for himself, said that Marines are not welcome in Toledo. Well I welcome Marines in Toledo to train and learn skills that will save their lives. Apparently Carty does not think they should practice the skills they need to save their lives here.

Toledo schools levy campaign kicks off, why should we vote for it?

you can read the blade article seems to me like the same old same old, but my question is, what accomplishments have been made to encourage us to vote for it?

Port Authority President Hartung is urged to give back 3.5 percent raise


Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority President James Hartung got a 3.5 percent raise from his board of directors yesterday, but several local leaders urged him to give it back.

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