Glen Beck can't stop lying !

At an April 27 event at New York University, Beck portrayed his departure as self-initiated and suggested that Fox CEO Roger Ailes pleaded with him to stay, explaining:
"At the end, when we were leaving, it was a long process. Roger said to me, 'You're not going to leave.' And I said, 'I am.' And he said, 'Nobody does,' meaning leave television....And I said, 'I'm fortunate because I haven't been in it that long.' I knew what this big, huge Fox empire brought to the table, and I had to leave before I became too enamored of that."

But Fox News tells it differently:

Blatant Show Promo-Don't Read If You're Offended

Todd Bruning who owns Todd's Guns in Lambertville is taking flak from some local parents about his store's sponsorship of the LIttle League team his sons play on. Some parents are upset that the words Todd's Guns appear in small print under the team name CUBS. Here's the story Tomorrow Todd will be my guest at 8:05a.

Funny things Conservatives say

Here is my entry:
Todd Akin = "Legitimate Rape" .Now thats funny. LOL

Fred, Gay Marriage Is About The Kids....

The Gay Marriage issue to me is about the kids,the adoption of kids, and the continued cycle that having two mothers or two fathers that are married or otherwise having intimate relations with each other and relating to these kids either by explaination or observation i.e. caught in that intimate act, that its ok . In many cases the explaination will be taught as being normal or ok. This to me is a perpetuation that leads not to a biological or mental condition or reason for being gay, but to a taught condition. The taught condition is the problem I have with gays and kids..

Talk more about local news on here?

Fred, can you and your wspd/bain posting crew,(treadonme,mikeya, libsmotherblows, galt &
jeepjunk), stop scouring the internet for dumb ass articles about how bad obama and liberals are and discuss more local news on here? This shit is getting old and quite frankly
BORING. How about that young girl who got murdered by her boyfriend? What are your thoughts on that tragedy ? Thank you for your time!

Content of Character Part IV

Radio host Wilson's condo in foreclosure, set for sheriff's sale

The Blade Records show that Brian Wilson of WSPD (Bain)1370-AM and his wife bought their home in Virginia about the same time they defaulted on their Perrysburg condo. The Blade Records show that Brian Wilson of WSPD (Bain)1370-AM and his wife bought their home in Virginia about the same time they defaulted on their Perrysburg condo.

A Perrysburg condominium owned by Toledo news radio talk-show host Brian Wilson was foreclosed on earlier this year and is scheduled for sheriff's sale Sept. 16.


Re: LIVE UPDATES: North Korea Cancels Peace Treaty w/ South, Claims Nuke-Tipped ICBMs On Standby!!! Prepping Citizens For Something Big' North Korean official newspaper. "War with South Korea is inevitable. 16m North Korean news today discussed "warheads loaded" (a ready condition) & "war plans." North Korean news is quoting a Colonel General Kang speech who also accurately described implications of no armistice. Wow..There were 15 war themed articles in Rodong Sinmun today. That's most ever, by a lot.

CPAC convention coming up!

Or as it is known among the Washington insiders, A convention of of dried up, sexless queers of whom 95% of them earned their money through inheritance. Wonder if any of you right wing closet queers on here are going to pack up your shine boxes and head down there to rub elbows with your idols. Palin & Gingrich will be there so there will be a lot of laughs. If your lucky maybe you can get your picture taken with the she-male Ann Coulter.LOL

If You Don't Know Maybe You Should Just Listen

Questions have been asked about why there is no White is the answer.....step up and listen...

Oscar time

Hello again. As you know Sunday is Oscar night. Any on you Bubble heads on here seen any movies in 2012 that you really liked?
Here is a list of nominees:
"Beasts of the Southern Wild"
"Django Unchained"
"Les Misérables"
"Life of Pi"
"Silver Linings Playbook"
"Zero Dark Thirty"

I've seen Argo, Django, Lincoln, Silver lining playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. Out of these five,
Silver lining Playbook was my favorite with Django coming in a close second. Any movie or movies that you enjoyed?

Local Radio might become thing of the past!

Just as they did when they had mumbles Wilson do his show while sitting in his underware in his basement at his Virginia home, Bain/CC wants this to be the norm. From the article:
"Translation: "We won't rest until every station we own across the country is staffed from San Antonio. We don't need no stinkin' local content."

Ted Nugent Typical right wing coward

In typical fashion for a NRA right wing loud mouth, Nugent, a washed up "musician", wasn't
sticking his chest out wanting to use his automatic weapon to defend his country back in the Vietnam days. He did everything a coward would do to get out going to Vietnam. Now he acts like a tough guy. Ha, Like some posters on this board, he is a cunt! LOL

Bain /Clear channel strikes again!

Bain capitol has shut down another progressive radio station in Portland. The losers are doing everything they can to stifle free thinking and spoon feed the Rublican'ts retarded followers their propaganda to enrich a few. How sad for America. :(

Fox news finally dumps dumbass Sarah Palin

Fox news has terminated Sarah Palin's contract and told her to hit the road. Fox news who has been embarrassed enough recently with the Karl Rove meltdown on election night cannot afford any more embarrassment. Maybe they will stick to their previous strategy and find another dumb blonde to come on to recite Rupert Murdoch gospel.
PS: Wasn't Murdoch also the name of a mentally deranged member of the A team that used to be on tv?

Right wing Presiental canidate calls Republicans "Stupid"

Bobby Jindal a right wing messiah has called for Republicans not to be so "Stupid". We all know this will be hard for them to do. Stupid is is stupid does. Almost as stupid as Rand Paul on Glenn Beck agreeing with each other and giggling.

Bain Clear Channel following Stern's road to success!

It appears Bain CC is trying to follow Howard Stern's recipe for success by the "shock jock"
method. While on the way home from work yesterday, I was listening to the latest recycled
hee haw disc jockey that Bain put back on the air, one Jonnny D. He was blaming teachers

Another Republican lackey charged with being a crook

Ray Nagin , a supporter of Republican Bobby Jindal and former mayor of New Orleans, charged with bribery, Surprise surprise.
This makes me sick to my stomach

Bain channel cut n paste special: Drug addict Rust Limbaugh causing Clear channel to lose money!

Rust limpdick, the drug addicted over weight leader of the Republican party is costing Bain/
clear channel to lose a lot of money!

Bain channel cut n paste special : Another Bush contemplating running for office

The Bush family keeping up the tradition of feeding at the Govt. trough!

China. I'm interested in GZ's take

GZ I'm interested in your opinion on this.

I've been saying this for a while now. The panic about the Chinese economy and military force does not hinder me because both are unrealistically unsustainable without a major demographic change.

Things that caught my attention:

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