It never ends, no wonder we our resistant to antibiotics, and this is just one food its in.

Obama Care Remember..

Remember if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor Period. If you want to keep your health plan. you can keep your health plan Period. Hold on a minute, I forgot to tell all of you, if you do want to keep you doctor and health plan ITS GOING TO COST YOU, buwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I will keep lying to all of you until its fully implemented, How do you like me now, suckers....A lot of people tried to tell you about my Obama care but you morons still believe in me. Carry on my loyal subjects, stay with me, I have a lot more for you...

Justice finally or not?

On his show yesterday Fred was bashing the police dept. and ranting how lazy and incompetent they were concerning the baby Elena case. From what I gather, if the police would of found that body three months sooner, the prosecutor would have been able to get a lot more evidence to put those two white trash pieces of shit away for good. They only found a box of bones. As it turned out she can get out on parole in 18 years, I don't know about him. Supposedly, that baby's body was hidden in the rafters of that garage all the time.

Baby Elena

So how is this going to play out? Will the Lucas county Prosecutors office be competent enough to get a conviction on those two dimwits and put them away for the rest of their lives or will they walk like that whore Casey Anthony ?

Zimmerman arrested again!

George Zimmerman, the racist poster child of the NRA showed once more why he is a pussy as he was arrested for beating on his wife AGAIN and threatening to shoot her with a shot gun. The lump of shit , who murdered a teenage boy who was beating his wimpy ass, needs guns to make him feel like a man, as most NRA members do . Neighbors have said that if Zimmerman and his wife got into a fist fight that his wife would kick his ass. Will this happen next? Wonder if he will pull out a gun and shoot her too ? What a piece of shit.


TPS has not learned their lesson yet, they are still spending recklessly. There was a ETJFL championship game at Waite last week, prior to that during the playoffs the transformer burned out. Workers at the IBEW donated their services to fix the transformer for free. Toledo Public School denied the request and paid 18,000 to repair the transformer. These kinds of issues will continue to negatively effect renewal levies for TPS.

Fred hide your sandwiches...

The Department of Homeland Security is set to spend $80 million dollars on hiring a raft of armed guards to protect IRS and other government buildings during “public demonstrations” and “civil disturbances,” once again prompting concerns that the federal agency is preparing for food stamp riots.

The debate last night

Did anyone get any information that helped them decide who they are voting for mayor in November? I didn't. It was the same old debate back and forth, one candidate claims one thing, the other candidate says the opposite. Next question. Well who is telling the truth?
The impression I got watching the debate was what a shame it is that these two candidates, who have fed from the taxpayers trough their whole life, is all this city has to choose from. What an embarrassment.

Just what is in that chicken nugget?

Recently, Mississippi researchers found out why: two nuggets they examined consisted of 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissue, the breast or thigh meat that comes to mind when a customer thinks of "chicken."

The nuggets came from two national fast food chains in Jackson. The three researchers selected one nugget from each box, preserved, dissected and stained the nuggets, then looked at them under a microscope.

Is Your Rice Safe to Eat?

Arsenic in Rice
The FDA recently tested 1,300 samples of rice and rice products and found a deadly carcinogen. But somehow they concluded that it was okay to continue eating it. Something isn’t adding up.

Their official statement on the findings is that the levels of this poison are so low they don’t present a health danger. “All the data suggest levels that are not high enough to give us cause for concern for immediate or near-term effects,” said FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg.1

Attention: Fredo on TV Monday!

My good friend Fredo will be on TV Monday, Oct. 7th. 7:00 pm on wnwo-24 , at the debate between Taco Bell and Tom Collins. Fredo will be asking the candidates questions that supposedly his listeners sent in. (if this were true the debate would be over in ten minutes).
Hopefully Fredo will get a haircut , put on a suit and not be as lethargic as he was for his appearance on Nancy Grace when he was playing Haroldo. Good luck Fredo!

Outside the Box

One of weekly radio shows with Robert Scott Bell, “Outside the Box Wednesday,” happened to fall on 9/11/13.

Bald Jonny D thrown out at wspd.. Is Fredo next?

Bald headed Jonny D. of WSPD has been discarded like a used condom. As wspd/bain does, gave no explanation why. Is fredo next. How much longer will they let his race baiting and union bashing go on. He must work for really cheap wages. Pray for Fredo.

Fredo when you going on Nancy Grace next?

Can you post on here when your going on next so I can watch?
Will you stop posting all this dumb racist shit and start discussing the baby Elena case.
You mentioned you were friends of the family. Could you clarify who exactly your friends with?
1) The bald head uncle fester looking guy with the hole in his throat. Mothers Grandpa I think.
2) The fathers family
3) The boyfriends family
Thanks Pal!

Bill O'reilly apologizes for talking out of his ass again.

Bill turkey neck O'reilly another right wing closet queer and gumba of Fox news whose wife used to screw Flavor Flav had to apologize for telling lies again, which is the standard at fox news, influencing their dumb ass audiences with make believe which they suck right up.
No wonder turkey neck hates rappers.

"Bill O'Reilly: I made wrong claim about march
Aug. 30, 2013, 2:02 PM EST

A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack

I have cut & pasted this from Facebook.
I totally agree with this.

The below summarization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the head. And it took a black reporter writing it to make it as effective as it is. A white man’s account would be instantly criticized by the liberal media as pure racism. But, how can anyone scream Racist when an exacting description of the Obamas is penned by a well known journalist of color?


What we all pretty much suspected.

This is pretty much what we all suspected of this degenerate and his mother. The truth finally comes out. These people make me sick.

Farmergal - OOPS

Farmergal excited when she found out fat fred was available.


Bush Administration - Criminals

This site is full of 1% wannabes. You know who you are. You dumb asses want to pretend
that your something that your not. You all are a bunch of sheep that the 1% herd along to do their bidding for them. Now you wannabes want to pretend that the bush administration never existed. Well it did exist and was full of criminal activities that you sheep won't admit.
Read it and weep you right wing suck asses. Scandals List
Table of Contents for Complete List
Posted in: Hugh's List of Bush Scandals

Why do my fingers smell like poop after I scratch my butthole?

In the spirit of scouring the internet to post boring, who gives a shit articles such as the Three Stooges (Farmergal, Galt and Don't shit on me) of this message board continually do,
maybe one of you right wing closet queer consucatives can answer this question. Its about as relevant as what the stooges post.

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