Because of the Republican Primary Debate

Since the Republican Primary Debate was a few days ago, and I have little desire to comment on what I heard, I've decieded to share some photos I took of two of the men that participated in it. I took these photos at CPAC 2007 that was held in March in DC.

Blade Coverage/Copy of Letter to the Blade

I'm copying over a copy of a letter I rec'd - with a request to publicly post.

I truly wish I did not have to write to members of the Blade about a recent story, Toledo school board is urged to reopen Harner talks. However, I do believe it is incumbent on the public to challenge the accounts in the media when they are inaccurate.

National Labor Relations Board rules Toledo Blade engaged in unfair labor practice

The entire .pdf, including the history of the complaint, the finding etc. can be read here:

The short story is the Blade lost this case before the NLRB big time. Here\'s the end game:


Artical on a poll, (which I generally question the efficiency and accuracy of, but like this one:-) on media bias.


Poll: Bias 'alive and well' in press

By Jennifer Harper
March 16, 2007

State Bigwigs Eat Well Off Our Tax Money


I'm beginning to like our new Governor. This would NEVER have happened under Taft's administration.

Toledoans to Protest Troop "Surge"

From 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm Thursday evening (1-11-07), Toledoans will gather at the corner of Central and Secor to protest President Bush's decision to send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq.

More about the protest on my blog.

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