Post editing and timeouts by an admin

What will cause the admin to edit a comment or post?

This site is not one that pulls down things on a whim. Most items will stay up, but sometimes things said in the items here can cause real problems. As most of you know, there is a high threshold for what can be posted here, so an admin editing an item means that your comment or post is really trash, seriously-get a clue.

From the launch of the site, I (Chris or some other trusted admin) have reserved the right to edit or remove:

Profanity, accusations against minors, private personal attacks, copyright violations, vulgarity, and other outlandish behavior may be edited. This includes any post, comment, video or picture.

Each case is different and will be decided on when it arises. Remember this is a site to promote civil discussion, none of those items have a part here.

If users with to report an item that violates these guidelines, please use the "Flag this item" link to report it. You must be logged in to see this link.

What will get you a timeout or penalty box?

Certain behavior such as posting racial slurs or other outlandish behavior may get you an instant trip to the penalty box without notice.

Most of the time, I will give you a warning to change your behavior. Given the high threshold of comments here, a warning means you are really being the worst of the worst so wake up and deal with it. Stop being a slime ball and be civil.

If I email you with a request to change a behavior or make a change, it is probably best to listen, as it is serious. Ignoring the request will give you a trip to the penalty box and the amount of time depends on what happened.

Don't try to get around a timeout! Creating a new account to continue to post here will not be tolerated and will extend the amount of time you are banned. Each time you try to get around will double the timeout length and there is no limit on how long it can get.

If I have to spend an extremely high amount of time on your behavior, I reserve the right to transfer that burden to you as a trip to the penalty box for the same amount of time.

If your behavior is so slimy that people here are offended by it, you seriously should get a life and go to church and ask God to give you the strength to live your life in an upstanding way.

Don't try to argue your way out of a penalty box placement. You will have an easier time training a polar bear to use the toilet than to get me to change my mind. You deserve to be in there if you have earned yourself a spot.

The people who are not welcome here or are in an extended penalty box are really the low of the low and they are not really missed anyway. Those of you reading this and you fall in that category, you deserve it, we all know.

You are responsible for what you say

You are ultimately responsible for what you post and comment here. If you are being stupid and post accusations of someone that you know is not true, or you are too lazy to figure it out, don't be surprised if someone wants to take legal action against you. I work hard to assure your privacy here per the privacy policy, but if forced to turn over information by a judge - I have to. You can be found, so be responsible.

This site is here to promote civil discussion, please do. Personal attacks show you have nothing else to offer but personal attacks and everyone can see through it. Be smart make your point, everyone will like you. Who doesn't want to be loved?