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UT Professor doesn't practice what he preaches

Karl Rove will be speaking at the University of Toledo next week as part of its Jesup Scott Honors College Distinguished Lecture Series. UT’s College of Business sent out an email to its faculty and staff indicating it had nine tickets available to distribute.

Professor Dale Dwyer replied to everyone to whom the email was sent with the following:

No thanks. I have no interest in hearing that guy spew hate.

Interesting isn’t it? I guess Dwyer understands that he’s safe in sending a hateful response because it refers to a Republican.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Dwyer would have sent out the same response to an email about tickets to a speech by Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Al Gore?

And that’s just one part of the hypocrisy and irony of Dwyer’s email.

members of the UT board of trustees are the jon stainbrooks of education

Joe Zerbey, president and general manager for The Blade and the chairman of the University of Toledo Board of Trustees, in an article in the newspaper has denied that UT President Lloyd Jacobs was asked to leave. This is the latest chapter in what are the bizarre occurrences of the UT Board and its administration.

1) Jacobs, who reveled in his power at UT, just decides that he's going to accept an unpaid fellowship at the Council on Competitiveness. (As an aside, the CEO of that Council was the UT commencement speaker in May.) In the meantime, Jacobs refuses to talk to the media about this decision. Doesn't seem like the type of reaction you would get from someone who is voluntarily leaving.

2) If this was just a matter of Jacobs bowing out early from his contract, why was a new 13-page agreement needed to define the terms of his departure? Along with the more than $1 million severance package, the contract includes a stipulation that the Board won't speak negatively of Jacobs--and vice versa. The implication is that there is a fear on one or both of the parties' parts that this would be likely to happen. What "goods" do they have on each other--and as a public institution, shouldn't we be allowed to know?

UT president is fired--but let's pretend it's his decision

So UT President Lloyd Jacobs is leaving at the end of this month (one year earlier than previously announced) because he’s been “nominated” to be a fellow for some sort of council in Washington. It’s a sabbatical (wink, wink) and he’ll return as a professor of surgery in 2015. Wouldn’t we all love to work someplace that rewards our incompetency by replacing the embarrassment of saying we were "fired" with some lame explanation?

Here’s a look at part of the legacy Jacobs leaves behind:

1) Funeral Parlor?--This is my absolute favorite. When his mother-in-law passed away a few years ago, friends and colleagues were instructed to go to the UT-owned presidential house in Ottawa Hills (which Jacobs never lived in). People were shuttled from a campus parking lot to the house (wonder who paid for that). Most individuals expected they would be paying their respects to the Jacobs, but were surprised to find that Mrs. Jacobs’ mother was laid out in a coffin in the house. Who knew that was even legal? I guess a $400,000-a-year guy couldn’t afford a funeral home.

Msnbc commentator stiffs the university of toledo

Obviously, many of us who post on SB don't agree on all topics. But I'd like to think that we all have a sense of responsibility that would motivate us to pull through on our promises.

Such is not the case with former BET and current MSNBC commentator Jeff Johnson. Johnson attended the University of Toledo in the early 1990s. He has periodically come back to UT to give speeches and to assist with the Africana Studies program.

In 2011, Johnson was honored at a special Black Alumni Weekend Homecoming event. An announcement was made that he was donating $10,000 to establish a scholarship for Africana Studies majors. It was a big deal and the UT Foundation feted Johnson at several events over that weekend.

Just one problem--Johnson has never actually given a dime of what he promised.

The tangled web of debts of Richard Stansley Jr.

A history of the Stansley Family Business from public records

Adrian Sand and Gravel
Ohio Job creation Tax Credit scheduled for clawback

Cornerstone Foundation Systems Richard Stansley Jr owner
Lien state of Ohio use tax
court case G4801 ln 200705946 000 $382,309.49

Keystone Foundation Systems Richard Stansley Jr owner
Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Service lien
Lien date
11/13/10 $ 149.83
05/01/10 $ 118.41
09/03/11 $ 9,930.62
03/31/12 $18,977.95
08/25/12 $ 7,167.32

Commercial activities tax lien


What is it with Toledo and members of local Boards? First we have the disaster that is the Lucas County Board of Elections--and as if not to be outdone by the dysfunction--the University of Toledo Board of Trustees is at the helm of a slowly sinking ship.

Actions overseen by UT President Lloyd Jacobs prompted representatives from the Ohio Attorney General's office to talk to the Trustees, which resulted in the Board pressuring Jacobs to step down, but not until June 2015! Perhaps the Board has some fascination with the macabre and just wanted to see how much more damage Jacobs could do with one more year.

Now UT Provost Scott Scarborough has been hired as Akron University's new president starting on July 1. Anybody with any sense could have predicted that Scarborough would get the job over Jim Tressel (whose hiring would have put the faculty in a tizzy) and the other candidate from Southeast Slippery Rock's branch campus is Punxsutawney (or something like that). Yet somehow the clueless UT Board didn't see the value in immediately axing Jacobs and appointing a stable interim to get the university through this onslaught of administrative lame ducks (the Chancelor left earlier this year). And that's just the tip of the iceberg of UT problems.

Jim Tressel and UT Provost compete for the same job

What do former OSU football coach Jim Tressel and UT Provost Scott Scarborough have in common? Well, along with both being forced from their previous jobs as a result of scandals--they now are competing for the presidency of the University of Akron.

Tressel and Scarborough are among 19 applicants vying to be president of Akron (a link to a related article appears at the end of this posting). Tressel is currently UA's executive vice president for student success.

Obviously, the activities leading to Tressel's OSU departure were well-documented; but publicity regarding Scarborough's suspension and subsequent resignation from DePaul University was primarily limited to the Chicago media. In 2007, the DePaul Board of Trustees suspended Scarborough from his position as executive vice president for what a DePaul spokesman described as "Something we investigated thoroughly." Scarborough later resigned.

DePaul never publicly disclosed what he did, but Scarborough did not receive severance pay--which is very unusual for a person at his level of administration.


The University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs has the best bosses in the world! The members of the UT Board of Trustees (who are named later in this post) must be either clueless about and/or complicit with the failed tenure of Jacobs. What other supervisors would respond to the questionable actions of an employee for whom they are responsible by rewarding him with a year of well-paid employment instead of a pink slip? The UT Board—that’s who.

After the recent UT scandal involving Rick Stansley that resulted in representatives from the Ohio Attorney General’s office meeting with the UT Board, it wasn’t surprising that Jacobs announced his departure—but who would have guessed his exit wouldn’t be until 2015? How does a man who was at the helm of an institution that aided Stansley with sheltering his income from being garnished because of $1 million in back taxes not get the axe—like now?

Particularly interesting is that two of the Board members are officials in the banking industry. If anyone should be concerned with the importance of ethics and laws, one would think it would be these people.

Oftentimes, the public outcry over situations like the Stansley case is fueled by local media coverage. One thing that Jacobs has going for him is that the president and general manager of The Blade, Joe Zerbey, is the chairman of the UT Board. Jacobs catches all the breaks!

Student Group set to hand out free cigarettes to protest University of Toledo tobacco ban, Monday (2/24/14)

Next week (Monday, January 24th) the University of Toledo Young Americans for Liberty will be handing out free cigarettes* and collecting signatures for a petition to repeal recent legislation school wide calling for a full tobacco ban on UT's main campus. There is an asterisk by the word cigarette because what we give out will not really be cigarettes but a note rolled into a cigarette shape to illustrate the tobacco ban.

Maybe the blade should clean-up its own act before going after others

The Blade loves to find a good (created or otherwise) "scandal" and blow-it-up to proportions it doesn't deserve. This week it's Joe the Plumber getting a job at the Jeep plant. Wow--that's some good readin'.

But the Blade seems to be in a bit of its own conundrum lately. You see--Joe Zerby, the president and general manager of the Blade, is also the chairman of the University of Toledo Board of Trustees. This probably makes J.R. Block giggle with excitement to think that he now has a foothold in the operation of one of the biggest employers in Toledo.

Recently, UT employees have noticed that negative comments posted on the newspaper's website about UT President Lloyd Jacobs (or about the University) are quickly pulled from the site. I witnessed this myself last week with a comment attached to an article about one of UT's $1,200-a-day employees, Richard Stansley, resigning.

An individual had marveled at how Jacobs keeps his job considering declining enrollment, a member of his upper management team being investigated by the Federal government, and several other issues of which I can't recall. I checked the website a couple of hours later and sure enough--all of the other comments remained, but the one criticizing Jacobs was deleted. And there's more.

Do you have what it takes to be the president of the university of Toledo--take the quiz

As the University of Toledo prepares to begin a new school year, it marks what should be an interesting time. Joe Zerby, president and general manager of the Toledo Blade, has assumed the position of chairman of the UT Board of Trustees--and from what I've heard from UT employees--he hasn't wasted any time putting his mark on the operations of the University.

The UT upper-level administration continues to run the institution with an iron fist and a level of cluelessness that makes Vik Kapoor look like a management genius. The good news is they each continue to collect their $300,000+ salaries and 6-figure longevity bonuses (you gotta love getting a bonus just because you lasted through the year).

"Why can't I have a job like that," you might be wondering. Well, you can see if you got what it takes by completing the CAN YOU BE JUST AS INCOMPETENT AS A HIGH-PAID UT ADMINISTRATOR? quiz.

QUESTION 1--After firing the entire staff of alcohol and drug abuse counselors, would you:

A. Replace them with new counselors
B. Hand over the counseling duties to faculty who are experts in that area
C. Begin to sell beer at football games

ANSWER: C (That was an easy one.)

Quid pro quo--the blade to control the university of toledo and the UT Medical center

On Monday, Toledo Blade president and general manager, Joe Zerby, will become the chairman of the University of Toledo's Board of Trustees. As with any organization that has a Board, this is the highest level position at UT. What the chairman says is what goes.

If the UT administration needed any other reason to ask "how high" when Zerby says "jump," I've discovered that Block Communications, Inc., Paul and Mary G. Block, AND Buckeye CableSystem are members of the UT Foundation's 2012 "Tower Society"--meaning that EACH DONATED BETWEEN $500,000 and $999,999, IN ONE YEAR.

So the Block family's span of control in the City widens and strengthens. How unethical is it for the president of a newspaper that uses its medium to advance a political agenda to also oversee the local public university? Very. Do you suppose we'll see any honest reporting about UT in the coming year? Nope.


If you were the president of an organization that had a projected $36 million budget deficit, what would be your response? Well, if you were UT's Lloyd Jacobs, you would propose spending more money by opening a dental school.

This "logic" fits with how Jacobs has run the university.

Jacobs hired a $1,200-a-day consultant to help to boost enrollment. Fall 2013 looks to have as much as an 8 percent decline in enrollment (get ready for the "we have fewer, but better-prepared students" mantra). To reward the consultant for his ineffectiveness, rumor has it that Jacobs has given him a full-time position at UT.

Now with UT on the verge of having to make drastic budget cuts, Jacobs figures it's time to open one of the most expensive types of colleges--a dental school.

According to the American Dental Association, "Starting a new dental education program is a costly endeavor for sponsoring institutions." Part of the reason is that the clinical operations are maintained by the school, as opposed to medical schools where the clinical education is typically offered at non-university locations.

Considering that the ADA says that tuition and fees account for only 18 percent of a public dental school's revenue and that over the last 15 years dental schools at Georgetown, Loyola, and Northwestern (among others) have closed--one wonders, "What is Jacobs thinking?"

President-general manager of blade elected chairman of UT's Board of trustees--what?!

On July 1, Toledo Blade president and general manager, Joe Zerby, will become the chairman of the University of Toledo's Board of Trustees. If you don't think that's a conflict of interest, then your name must be John Robinson Block.

There are so many issues that make this unethical.

First, UT spends a considerable sum of money each year advertising in the Blade and on Buckeye CableSystem--both owned by Block Communications. Who approves UT's annual advertising budget? That's right--its Board of Trustees.

Second, it provides JR Block with access to media outlets that he has been lusting over for years--including local radio. UT has a weekly program on WSPD. Its host, UT's Larry Burns, ultimately answers to the chairman of the Board of Trustees (Zerby) who in turn answers to Block. It's not a stretch to assume that if there's a feature that egotistical JR would like to see highlighted on the radio show, it will appear.

Third, how distasteful is it for us as citizens whose tax dollars are used to support UT to have one of the major news sources in the City have that level of control over one of the area's largest employers.


Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The University of Toledo’s overpaid administrators’ web of deception continues to grow. The most recent example of its trail of dishonesty is a lie that the UT vice president for external affairs, Lawrence Burns, told during an interview on WSPD radio.

Burns was interviewed by morning host, Fred LeFebvre, on March 18, about UT’s involvement with the “Classroom to Career” program developed by a Detroit company called “Digerati.” Essentially, it is an Internet-based program that matches college students with employers seeking interns. The UT version of the program is called “Intern in Ohio,” and UT is footing the total bill for the entire statewide project.

When asked by LeFebvre about the cost of the program, Burns said, “The presenting sponsor is $300,000 to do this for the University of Toledo.” Oops, Burns seems to have forgotten that UT is a public institution and that minutes of meetings are accessible. Well, with a little bit of digging, I found the minutes to the UT Board of Trustees Finance and Audit Committee meeting where President Lloyd Jacobs requested $1 million for a three-year commitment to this program. So it appears that Burns wasn’t comfortable reporting the full amount that UT paid for the program, so he decided to just break it down to the one-year cost. Heck, we’re just a bunch of tax-paying Northwest Ohio hicks, we can’t handle nor do we deserve to get the truth.

Here is the portion of the meeting minutes where the committee approves the $1 million for “Classroom to Career.”

“Dr. Jacobs reported that a three year subscription cost is $1 million and would strongly recommend that the Board move ahead with this program. Dr. Hussain requested a motion to forward the contract to the Consent Agenda at the January 14, 2013, Board meeting. A motion was received by Trustee Zerbey, seconded by Trustee Szuch and approved by the Committee.”

Yet the weaving of the web doesn’t end there.

Another sports scandal at ut--how does the athletic director keep his job?

As more information is revealed about the sexual harassment charges against Kevin Hadsell, the director of the University of Toledo's men's and women's cross country and women's track programs, one wonders how UT's athletic director can keep his job.

Is the AD, Mike O'Brien, the teflon man or is he just benefitting from the lackluster attitude of the current UT Board of Directors? How can a person who was in charge of the UT athletic program when members of the football and basketball teams were indicted on sports bribery and gambling charges, when an athletic department employee blew the whistle on questionable department travel payment practices and now the disturbing actions of Hadsell (a link with more information is at the end of this article) keep his job?

the university of toledo is about to implode

The University of Toledo can be compared to the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions—never able to obtain the leadership to make it an elite organization.

The current bunch of UT administrators, Lloyd Jacobs, Jeffrey Gold, and Scott Scarborough (who have combined wages of over $1.3 million) are the most incompetent, arrogant, and belligerent group to ever “lead” UT (which is saying something when one considers previous president Vik Kapoor).

Along with the obvious personal shortcomings—Jacobs can’t even bring himself to live in the same state as the University, Gold travels to his home in NYC on weekends, and Scarborough was fired from DePaul University after having an affair—the three of them have brought UT to the largest deficit in its history and a declining enrollment.

The faculty union is discussing holding an informational picket and a vote of no confidence, as a result of the negative impact that the administration is having on the institution and its students. Although UT has touted not raising tuition for next year, the thing that most current and potential students don’t realize is that the administration will be offering fewer class sections and requiring faculty to increase the number of courses they teach per semester. That means more students per class and a higher student to faculty ratio.

All of this seems acceptable to this trio of administrators who have steadily increased the number of UT bureaucrats and have readily accepted 6-figure bonuses paid for by taxpayers. These are men who have no regard for the future of UT, but only focus on lining their own pockets and inflating their resumes.

UT pays Rick Stansley $1,200 a day--and that's not the worst of it

Today's Blade features a story about Rick Stansley, Jr., the head of the University of Toledo Innovation Enterprises who UT pays $1,200 a day (yes, you read that correctly). You can read all of the slimy details in the article--how Stansley was appointed to the UT Board of Trustees by Governor Taft and was eventually given a $307,200 a year position at UT--no conflict of interest there. The article also points out that his contract was never approved by the UT Board of Trustees. It all seems to be a very suspicious relationship that UT President Lloyd Jacobs has forged with Stansley.

But that's just part of the story. While Stansley is getting paid taxpayer dollars through his UT position, he owes over a million dollars in various state and federal taxes.

I'm not an attorney, but I found some information about Stansley that sounds like he might be in a lot of legal trouble. In a complaint filed on July 25, 2012, with the Lucas County Common Pleas Court, Stansley is listed as the Defendant and the State of Ohio Department of Taxation as the Plaintiff in a $1,053,576.76 sales tax lien. In doing some investigating, I found that Stansley had sold off part of his failing business enterprises, so could this be the result of not paying the taxes on what he sold?

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