Hillary's Militia Caught on Hidden Camera

Click on "Read More" below--and you will find a link to a video that will make you suspect that the U.S. is traveling down the path to Communism-like government that will control the media, mistreat the mentally-ill and homeless for the benefit of the Government, and use union members as knee-bashing bullies--all the while making fun of them.

Please take 16 minutes to view this video, and hear the first-person reports of how the Democratic National Party is engaged in the activities noted above. We can do three things: ignore it, be afraid of it, or stop it.

toledoans are in deep denial about Jeep

There's a popular riddle that goes like this: A young boy and his father are in a car accident. The father dies at the scene. The boy is transported to the hospital and taken immediately into surgery, but the surgeon steps out of the operating room and says, "I can't operate on this boy--he's my son!" Who's the surgeon?

It's likely that in today's society more people would come up with the answer compared to 30 or more years ago. Of course, the surgeon is the boy's mother.

Just as this riddle requires thinking outside of the stereotypical box, Toledoans need to get a grip on the reality of Jeep leaving Toledo. Many of the arguments for why Jeep will/should stay in Toledo are gullible--at best.

Toledo has the skilled workers needed to produce Jeeps--Why would a state-of-the-art production facility making aluminum unibody Jeeps need production line workers?

Toledo is Jeep and Jeep is Toledo--Do people honestly think this means anything to Fiat?

Toledo is going down for the count

I try to stay west of Talmadge Road as much as possible. But a family member was in town and from her days in Toledo, she was familiar with the layout of the Kroger store on Monroe and Secor. So I took her over and waited in the car, Wow--talk about your sociological experience!

First, I see this interesting fellow in a pimped-out Mercedes (gold trim, fancy rims) pull up to a spot in the far reaches of the lot. Sure enough--a woman who looked like she would be more at home on a section of Monroe Street in the heart of downtown--gets out of her car. The Mercedes dude, wearing his rust-colored zoot suit (with matching shoes), gets out of his car. They embrace, she gets into his car--and off they go into the night. I felt the need to immerse myself in a vat of antibacterial soap.

Then there was the beggar at the traffic light exiting the parking lot. Her sign said she was a mother of two and "anything would be appreciated." My friend was shocked to see this. People weren't begging on street corners when she left Toledo 8 years ago (yeah, and Obama wasn't President then either).

As we left, there was a homeless man with all his worldly belongs strapped to his back walking down Monroe headed for Secor.

the blade offers lame and tired "solutions" to Toledo blight

In its series on blight in Toledo, The Blade offered up such solutions as encouraging more downtown residential opportunities--wow, we've never tried that. Clueless.

If The Blade can come up with a list of solutions, we all might as well give it a try. Here are my suggestions:

1. Turn the blighted areas and known gang territories into police states. Assign a cop to every 4 blocks in the deteriorating neighborhoods. Arrest thugs for every reason you can come up with--jaywalking, littering, etc. Blight occurs because either the people who own the houses don't keep them up or the people who would keep them up have moved because they don't want to live among the crime and the losers who commit the crime. You have to make it uncomfortable enough for the thugs to motivate them to move out.

2. How do you afford to employ the needed police suggested in #1? Privatize all city and county services. When government workers' contracts expire, don't renew them. Hire private companies for everything. This eliminates many direct costs like health insurance, vacation/sick time, and retirement benefits.

The real reason the blade is shutting down printing in Toledo?


As I do most Monday nights, I was sitting in the waiting area at the Y waiting for a family member to finish his sports practice. I heard two other people who were also sitting in the waiting area talking about their jobs. From previous conversations, I was aware that one of the guys has an administrative position at The Blade.

As the conversation turned to talk about the layoffs at the newspaper, The Blade employee said that it was sad that so many people would be losing their jobs, but there are places in Ann Arbor and Detroit that have more up-to-date printing facilities. He then added the following: "We've got guys who are making $70,000 a year doing menial jobs."

suggestion for the treeces and their airport privatization plan

As has been well-documented in recent weeks, the Treece family has developed a proposal where the Toledo Express and Toledo Executive airports would be operated by private management. Mayor Collins quickly squelched the plan.

I have one sure way that the Treece airport plan would receive immediate approval. You see--The Blade’s J.R. Block is really envious that the newspaper’s president and general manager, Joe Zerbey, IV, has an airport named after his newspaper-owning family. The Schuylkill County Pennsylvania airport is called “Joe Zerbey Airport.” It’s the truth. That might explain the obsession Block has with Toledo Express Airport's future.

My suggestion for the Treeces would be to add the following statement to their plan: "Upon switching to private management, the Toledo Express Airport will forever be known as the 'Block Family International Airport.'” Their proposal would be signed, sealed and delivered.

GM has recalled 4.8 million cars--just in 2014!

The New York Times has reported that GM "has acknowledged that it knew about the defective ignition switches for more than a decade but did not recall the vehicles." On Friday, the 13th death related to these faulty switches was reported.

In the first three months of this year, GM has already recalled 4.8 million cars. What a pathetic situation the one-time largest corporation in the world is in.

Drugs, Gangs, and Guns are problems at Jeep Plant


Had an enlightening conversation with two Jeep workers this evening--one is a relative who was recently hired and another is a friend who has worked at Jeep for 27 years. They both told stories of the current plant environment which has been recently inundated with workers from Detroit.

Apparently, these Detroit workers have brought with them a gang element which has both collided with and supplemented the Toledo gang members who were already at Jeep.

My relative told stories about both drug use and sales--inside the plant and in the parking lot--with union officials looking the other way (why would they blow the whistle on their dues-paying members). He also has seen gun sales/trades on the plant floor, as well as in the employee break areas.

VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief

VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief
Reuters BERLIN Wed Feb 19, 2014

Volkswagen's top labor representative threatened on Wednesday to try to block further investments by the German carmaker in the southern United States if its workers there are not unionized.

Fiat Chrysler to be headquartered in the Netherlands

Sergio Marchionne has announced the new name for his company will be "Fiat Chrysler Automobiles" and its headquarters will be in the Netherlands. Fiat now completely owns Chrysler.

Is this part of the "Obama saving Detroit" plan? Buying a Jeep no longer means "Buying American."

UAW workers garner huge Big 3 autoworker negotiated bonuses

Big 3 autoworker bonuses may grow

Right-To-Work for less is proven again with latest 2014 UAW negotiated bonuses promising to top the 1999 record year. RTW states average $10,000 per year less than non RTW states.

Toledo Democrats endorse candidate for city council who comes from a law-breaking organization

So the Lucas County Democrat Party is endorsing Matt Cherry for the City Council spot vacated by incoming mayor Michael Collins. Cherry is a business representative for the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33. You remember that stellar organization--don't you?

That's the group whose members were caught stealing Romney campaign signs from private property and businesses in Lucas and Wood Counties. One can't say that these lawbreakers weren't prepared. When the Perrysburg police caught them, along with the stolen goods they found drills and other tools they used to steal 4 feet by 8 feet signs.

Two of the four men arrested held administrative positions in Local 33. Corey Beaubien is the Marketing Representative (ironic) and Chris Monaghan is a fellow business representative of Cherry. Not only does Monaghan remain in his position, it appears that Beaubien was promoted to his position after his arrest!

it's pretty much a given for toledo


Tomorrow's Toledo mayoral vote will be interesting--if not predictable.

I heard Collins and Bell interviewed this morning on WSPD and the differences between the two seem so obvious. Collins is the old-school politician who believes that the government can solve everything. Even though I think we're about the same age, he reminds me of the men who used to be at the helm of every business when I was growing up. You know--the ones who used to ask their secretaries, "Honey, could you get me a cup of coffee?" The guys who used to regularly dine at Dyer's (the downtown restaurant that didn't allow women). I mean how many guys do you know who still use the saying "How you be" (as Collins did to one of the radio callers this morning)?

On the other hand, Bell (who also has his flaws) isn't an embarrassment to the City. He has enthusiasm and a clue that Collins is missing.

With all of that said, Collins possesses the one trait that Toledoans continue to cherish (and that has brought it to the decaying City that it is today)--he's a union lackey.


I’ve always thought if your first impression of the U.S. came from crossing the border at Detroit, you would marvel at how this Country looks like a set from a science fiction movie. You know--the one where an apocalyptic event has wiped out all forms of intelligent life and destroyed all of the dwellings.

Detroit is a wasteland of clueless, unethical politicians and citizens who are relying on the government to supply them with food, clothing, housing, phones, etc.

Here are some of the recent bizarre “highlights” from this city of doom:

**The lawlessness of the citizens of Detroit has resulted in a two-day ban on filling portable gas containers to prevent Halloween arson. Yes, you read that correctly—Detroiters have to be policed to the point of not being allowed to fill gas cans because they can’t be trusted not to use accelerants for starting abandoned house fires.

**Detroit officials indicate they believe they can stop kids from breaking the Halloween curfew laws by holding parents accountable for their children’s behavior. I guess one has to assume that 1) Detroit parents are aware that their kids are roaming the streets at night and 2) Detroit parents care that their kids are roaming the streets at night. What parallel universe do these Detroit officials live in?

contact your Congressional reps to let them know unions shouldn't be given special consideration

It was only a matter of time before Obama would offer concessions to the unions that have been making noise about the horrors of Obamacare. This was especially evident after the AFL-CIO this week approved a resolution calling Obamacare "highly disruptive" to union plans.

Obviously, the unions are slow learners in that most rational people knew that Obamacare was going to be a disaster--even before it was enacted.

To quiet their protests, it is rumored that Obama is prepared to offer union workers subsidies to help pay for their health insurance even if they're covered through their jobs! What does that mean? That means that even if a union member receives health care coverage through his employer, he would be eligible to receive an Obamacare subsidy to offset the price he pays. Union members will be the only people granted this perk. So, if you're not in a union, you will still be responsible for paying your entire premium.

If you're sick of being treated like a second-class citizen because you're not in a union, contact your Senators and your House rep to let them know you support the actions that several politicians are taking to stop the proposed granting of subsidies to union members.

Who do you suppose will shoulder the burden of paying the annual $16 billion cost of the Obamacare union subsidy?

TPS superintendent interview is a must-listen

TPS Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant was interviewed this morning on WSPD by Fred LeFebvre.

After listening to the interview, I have one message for anyone who lives in, works in, owns a business in and/or lives near Toledo--be afraid, be very afraid.

Once you get past Durant's speech impediment and his propensity to say "in regards to" every 20 seconds (not to mention the difficulty he has with subject/verb agreement--e,g. "There need to be..."), the context of his ideas are scary.

He indicates that TPS needs to provide a "Cradle to career" experience for Toledo children and that poor-performing students represent a "Community issue that's going to take a community solution." What?! How about parents accepting the responsibility to motivate their children to value education and respect teachers? It's as if he's come to the decision that TPS parents can't be expected to carry through on even the most basic parental duties.

Corruption in Toledo? Nah.

I don't normally go to lib blogs like this, but they're attacking one of their own. Get the popcorn!


"The latest scandal to break involve 7 of her top political advisers (who also happen to work in her Auditor’s Office). They were all given huge raises totaling $131,147.73 out of the county budget. And most of these were right after these advisers worked on her 2010 election. Coincidence... I don’t think so. That’s an average raise of over $18,000! A politician who is using her elected office as a way to dole out cushy jobs to her political staff is not someone we can afford to promote to the Mayor’s office.

Do UAW workers know that Chrysler is owned by a foreign company?


Earlier today I was stopped behind a Chrysler at a red light. The car had a UAW decal on its back window and a "Out of a Job Yet? Keep Buying Foreign" bumper sticker.

The irony of those three things (Chrysler, UAW decal, and a sticker deriding people who buy foreign) was both funny and incredulous.

Do you suppose that UAW members actually don't know that Chrysler is principally owned by Fiat--an Italian company? Are they that clueless or just in denial?

One time I had to attend a training session conducted by a local college and held at the UAW building near Airport Highway. I parked my Honda in the lot. When I came back out to my car, I had a flier on my windshield warning me to never again park my "foreign" car in that lot. Do you suppose they now slap one of those fliers under the wiper of a foreign-owned Chrysler?

Why are all human traffickers, abortionist baby killers, and physical cowards-Demonrats ?!

Well, here we have another 3 reprobate Demonrat Obozo voters in Cleveland, one Ariel Castro & his brothers, kidnap, rape, torture, and treat humans as sex-slaves in Cleveland ?

Registered Demonrats, all !!!

And, checking recent cases like Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, et al. , all of these kidnapping, raping, heathens of these children are all 100% Registered Demonrats !!!???



It’s a full-time job trying to educate Wolfman. I figured it would be best to make this a separate post than a comment to his post.

Wolfman, like the other clueless liberals (redundancy is noted), thinks that if only the U.S. could collect more taxes we wouldn’t have a deficit, the entitlement crowd could have all of the free stuff that their hearts desire (and they believe they deserve), and everything would be peachy. He posts an article claiming that “The U.S. Continues to be One of the Least Taxed of the Developed Countries.”

The article says that it is measuring taxes as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product. What country has the largest GDP in the world? The U.S.A. The U.S GDP is $14.99 trillion. China, which comes in second, has a GDP of $7.3 trillion—less than half of the U.S.

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