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WTOL Web-Poll

According to a non-scientific, WTOL poll, 21% of those who responded believe President Obama is" living up to his campaign promises," while 79% do not believe he is doing so.

I'd like to see them continue the poll, or present a similar one, after State of the Union to see if there is a shift in sensibility after he has an opportunity to re-connect with his audience through some crafty use of language.

Toledo Makes Top National News...Again

The second most-watched news clip on CNN this morning is headlined: "Daylight Rape on City Street."

Rick Sanchez mentions Toledo, three, four, five times or more....

Here's the link:

Toledo - This town needs an enema!

No words ever spoken are truer - Batman the Joker (Jack Nicholson)

Council looks at assessing churches for festival fees

Thats fine for the church I am associated with. We will just assess politicians a fee for
campaigning on our property.

Council looks at assessing churches for festival fees

Thats fine for the church I am associated with. We will just assess politicians a fee for
campaigning on our property.

Mayor’s CSI To Meet On Budget

The Citizen’s Special Investigation (CSI) of the City of Toledo budget will begin on Monday, January 25 at 4:30 p.m. in the Large Conference Room on the 22nd Floor of Government Center. The media is invited to attend the meeting.

The CSI team was recruited by the Mayor after his election in November to review current financial figures for the city, examine potential long-term cost savings and efficiencies, and propose areas of the budget where the city might realize immediate cost reductions. A roster of team members is attached.

Bell should go after Carty for the $450,000 he cost the city

If Toledo is in such dire straights why don't Mayor Bell go after Carty for the the money
he cost the city to settle the lawsuits? Bell is putting everything else on the table including
raising taxes. Carty had a lot to do with creating this budget mess in the first place.

Also, there is still some fat that can be cut, namely Board of community relations. This is just a racist department that no longer belongs in this city or in our society.

Less than a month in office and Mike Bell wants a tax hike

I'm sorry Toledo, but Mike Bell made his bones as a democrat. I don't know why he didn't choose to run as a democrat, but I never believed that he wouldn't govern as one. Today he asked those of you left in the city who actually pay income taxes to pay more. From 2.25% to 2.5%. But it's only "temporary".

City Looks To Settle Two Improper Termination Lawsuits Settlements for Griffin and Morehead moved to City Council for action

Mayor Michael P. Bell today sent legislation to Toledo City Council tentatively agreeing to settle two disputed claims alleging improper termination. While the liability has been denied the administration feels the settlement is in the best interest of the City.

Toledo refinery to get 2.5 billion dollar re-tooling

From the Financial Post:
Plans for Sunrise call for a steam-assisted gravity drainage project, where steam is pumped into the earth to loosen up the tarry bitumen in the oil sands so it can be pumped to the surface in wells.

Husky and BP also co-own a refinery in Toledo, Ohio, which is targeted for US$2.5-billion of retooling work so it can run the oil sands-derived crude.

Two stories I am not shocked to hear

1. Jon Stainbrook is violating a court agreement and refusing to sell Lincoln Day tickets to some Republicans he does not like (as heard on WSPD).
2. TPS has a 30 million dollar deficit. TPS has no fiscal controls, basically when the pot is dry they come back with a levy. They could care less about money, note 650k+ was stolen under everyone's nose, no one batted an eye. Get used to it until there are some real board members on the TPS board. It is nothing but a playpen for everyone currently on there.

Toledo Fire Department Promotes 20 Officers

he Toledo Fire and Rescue Department will promote 12 officers to the rank of Lieutenant and eight officers to the rank of Captain at a ceremony beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 in Toledo City Council Chambers.

The following officers will be promoted to Lieutenant:

§ Douglas S. Haack
§ Hector A. Solis
§ Brian J. Phillips
§ Craig A. Ellis
§ Matthew D. Brixey
§ Allison Armstrong
§ Dexter L. Baker
§ Joseph J. Camerato
§ Verdell Franklin
§ Todd M. Besteda
§ David J. Soldner

Affidavit ties Sanders to TPS investigation and Foley - contrary to public statements that they did not know what was going on

Toledo Free Press has the latest breaking news.....I think there are more involved. Blade also now has a story on the auditor findings.
Foley signed checks and Sanders provided tips. Is this an example of a district out of control? This is the behavior that is bred when there is a lack of accountability by the local media and by the board. Larry Sykes is oddly quiet about this whole thing.

City Refuse Collection Will Leap Forward for MLK Holiday No Refuse or Recycling Collection on Monday, January 18th

The City of Toledo would like to remind you that our next Leap Forward holiday will be Monday, January 18th. There will be no refuse or recycling collection on that day in observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

For residents who are Green 2, collection will be on Tuesday, January 19th. Orange 2 will be on Wednesday, January 20th; Blue 2 will be on Thursday January 21st; Red 2 will be on Friday, January 22nd and Yellow 1 will be on Monday, January 25th.

Citizens town hall meeting - The Children of Liberty - District 9 candidates Smith and Iott

We have joined with our fellow patriot groups to put on a town hall meeting to meet the candidates. If you are ready to work to change congress in 2010 and stand up for our constitutional principles, come to this town hall meeting. Speaking at the meeting will are Jack Smith and Rich Iott both running for District 9. This is your chance to ask them the questions the Media won't.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Lyman Harbor Waterfront Banquet hall
1615 First street
Sandusky, OH

American Red Cross releases $200,000 in aid to help communities affected by earthquake in Haiti

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 — The American Red Cross has pledged an initial $200,000 to assist communities impacted by today’s earthquake in Haiti, and is prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation.

On Tuesday, January 12, less than one hour before sunset, a 7.3 earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port au Prince, causing catastrophic damage and loss of life.

· Initial estimates are that up to 3 million people may be affected.

Full El Tiempo interview with those being snooped on by former TPS manager Dan Burns

You can pick up and read the story in El Tiempo.
El Tiempo Article Kevin Milliken

Former TPS Administrator Ordered Probes of Private Citizens Investigations Occurred at Taxpayer Expense

The former business manager at Toledo Public Schools hired a private investigation firm at taxpayer expense to look into the backgrounds of five people who were private citizens at the time, including three people who would eventually be elected to the TPS board of education.

Bell To Hold First Meeting With Transition Team

Mayor Michael P. Bell will meet this evening with his transition team to continue their progress in evaluating and implementing his platform and achieving the goals he has set for his first 90-days in office.

The Bell Transition Team will meet at 4:30 p.m. in The Courtyard at Cousino’s Navy Bistro. The media is welcome to attend.

Dumbuya, Fisher and Flagg to discuss investigations by TPS

Toledo, Ohio – Former Board Member Darlene Fisher along with Francis Dumbuya and Steven Flagg will hold a press conference on January 13, 2010 to discuss the invasion of their privacy through the illegal and immoral investigations conducted by the Toledo Public Schools.

The press and public are cordially invited to attend.

What: Press Conference

When: 1 PM, January 13, 2010

Where: Kent Branch Library, auditorium

3101 Collingwood Boulevard

TPS's Burns investigates former candidates, board and community members

Ah, ask and ye shall get. I wondered this morning, that Dan Burns' investigations discovered in Cleveland had to start earlier and we find out they have. According to the Blade, Burns investigated Robert Torres, Darlene Fisher, Steven Steel, Steve Flagg, and Francis Dumbuya. I was not on the list. I don't know how I feel about this. Read more in the Blade. But now we go from stealing to having the district get all J Edgar Hoover on people. That is an interesting shift of events.

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